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Heroine Netori 38

Heroine Netori 38

Chapter 38 – Romance Fantasy (3)

“How can there be such a good child… Really, people back then were very mistaken.”

“Sobbing… What a filial daughter!”

“Is this why people have to see and judge with their own eyes? Come here. How hard was it Poor baby.”

The Duchess, who had talked with Cecilia, was quickly captured and hugged Cecilia with tears in her eyes.
After all, she is my kind and cute daughter.

“Thank you, Mr. Crozet…”

“Cecilia… Call me godmother from now on. I will definitely clear up your misunderstanding. Trust me!”

“… God mother.”


This is true Anyone can see that they are between parents and children.
Who would look at that and think that we were meeting for the first time today?
Seeing the two warm-hearted people made me feel better.

Actually, I was a bit anxious. What do I know to help me make my socialite debut?
She had no knowledge, no connections, and the only person who could help was Elaine, but he was also a divorced man, so he couldn’t help.
However, I was really lucky to be able to get the help of someone who could be considered the pinnacle of the king’s society.

“By the way, godmother… Are you okay? Aren’t you sick of coming to visit her father?”

Good Cecilia asked the Duchess as she hardened her expression to see if she was worried.
The ignorant knight cleared her throat, and the Duchess blushed as if she remembered that moment.

“… Don’t worry. Your father treated them all.”

“That’s fortunate… Isn’t my dad awesome?”

“Yes… That was awesome… Very…”

No, ma’am, what’s that look on your face?
The way she looked at me was very strange.
Come to think of it, when the erogenous stimulation reached level 10, the addictiveness was added…
He’s going to ask for another treatment without the driver’s knowledge.

“Then, I’ll contact you when I get to the royal road.”

“By the way, do you have a place to stay? I heard that all the property of the capital was disposed of and left.”

“It’s not much, but there is money I’ve made here. I’m thinking of getting a house this size.”

“Hmm… Please don’t do that and come to my house. I’m too anxious to leave the two of them apart in a situation where people’s misunderstandings haven’t been resolved yet.”

I hadn’t thought of this before… That’s definitely true.
It’s not that long ago, even if it’s calmed down to some extent, and if rumors spread that we’ve returned to the capital, there could be people who would do harm.

“Would it be okay? I am worried that we are not putting too much pressure on them.”

“Oh my, it’s okay. In fact, she wished she had such a cute daughter.”

The wife stroked her hair, and she said don’t worry.
After all, Cecilia is a scary child… Have you already maxed your affinity?
Thanks to that, life in the royal capital seemed more comfortable than I thought.


“It’s vulgar. Coveting another man during an affair…”

Late at night, Cecilia murmured as she touched his fingers after she ate her Deokbae.

“But I can’t help it. You are useful to me and to her father.”

She took her dick’s finger to her mouth and sucked it on her side, then brought it to her own cunt.

“Hahm… As long as it helps…”

Then he started masturbating with his fingers.

“Whoops… Dirty fingers, I’ll clean them up. Father… “


Two weeks later, after receiving a call from the Duchess, we headed to the Royal Capital.
It was a friendly village of Opien, but now I had to leave.
It was a bit unfortunate, but there are no more virgins to fuck here… The thrill of the royal road was greater than the regret.

“Father… Scary…”

Oops, Cecilia trembled with anxiety as the royal road began to be visible from outside the carriage.
There has been such an incident since I was young, so it must have been a trauma… I gave her poor daughter a tight hug.
I really felt sorry for Cecilia, who was trembling in her arms.

“Lea, don’t worry. Your father is by your side.”

“Father… Never leave my side.”


As he stroked her hair, Cecilia finally stopped trembling as if she felt relieved.
But even so, Cecilia did not leave my arms. Of course, I had no intention of letting Cecilia go.
As the two of them hugged each other, the carriage entered the royal capital and arrived at the Crozet family mansion.


“Wow… It’s huge. Is this really where we will be staying from now on?”

“Think of it as my home and live comfortably. Because I told you everything beforehand.”

“Thank you very much, ma’am.”

“Oh, it’s not like this to hear thanks. Don’t talk like that.”

When we got off the carriage, the Duchess greeted us.
She really treated us like her family. It was no lie that she thought of Cecilia as her own daughter.
As soon as she acted like that, the servants of her mansion treated us like their masters.

Yes, this is noble… After entering this ‘Heroine Netori’, I fell comfortably asleep, satisfied with the aristocratic life I experienced for the first time.
Of course, it was with Cecilia.


The next day, my wife and I talked about a few things.

First of all, about Duke Liam, the owner of the mansion.
He has not yet returned to the royal capital. So our residence was in fact the wife’s arbitrary choice.
She unilaterally notified us, but the duke accepted it without saying anything, as if he was being held captive.

Next, about sleeping in the same room with Cecilia.
The wife said that now Cecilia must graduate from me, but she refused, using trauma as an excuse.
I agreed that I had to graduate now, but she couldn’t sleep with Cecilia alone because of Cecilia’s anxiety after returning to the capital.

But then she said that she would sleep with Cecilia instead.
Jesuit. This was the purpose.
Cecilia did not reject the Duchess, whether she liked it or not. We agreed to take turns putting Cecilia to sleep.

Finally, about the doctor’s work.
She asked if she could take care of the patients apart from her work at the academy.
It seemed that she intended to use my healing abilities as one of her denial powers.
She said yes, of course, because my wife and I had a symbiotic relationship.
Of course, I decided to receive compensation separately. It’s not a hogu, it’s not free.

“Then, everything we need to talk about right now is over. Leave the socialite debut to me. I will make Cecilia the most wonderful debut in the royal capital.”

“I will only trust you, Mrs.”


A few days later, after receiving the letter of recommendation, I headed to the academy with Cecilia early in the morning after collecting Cecilia’s letter of recommendation.
Cecilia clung to me on the way, not thinking of falling.
It must be that anxious… It was good yet bittersweet.

When I arrived at the academy, the memory of ‘Deokbae Asil’ flowed like a kaleidoscope. At the academy, nothing has changed from what I remembered.
Is it really a building built with magic…

The academy was quiet, probably because it was vacation, and I didn’t see a single student even though it was such a large space.
Thanks to that, Cecilia was also relieved, and her expression was bright.
We arrived early and spent time looking around the academy as if we were on a date until the appointed time.

“This is the infirmary. A place where I will work in the future.”

“Whoops… I will come every day This bed is mine only now.”

“No. I’m not sick, but if you come to me, I’ll scold you.”

“Too bad… I will tell my godmother everything!”

After entering the empty infirmary and playing around with Cecilia, the door suddenly opened.
What? It’s vacation. Is there anyone coming over? I heard that the existing nurse teacher quit. Do you have any baggage left behind?

Curious, I walked towards the entrance and saw a woman standing there.

The pink curly hair that you only see in cartoons is down to your waist,
Two pretty eyes are embedded in a very small face.
Her waist her was thin enough to break, and her exposed shoulders her were as white as the first snow.

Let’s look at her while holding our breath at her beauty
She looked at me in surprise.

“… How do you live…”

She muttered something, but it was a small voice and I couldn’t hear it.

No, but I never imagined we would meet like this…
When I stood still in embarrassment and said nothing, Cecilia walked forward and greeted her.

“Huh, how are you? My name is Cecilia Asil, and I will be attending the academy the following year. Nice to meet you.”

Then, for some reason, she looked at Cecilia with a pale face and then ran away.
I couldn’t understand why she did it, but I couldn’t think of anything else now.

“You are a strange person. They don’t even accept my greetings.”

“… I know.”

Because she is Louisa Aubert.
Because she is the main character of this ‘Heroine Netori’.


Ruina, who went to the infirmary to get medicine as usual, met a man she had never seen before.
No, it was the first time I actually saw him, but he was a man I remembered.

‘Lie… Deokbae Asil is dead! Why is the person who committed suicide here?!’

Her head still hurt, and her head felt like it would break when she saw the unexpected person who shouldn’t be alive.

‘It’s so different from the original. Is this all because of me? For a moment… If Deokbae Asil is alive, that ‘witch’ is… ?’

Shocked by her shock her, a very cute and innocent-looking girl appeared in front of her.

‘… Witch!’

But she was never innocent. Louisa knew that all too well.
Fear came. Cold sweat ran down her back her and her legs her trembled. His breathing her quickened and his pupils her widened. She needs to move, she needs to run away, but she just can’t get her feet off her feet.
Seeing her like that, the girl in front of her smiled.
Then she was shocked.

‘Lord, die! No! Why is the witch here… Poetry, I don’t want to die!’

Her girl slowly came up to her and whispered.

“Nice to meet you. Louisa Auveryang.”

She had goosebumps all over her body. She couldn’t breathe anymore.
Her thoughts her stopped. Fear and dread filled her head.
She wanted to give up her life like this.


Then her girl looked at her and smiled.
Maybe because of that, her body her started moving again.
She ran away from the spot without even looking back.

Her girl watched her until the end.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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