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Heroine Netori 42

Heroine Netori 42

Chapter 42 – Romance Fantasy (7)

Miss Auber is fine… Because she decided to be her.
So it doesn’t matter if her father touches her heart.
Whoops, that would be better.

However… Arman must be in need of some sharp “Advice.”
Even though she knows her father will reject her, she pushes… Are you not thinking?
She probably doesn’t need a brain that doesn’t think…

Dirty year.
Old maid.

Of course, I couldn’t forget my father. Because your father is such a wonderful person.
But wanting a father’s love crossed the line.
Father decides who he likes and loves.
No one can interfere

Whoops, except for me.

“I hate Lane Arman.”
“I hate Lane Arman.”
“I coldly reject Lane Arman, who approaches me.”
“I find it terrifying to share her story with Lane Arman.”
“I hate Lane Arman.”

“You know, Father? Are you supposed to think so?”

… Actually, it’s a lie.
For some reason, my suggestion doesn’t work for my father…
Also father… That part is cool too.

The father you shouldn’t have, the father you can’t have…
That’s why I want my father so much…
Love you.
I love you…

“I love Cecilia so much.”
“I think of Cecilia as a woman.”
“I want to have sex with Cecilia and her.”
“I want to make Cecilia and her child.”
“Whether Cecilia resists or not, I want to undress Cecilia, make her into a woman by stuffing my hard cock into Cecilia’s cramped virgin cunt, and then ejaculate as it is.”
“I want to put my cock in Cecilia’s cute little mouth and then forcefully shove my cock down her throat. After that, like a beast, I want to mix Cecilia and her flesh and repeat the act only for her sexual desire.”
“I want Cecilia to think only of me… Oh, this is already happening.”
“I want to be with Cecilia for the rest of her life.”

“… You know? Do I really have to do that?”

Even though the hint doesn’t work, this is my wish.
This is my prayer to my father who is more precious than God.

By the way… Ha…
Clinging to my father made me feel hot. What should I do?
Oh? Father too?
Also, a lump of lust… Did you instinctively notice that the female next to you was in heat even while sleeping?
Whoops, solid…

“Hahap, hmm. Chuup, chung, ha…Tasty… Chew up…”

It’s really delicious any time you suck it, your father’s cock.
How can he be so dignified and cool and even sweet like candy?

“Chu, churrup, ha…. Haam, chung, huu… Chun.”

When I lick my father’s cock, I realize I’m a bitch.
I can feel my womb quivering, wanting to get fucked by this cock right now.
Ha… How good would that feel…
How happy…

“Oops, whoops… ! Under! Whoa… Chug, Churup, Ha…”

Ha… Also, you have accumulated a lot. Are you going to buy it soon?
Since the father is still in the touching stage, he must have had no chance to ejaculate on the students…
Hehe, so I’ll pick it up for you.

By the way… It’s a waste.
I’m so sad that I couldn’t take care of my womb when it throbbed like this because it wanted my father’s semen.
I want to give my virgin to my father as soon as possible and receive vaginal cum shot as it is…

Still, there really isn’t much left.
If you wait just a little longer, that day will come.
Then all day, all week, you have to give me as much as you gave to other bitches… You know?

Whoops, I’m looking forward to it.



“I love you father… “


Alas, I fell asleep again.
I shouldn’t be like this, but I keep falling asleep when Cecilia comes over.

“Hehe, are you awake?”

“Yes… Sorry. Leah came over to play, but she left to sleep.”

“It’s okay. I also took a nap by the side for a while.”

“Okay? That’s right. My head is messed up. Come here, I’ll comb it.”

Cecilia also woke up with a very refreshed face.
When she visited earlier, she was worried because her face was a little hardened, but maybe it was because she was tired…

“Lia, how is life at the academy? Are you having fun?”

“Hehe, I’m going around very satisfied.”


You can buy it, you can buy it! You don’t have to die!
Really… A miraculous thing happened.
I had an incurable disease… It was no longer an incurable disease.

Ha ha… Nonsense…
To think Deokbae Asil had such an ability…
It’s such a ridiculous story, but it’s a reality.

The disease that Elise Linz suffered from was this disease… ‘God’s Jealousy’? Nope really

“God’s jealousy for the happiest person in the world. This disease, no, actually should be considered a curse. If you fall under this curse, you will die as the most miserable person in the world while blaming the world in the pain that gets worse day by day.”

“Besides, this curse doesn’t end there. Spread misfortune to those around you. It is the worst curse ever.”

“In despair, I cowardly tried to meet Elise, leaving Leah behind. But at that time, another god gave me this ability, saying it was ‘God’s guilt’. Saying something like guilt for not stopping the runaway of the filthy god.”

“They gave me sickness and medicine, completely. Thanks to that, I was able to escape the contagious misfortune, but happiness had already left… But now the day has come to use this ability properly.”

“I will take responsibility and treat you. It won’t be easy, but I’ll try. Because this is also my revenge against God.”

God, did you know this and sent me to this world?
So that the incurable disease that was not treated in the previous life can be cured here?
So become the main character in a novel and win happiness?

Really… I don’t know if I should curse or thank you.

That’s good news though. Because I can live.

Now, can we film happy daily life while chatting with the male leads?

No, no, there is an aria.
What is it, give me back my husband.

I noticed that the prince and the escort had already passed…
I should take good care of my childhood friend.

At first, I didn’t like the playboy-tempered prince. Is it good enough? Did you think I wouldn’t know that you secretly peek at my breasts all the time?
Then when her eyes met, she turned her head away in embarrassment, which made my heart flutter because it was cute… Now that I think about it, it’s just a pervert!

The escort knight said that you would protect me too, and secretly made skinship with him? Did you think I didn’t know she was trying to touch me while hugging the princess whenever she had a chance?
I was excited because of the tight muscles, but… Do you know how much I struggled with dieting because of you? Because I hug my waist every time, I can’t help but take care of it!

After all, I like my childhood friends who are pure-hearted and kind.
I’m excited about being a bad boy, but I just want to live in peace now.
My future recovered at best… I want to live happily.

“Luna! What good did you do? You look good.”

Aren’t you a nobleman too? As soon as you think about it, it appears right away.
My childhood friend saw me and hurried over to talk to me with a big smile.

Because he’s really quick-witted. How did you immediately notice?
And what is it that gives me such a silly innocent smile just because I look good?
Make my heart flutter…

What should I do!
It got weird!
You keep thinking that you can live now!
Right. The original novel was a romance fantasy.
No wonder there is romance.
It’s awkward since I’ve been a parent for over 30 years in my previous life and my current life, but in this life, it seems that there are only things left to make my heart flutter.

By the way… Can I hold out

“Siwoo… Yes, something good happened today.”

“Wait, my name is Lucius, not Siwoo?”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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