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Heroine Netori 41

Heroine Netori 41

Chapter 41 – Romance Fantasy (6)

It’s already been two weeks since I entered the academy.
Contrary to expectations that it would be difficult, life at the academy was really enjoyable.
It was two weeks to feel how good a person called ‘Deokbae Asil’ was.
There was no one who didn’t treat me kindly, and why so many people were looking for me, I didn’t even have time to go see Cecilia.

Besides, befitting the genre of romance and the characteristics of an aristocratic academy, the level of students was quite high, and thanks to that, they are strong in many ways.
There were many aristocratic ladies who were not on the level of Cecilia or Louisa, but were beautiful enough, and it was really thrilling to see them panting at my touch.
I am touching the girls who come to visit me little by little using therapy as an excuse, but I plan to pick one by one within this month.

However, this ‘Deokbae Asil’ had some women’s pilgrimage before marriage, so there are women who say that he is alone.
You were my first love, you took my girl, oppa, let’s be happy like back then, you know, I’m lonely, etc.
One of them asked me to work almost every day, but since he was a fellow teacher, he came to see me whenever he had a chance.

She is Lane Arman, a high-ranking aristocrat, and an aristocratic lady who serves as a swordsmanship teacher at the academy.
She is one of the teachers who is loved by students regardless of gender for her beautiful appearance and cool personality.
There is a saying that you must be pretty even if you have a short haircut to be truly beautiful. It’s just like that.
One thing she regretted was her chest, but it looked smaller than Cecilia’s, as if it were a pressure bandage because it was a knight.
Was it really not like that? When I look at the women I’ve had relationships with, they all have big breasts. ‘Deokbae Asil’ was a chest bug. I don’t mind the size of a woman’s breasts.

“You know… I never thought I’d see you here again… I had no idea.”
“Nice to meet you. Good luck in the future. I will help you a lot this time, so trust me.”

At first, I thought it was just nice to see an old friend again.

“The seat next door… Can I sit down?”
“I remember that time. We ate together like this often. At this restaurant.”
“Before Linz entered the school, she was really happy… “

I felt a little bit strange

“How about a drink today?”
“There… Can you give me some advice?”
“You know… No, I just called.”

It’s definitely been showing off lately.

‘You know Deokbae’, what the hell are you… What kind of life did you live?
To be loved by these women…

But I can’t accept those loves.
There’s nothing good about making a lover in the current position.
For both Netori and Cecilia’s sake, I intend to stay single.
So, I keep turning around and rejecting it, but Rain Arman, like a knight, is attacking me honestly without knowing I’m giving up.

If you just want a body, you can enjoy one night like Hannah, who came to visit the other day, and just break up, but Rain Arman’s love seems too heavy.
Did it look like she was trying to let go of her suppressed emotions because of Elise? It’s an atmosphere that touches you once and then goes to marriage.

So, you have to firmly reject it, but it is not easy.
After… I refuse to have a drink today, but I’m exhausted.

“This is Louisa Aubert. I will go in.”

So when I’m sighing
The main character came to me.


Looking back, it’s really pretty. I never thought that pink hair would suit someone so well.
It’s so girly that it feels like it’ll break if you touch it even a little, so it’s dangerous, but it’s so lovable that you naturally want to cherish it.
Those eyes though. Those eyes that open up confidently anytime, anywhere are really attractive. Strangely, when I look into those eyes, I can’t take my eyes off them.

As I stared blankly at Louisa Aubert, she asked me for some medicine.

“Approximately? Didn’t I hear anything?”

“Then… I heard that you’ve done all the takeovers…”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t really hear anything. What to do?”

In the first place, when I came to the academy, I had already quit being a full-time teacher, so I couldn’t take over properly.
So, of course, this had to happen.
By the way, was Louisa Aubert ill? It’s serious enough to come separately and receive medicine.

“Can you tell me what medicine I need? Because I can make it.”

“That is… I don’t know the details because it’s a medicine that teacher Metty personally combined.”

No, Mr. Metty! If it’s this important, you should have asked for a separate takeover.
When the main character dies, ‘Heroine Netori’ ends!

“Then can you tell me the evidence? It’s not that I don’t know how to put together.”

“So that… “

What? Ruina brought out the words, but these are familiar symptoms. What was it
I feel terrible pain in my head, I hear hallucinations that continue to torment me, and a deep disgust rises from my stomach into my throat…
This… ?
I tried using ‘observation’ just in case, and it was as expected.
By the way, the name of this disease was ‘God’s jealousy’.
That’s a very appropriate name.

“Every morning when you wake up, your arms and legs are in pain as if they were cut off, and before you go to bed, it’s so painful that you can’t breathe, isn’t it?”

“… Yeah? Uh, how?”

“After you eat, you always feel like vomiting, and when you drink anything other than water, you seem to drink blood. When you look in the mirror, do you see your dead body?”

“Mind… Right! I didn’t tell anyone about that…?!”

“Luna… Prepare your mind and listen. The disease you have…”

It was the incurable disease that Elise Linz had.


Unexpectedly, Louisa Aubert had a calm expression when she heard the story of an incurable disease.
As if you knew beforehand…
Oh, it was.
Come to think of it, the main character of ‘Heroine Netori’ was a possessed character, right? If so, it was natural to know in advance.

However, she seemed unaware of the disease that Elise Linz had. Wasn’t that revealed in the original story?
When I told her that I could cure her, she was very surprised and doubted my words.
However, when Elise showed her healing ability by saying that she had awakened after her death, she immediately seemed to understand it. He nodded.
Then, with a sad expression, he asked me for treatment.

I don’t know what happened, but anyway, good is good.
Thanks to that, I promised to treat it without much resistance, and I got a netori angle.

A heroine with an incurable disease and I, the only person who can cure her.
Of course, no matter what you do during treatment, you can pretend that it is necessary for treatment, and even if you don’t like it, Louisa Aubert won’t refuse.
Because you want to live

After struggling in the despair of death, when I heard that it could be cured, the flower of longing for life that bloomed was really beautiful.
Even though it will be soiled with my semen, it will be enjoyable in its own way.
Looking forward to what lies ahead.

– Knock. Again! Knock. Knock. Knock!

As I was thinking about the future, someone knocked on the door.
This signal… It’s Cecilia.

I hurriedly settled my cock and opened the door, and as always, cute Cecilia ran to me and hugged me.

“Father! I missed you…”

“Leah… You came to see me yesterday too.”

Yes. I didn’t have time to visit, but Cecilia had plenty of time to visit.
He was confined to the infirmary all day, so he could see Cecilia whenever she wanted.

“Hey… Did your father hate me?”

“No way! I miss my daughter, who is so cute, always. But if you come here every day, you’re worried. What if my friends misunderstand that Leah is sick or that she is a papa girl?”

Surprisingly, Cecilia got along well with the students at the academy without any major problems.
I was definitely worried that I might be bullied because of my work in the capital, but without that at all, I made friends right away and had a fun school life.
After all, my daughter is cute and kind. I can’t be interested Well then.

“Whoops, it doesn’t matter. Because the time I spend with my father is more important. By the way… Father, did Miss Auber come to visit?”

“Yes? How did you know I treated you a little while ago. They say he has a sore spot.”

Should I tell you that Louisa Aubert has an incurable disease or not… I’m worried.
But you don’t have to tell me. Cecilia’s trauma may be stimulated, and although it is possible to treat it, it is also said that she has an incurable disease.

“I see… Somehow, we met at the entrance of the building earlier. By the way… There have been rumors that I am close with Mr. Arman these days… Is it true?”

“Oh, that’s an old friend. It was nice to see each other after a long time, so we met separately a few times. But that’s just the end haha…”

What kind of girlfriend am I talking like an excuse? But it’s not an excuse. Really?
I thought I wanted to eat it once, but I had no intention of dating. There is no answer if you are forced to marry me after having fucked me once.
So I’m thinking of hitting the iron wall somehow in the future.

“Hmm… Okay. Arman is very popular. But you were my father’s friend.”

“Right. Just friends, friends.”

As he turned his words around, he petted Cecilia and asked about her daily life her.
Cecilia started talking happily with a single smile, but I was started by Aria’s words that popped up from time to time.
I wondered what I would do if he said something without even knowing it, but fortunately Aria didn’t seem to say anything as I asked.
Well, would you bring up the story of your friend’s father getting his pussy his pierced?
You can safely move on to the next step.

But why are you so sleepy… ?
Strangely, when Cecilia visits, I fall asleep…
Maybe it’s because I’m relaxed…

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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