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Heroine Netori 39

Heroine Netori 39

Chapter 39 – Romance Fantasy (4)

After suffering from an incurable disease and spending half my life in the hospital, reading web novels was my only pleasure.
The main characters in the novel loved and were loved instead of me, and enjoyed the ordinary life that was not ordinary as I had dreamed of.
I comforted myself by assigning myself to them, loving them instead and being loved instead.
But always the end was just a very painful emptiness.
So I begged

“God… Please make me the main character in a novel in the next world.”

After saying that, I died.

I really came into the novel as I wished.

“Why is it Ruina!! Why! Are you intoxicating?!”

Instead of being the main character, I became a villainous young lady suffering from an incurable disease.


Louisa Aubert.
The youngest daughter of a great family and a girl of unrealistic beauty.
A woman who monopolized the love of male leads and earned the envy of many readers.
She was a fake protagonist.

As if the writer didn’t like her, he gave Ruina a setting for her terminal illness, and along with that, added her harsh personality to make her estranged from her male leads.
Then, he added a character named Arya Meltz, saying that the real protagonist appeared.
Naturally, the male leads moved her feelings from Ruina to her aria.

Ruina was overcome by her jealousy and tormented her Aria, but whenever that happened, her male lords appeared to protect her Aria and in turn, her Ruina broke her heart.
Angry with that, Ruina tried to expel Arya from her academy, but even that was blocked and Ruina was expelled.
Losing her will to live, Louis I goes to her periphery and suffers her whole life, until she dies of an incurable disease.

I was so sad that she seemed to see me as she looked at Louis.
It was a pity why the same setting as me was added and everything was taken away and died like that.
At first, the readers who cursed the author later cursed Ruina, which made me feel as if I was being cursed at.

But I became that Louisa.
Thanks I found out

God exists and he enjoys human suffering.


Please stop…

“Luna… I will always protect you I won’t make you cry anymore You just have to trust me.”

Do not lie. You’re leaving You’ll disregard my beliefs.

“This… I heard rumors that the youngest daughter of the Auvers family was pretty, but I didn’t know it was this much. Hmmm! Would you give me the honor to dance with you?”

Do not lie. You’re gonna throw it away You won’t even look at me

“Don’t get too close with the prince. It’s something that hurts yourself. However… I understand. Why does the prince like you…”

Do not lie. You don’t understand. You will make me suffer

“Prince. It is I who promised to escort you today. Please yield.”

“Then you should have come earlier. Keeping the lady waiting is disqualification from a gentleman.”

“Go first while you two are talking. I’m going to be late for the start time. Ruler.”

Please do not do that… Don’t make me expect that…
Why are you doing so well?
Why are you making me so happy?
How the hell are you going to hurt me
How the hell are you trying to hurt me…

“Luna… I like you. Oh no, I didn’t expect an answer! Just… I wanted to convey my heart, that’s all, then stop!”

“Luna! Did he confess? Thanks I figured it out that I love you too you will have to choose well well, i’m the one who gets chosen in the end.”

“Louis Aubert… Heard the talk You will make a wise decision. Because you are such a woman But you wouldn’t have left me out of that choice, right?”

Liars… Why are you making it so hard on me?
You guys will disappear from me anyway when that child appears.
That is… Because it is our destiny…


I know, but I deliberately pretended not to know.
It was so much fun to experience happiness for the first time in their lives.
It was such a pleasure to be loved.
Every day was exciting, heart beating, and laughter came out naturally.

Even though I denied them in my heart, I couldn’t refuse the sweetness they gave me.
Deceived by the sweetness, I had a vain delusion.

‘Isn’t it possible that you came in as a novel with an initial setting? There is no incurable disease, and Ruina will live happily for the rest of her life like this.’

‘Yeah, that must be it. It’s already different from the original. You got a confession before you even entered the academy!’

But it was just a really sweet dream.

“… In the end, Elise died. I have to go right now. Louisa, I’m sorry. Go to bed first today. Got it?”

“Honey, I feel so sorry for that child… She wondered why she was a happy child now… Even God doesn’t care.”

Elise Linz is dead.
Upon hearing the news, her head ached and her stomach ached.
She dropped the spoon she was holding and fell under her chair.

The day Elise Linz died, that day has two meanings.
One is the day the ‘witch’ awakened.

And the other…


The day Louisa Aubert was terminally ill.
I was once again limited.


“Oh my… How can you be so pretty? Clothes are not wings, but Cecilia is wings, so no matter what she wears, she looks good.”

Yes, I am my father’s daughter. Of course.

“Leah… You… It’s kind of dangerous. Madam, what if the men I fell in love with at first sight rushed at me?”

Don’t worry father The only man who can run at me is my father.

After putting on the dress, putting on makeup, and getting ready, everyone looked at me and complimented me.
But more than that, I liked that my father was shocked.
Hehe, I bet you don’t think of me as a child anymore.

I could feel my father’s heart beating as he escorted me.
Ah… Are you conscious of me? How can you be so happy…
It would be really romantic to go on an escape of love with my father like this.
But that would be a dream come true.

So now is important.
You have to meet and find a lot of people.

My father’s wife.

It’s a social debut for that purpose.


To begin with, the debut show was a success.
Thanks to Godmother’s support, those who were hostile to me did not attend.
A lot of people, regardless of gender, fell in love with my beautiful appearance.

There were a few people who were overly likable, but I made sure they never thought of me again.
It made me a little annoyed, but I didn’t show off like I usually do.

Unfortunately, he could not find his father’s wife.
If the appearance was good, the status was low, or if the status was high, it was just that.

There was no one like Louis or Miss Aubert.
On that day, my father must have admired Auveryang’s appearance.
I almost got jealous, but I was patient.

After all, I have to decide on Miss Auber.
I will satisfy my father in all respects, from appearance and lineage to abilities and talents.

To do that, you have to go to the academy.
I didn’t like it very much, but it was inevitable for the happiness of my father and myself.
Still, I’m glad I was able to meet my father in the academy.

Whoops, I’m looking forward to it.


I finally got admission!
The Kingdom Academy of your dreams! That’s where I entered!
Surely wonderful and happy days will be repeated, right?


This! I was so excited that I couldn’t control myself and had an accident.
I bumped into some seniors. What if you get mad?

“What kind of guy!”

Big, big trouble!
You must be very angry!
I shouldn’t have been like this from day one… As my father said, I must have been quietly stuck in a corner…

“Sorry! Stop seeing me!”

I quickly bowed my head and apologized several times, but fortunately, the senior forgave me!

“What is a freshman?”

“Yes Yes! My name is Aria Meltz, who entered the school today!”

“Under… Can’t say anything about this Keep your mind straight.”

“Thank you!”

I’m so glad. He had a handsome face, but he was also a good-hearted senior.
For some reason, my heart is pounding. This is love… ? Just like that, whooping!

When I suppress my excitement and enter the dormitory, there is a really cute and pretty child.
This kid is my roommate! I guess I’m really lucky.

“Hey, how are you? My name is Cecilia Asil. Nice to meet you.”

“Hello! I’m Arya Meltz! Nice to meet you, too!”

Even Cecilia seems to have a good personality. What a bright smile!
I thought I should learn.

“By the way, Miss Meltz. Excuse me for the first time, but could you take off your clothes?”

“Yes Yes?! No?”

What… ? Is my roommate different from what he looks like?
I never thought I’d ask you to take off your clothes…

“Hmm… You have really big breasts. I envy you. Then, while you’re naked, could you open your pussy?”

“What are you talking about!”

It’s a big deal! Not just a pervert, but a very pervert!
What should I do? Should I tell the boss…

“It is clean. There is also a hymen. I don’t think you’ve ever masturbated, is that correct?”

“Absolutely! Yes? What am I saying now….”

Uh… Why am I naked?
Why am I opening my genitals in front of someone I’m seeing for the first time… ?

“I feel a bit sorry for the family line, but this is good enough for a concubine. Get dressed again and forget about your business.”



“Hey, how are you? My name is Cecilia Asil. Nice to meet you.”

… Oh, that’s right. I need to say hello to my roommate.

“Hello! I’m Arya Meltz! Nice to meet you, too!”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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