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Heroine Netori 40

Heroine Netori 40

Chapter 40 – Romance Fantasy (5)

“Miss Meltz, how was today’s therapy?”

“Teacher… While rubbing her shoulders, she naturally took off my clothes and touched my breasts.”

IM jealous… My father touches me…
Well, he’s not the kind of father who would leave his big breasts alone.

“Like this? How did you feel?”

“That’s right ha… In this way, my heart is beating… I really liked it! I felt like I went to heaven… Ha…”

Oh my, when I touched her big breasts, Miss Meltz started to gasp.
Did he unconsciously recall his father’s touch?
When I gently touched Miss Meltz’s pussy, it was a little wet.

“Is that the end? Anything else?”

“Hahm… There was! Teacher… That… My penis…”

“No. It’s a vagina, not a penis. Follow me. Bo-z.”


“Whoops, you did well. Yes. So what did your father do with Miss Meltz’s pussy? Did you touch Claire like this?”

“Haa! Oh no!”

“Oh? Then, did you touch the inside of her pussy like this?”

“Aang! Right! My report, inside the pussy… Haang! You touched me!”

After stimulating Miss Meltz’s kree a few times, I touched her pussy, and this time it’s wet.
What is Miss Meltz’s weakness? Whoops, it’s cute.
Even with my fingers, Miss Meltz was panting like this, but with my father’s thick and thick fingers, he must have screamed obscenely like a lustful bitch, right?
Next time I’m going to sneak a peek.

“Did your father say anything else?”

“Ha… Alas, ha… Like me… He didn’t know that an easy girl could exist at the academy…”

“Hehe, I’m sure we’ll meet a lot in the future.”

‘Don’t be against what your father does.’, ‘Don’t question what your father does.’, ‘Follow what your father says.’
These three are the hints I have placed on Miss Meltz.
Again, it seems to have worked effectively without any major problems.
Hehe, I can imagine the happy face of my father. You are so lovely.

“But even so, Miss Meltz’s pace is too fast. Miss Meltz must be an innocent girl who has never masturbated… Is it because of these breasts?”

Other students who made similar hints are still in the stage of touching their breasts over their clothes, but Ms. Meltz’s pussy is already sore.
Unlike the other students, Miss Meltz doesn’t resist suggestion at all, so you can’t help but be suspicious.
Is Ms. Meltz really a naughty child?

“Isn’t it a problem with these oversized breasts, as if all the nutrients came from the breasts? Because of this colossal breasts, Miss Meltz became a naughty child. Eight! Eight!”

She felt a little unfair.
I’m not by any means small, but why are there so many women with big breasts around my father…
I could use it better, I could make my father’s cock feel good with my tits… It’s too bad.

“Aang! Miss Cecilia No! Stop… Aaaaang! Ha… “

“Oh! Could it be that you have gone? Really! It’s too naughty!”

“No dear… Just go away… Oops! Aang! Let’s go!”

Really… Where did Miss Meltz, who was innocent when she just entered school, go?
As I harass Miss Meltz’s breasts and nipples, Miss Meltz is making an obscene expression that is far from innocence.
Besides, as if she wasn’t satisfied with this, she instinctively spreads her legs to seduce me.

After all, I should choose Miss Meltz as my second wife.
In order to do that, you need to arrange the order in advance, right?

“Ah, ah! Now that’s okay! Cheek! Ha… Aang! Hot, haaang!”

In this way, even if the memory in the head is erased, the body will remember it.
Hehe, I hope ‘that day’ comes soon.


Life at the academy is much more fun than you could have imagined!
I met such a cute roommate, made so many fun friends, and took such an informative class!
In addition, there is even a therapy to relieve tension!
With Miss Cecilia’s advice, I started receiving therapy from the nurse. Once you receive it, you feel very good, right?
My breasts or genitals… It was a pussy! It was a bit embarrassing when the pussy was touched, but it’s therapy after all! Excuse me for being shy.
In addition, the nurse said that Miss Cecilia’s father! So you don’t have to worry at all, just leave it to yourself.

And… If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, and if it’s bad luck, is it bad luck?
I keep bumping into big and small things with the senior I bumped into on the day of admission.
He has a handsome face, so his eyes are good, but he gets scolded every time… I’m a little scared.

Oh, I met you today.
By the way… What are you doing?

“Hello! Seniors!”

“Well? What is it you again? I’m busy today, so don’t bother me and go away.”

“Whoops! Can I help you today?”

“Do you know what I am doing? Okay, if you’re helpful, I’ll do a favor for you. But if it doesn’t help, can you please stop bumping into me?”

“Well, that’s because I didn’t do it on purpose! Hmmm! Are you talking to the spirit right now? I don’t think you signed a contract yet… Can I help you?”

“… What is it what the hell are you… No, can you see the spirit right now?”

“That’s right, I’m an elementalist!”

Also! I guess it’s my turn to act today!
Look at the surprised face at my words haha! But he was really handsome…
Ah! This is not it. Hmmm! If I summon the spirit myself, my senior will believe me, right?

‘Hey, can you come over to play? There is someone other than me who can see spirits! Even the gnomes are by my side!’

When I called the child, a drop of water formed in the air and grew bigger and bigger until it became a small vortex.
And a spirit in the form of a small and cute girl appeared in it.

“Poem, Sylph!”

“It’s Undy!”

You can’t even sign a contract!
Undine puffed out her cheeks as if she were angry at being teased.
This is so… I can’t seem to help with one or two things.


“Miss Louisa! Did you hear the rumor? The prince was with the freshman yesterday too!”
“They talked for a while and only broke up after the sun went down!”

Under! Well then…
I quickly fell in love with Aria and was thrilled to see her together to the point that rumors spread throughout the academy.
What? Do you like me You’ll regret it if you don’t choose? I’m dumbfounded…

Again, it went the same way as the original. Now, after going between me and Aria, she will naturally choose Aria.
First the prince, then the prince’s escort knight, and finally my childhood friend…

It was something I knew and was prepared for, but…
When I actually wake up, my stomach hurts.
I tried to pretend nothing happened, but it’s not easy.
I guess I gave too deep of my heart to the male leads without even realizing it…

No, it’s better
I’m going to die Rather than seeing a sad face because of me, it’s better to die alone like the original story.
It’s not the first time it’s happened…

Under… After thinking about this and that, I arrived at the infirmary.
When I heard the news of the prince, my head and heart hurt again and I couldn’t stand it.
I need some painkillers.

By the way… Hesitating to open the door
Beyond this door is ‘Deokbae Asil’.
A character who died in the original story. The father of the ‘witch’.

At that time, I ran away clumsily…
The shock of meeting the ‘witch’ and the fear of her.
But now that I think about it, there was absolutely no reason to run away.
Because the ‘witch’ now that my father is alive is completely different from the original work.

In the original work, she was always expressionless and always murdered when she laughed… It was when I did it, but now I have a pretty smile wherever I go.
In addition, he becomes close friends with Aria Meltz, who bullied him to death, and shows a good relationship with her.

Did her Deokbae Asil’s life make her different?
If so, Deokbae Asil is the main character. If not, he could be a trigger to wake up the ‘witch’.
So you should be careful.

After… I took a deep breath and opened the door to the infirmary.
Deokbae Asil greeted me with a startled expression.

But why is he so surprised every time he sees me?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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