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Heroine Netori 37

Heroine Netori 37

Chapter 37 – Romance Fantasy (2)

A letter came to Elaine.
The content was that the Duchess of the Royal Capital secretly wanted to receive treatment.
The rumors that were spread now seem to be having an effect.
I sent it knowing of course.
From the beginning of this circle, the big fish were caught.


After several days of waiting with my schedule cleared, the lady came to see me wearing her mask.
Of course, I didn’t come alone. She was accompanied by a knight with a deep impression.

“Really, you know Deokbae… It is you.”

“Long time no see, ma’am. It’s cold here, so please come inside.”

Her name is Marie Crosette, and she is the first wife of a duke in the kingdom.
With her dignified and graceful appearance, she is a woman who becomes the idol of many aristocratic ladies.

“Are you living in such a small house… ?”

“Enough for two people to live.”

“… How is ‘that’ child?”

“I live brighter and happier than anyone else.”

“Then… That’s good.”

She hadn’t openly rejected Cecilia as her family’s position was her position. However, the exchange that had been going on since her academy days had suddenly stopped.
It’s me, it doesn’t matter. Because I wasn’t the ‘You know Deokbae’ back then. The present is more important.
The Crozet family is a family that is looking after the academy… If you show her her favor this time, she might even get a recommendation for a good teacher.

“You may not like it, but it’s herbal tea.”

“You still remember my taste. Thanks.”

Even though the tea was too cheap for the Duchess to drink, she drank it without showing any sign.
But since she doesn’t touch her after taking a sip, cheapness must be cheap.

“Then… Shall we start talking?”

“… It’s such a secret. My honor is at stake. I’m sure you know how valuable it is.”

“Of course.”

“That’s why I couldn’t go to church. If you don’t, you can get caught in the weakness of the church. That’s why I came to you. You know Deokbae, because you’ve been someone I can trust since the old days.”

“… It is an honor.”

“But it’s good to be certain of this. So please give me your autograph.”

When she finished her words, the knight standing next to her pulled out a shiny document and she softly held it out to me.
This… Is it a confidentiality agreement? It can be seen as a kind of contract magic in which a promise is made in exchange for a price. This expensive confidentiality memorandum for only one treatment? What kind of treatment are you trying to get…

“The cost… Life?! Really?”

“I’d rather die if this secret is revealed.”

“… All right.”

If you think about it that much, it’s rather good. The bigger the stakes, the bigger the requests I can ask for.

“But I would like to change this. I don’t need this much money.”

“Even if you live in such a small house? All of your honor is gone, you know Deokbae…”

“No, rather to regain my honor, ma’am. What I want instead of money is a letter of recommendation from the academy.”

“… !!”

When she heard her recommendation, her face immediately hardened.
Then I forced myself to drink some cheap herbal tea.
See the reaction… Kinda annoying

“It is not a letter of recommendation from Cecilia. Elaine decided to write it.”

“That Elaine Dwen… ! Are you insane?”

“Madam, Cecilia is not a witch. That child was only born blessed with her magic power, and now she knows how to fully control it.”

When I said it with a straight face, she took care of her expression and took another sip of herbal tea.
However, the knight next to him had a stern expression, as if he couldn’t manage his expression.
It must have meant that I was rude to the Duchess.

“So, is this your letter of recommendation?”

“You’re right. I want a position as a nurse at the academy.”

“… She is thinking of returning to the royal road. With that child.”

“It is a place to return to eventually. Now is that time.”

“Then that much… I can do it. But you will know that much, if you are sure of your skills.”

“‘I’ll write you a letter of recommendation if your wife approves’ is enough.”

“The contract is concluded.”

She made a ballpoint pen with her magic and took her contract and corrected her reward part.
She received it again and checked it with ‘observation’, but there was no trick. Well, she’s a duchess, so would you do something like a little boy?
When I signed the signature line, the contract split into two pieces, one for my chest and the other for the Duchess’s.
It’s only in my memory, it’s the first time I’ve actually seen it, but magic is really amazing whenever I see it.

“Then… Can you tell me this time?”


“… It’s an STD.”

It’s messy, but really.


I took her to her doctor’s office.
There, they seated her in her examination chair, laid her chair back on her back, and forced her legs apart by placing her legs in the brackets on either side of her chair.
It is a device that can be seen in obstetrics and gynecology. In my case, it is a medical chair that I have only seen in porn.

The towel that had been placed on her lower abdomen was removed, revealing the Duchess’s cunt. She could see her cunt twitching in embarrassment.
I couldn’t see her face from this side because the curtain was drawn in the middle of her chair, but I could imagine it. It’s not just one or two women who were forcibly opened up.
Still, this is the first time this has happened, but the knight who accompanied her wife stayed by her side until the end, holding her hand.
… It’s adultery, but this.

The sexually transmitted disease her wife said was the wounds inside her vagina.
Hiding his embarrassment, he also brought up the story that Duke Liam was rough as rumored, but the rough one was the genuine man holding his hand next to him.
Come to think of it, I heard that Duke Liam was in the middle of subjugating the barbarians, but it seems that the two of them had fun fucking and fucking in that gap.

“Then… I’ll open it up and check.”

“… “

Embarrassed, there is no answer.
Whether or not he did so, he forced his fingers into her cunt and spread it apart.

“Hahm… “

Of course, erogenous stimulation is turned on.
The duchess moaning with her pussy spread open in front of another man with the cheating man next to her. You’re so ugly. Can’t miss this opportunity

When I confirmed it through ‘observation’, I could clearly see cuts here and there in the vagina.
If this was enough, it would have hurt every time I walked, but I managed not to show it.
But really, no matter how much it is, it’s not oral sex, it’s aura sex… That… Don’t you have
Don’t you have enough confidence as a man to use an aura? Or a kinky couple who enjoys getting more and more hardcore?
Whatever happened is shocking.

“You can’t see it with the naked eye. I’ll stick my finger in and check it out.”

“… Hot! Eup, ugh…. Uh, breath…”

Having already checked, I inserted my finger into my wife’s cunt.
The wife forced herself to hold back her voice, but let’s touch the G-spot she found through observation.

“… Haaang! Omg! Ha… “

In the end, the wife couldn’t stand it and burst into a swearing.

At the same time, my wife’s cunt tightened and the wound in her vagina rubbed against my finger, and this time she let out a moan of pain.

“Ouch! Under… Ugh!”

I didn’t expect this. I’m sorry.

“Hey! Are you taking care of yourself properly?”

Oh, the genuine macho next to me was angry. I don’t know what’s so confident about being an adulterous man. That’s not what I’m talking about, but…

“Excuse me. But I checked everything. It’s a sensitive area, so you’ll feel a lot of pain with a small movement, but the wound itself isn’t that big.”

“Then will it be cured within today?”

“Of course. Injuries of this size do not take long to heal. However, during treatment, you may feel as much pain as you do now.”

“… Ha… It’s okay, so I’ll ask for treatment right away…”

“All right. Please calm down your wife by the driver’s side.”

“Hmm! I see.”

Far from hurting, you’ll feel better. More than when I had sex with you.
So keep an eye on this adulteress who is gasping for my dick.

I used my heels and inserted my fingers into my wife’s cunt again.
But this time, I moved slowly from the entrance, slowly enough to feel the touch of my fingers.

“… Ha ha… Under… Hehe…”

She started gasping in response to my finger and juices slowly leaked from her.
Little by little, as the finger went deeper, the crunching sound got louder, and so did her moans.

“Ha ha… Ugh… Haha…”

As if I was teasing her, I only healed her wounds without touching her G-spot or weakness.
Then she moved her waist and tried to place the G-spot on my finger.
Every time I did, I defied her expectations by moving my fingers again and again.

“Ah… No… Whew…”

As if she was getting hot, she now openly lifted her waist and found my finger.
And finally, when my finger touched the G-spot, I just climaxed.

Haha! No, no, no!”

“Boo, madam? What the hell is this?”

“Hey quack doctor!”

– Kwadang!

As soon as the wife finally left, the knight next to me huffed up at me and threw a thrush at me.
Fuck it hurts so much Even if I look like this, he’s a D-class hunter, but he seems to be several times stronger than me.

“What are you doing!”

“This bastard?! Do you dare use treatment as an excuse to harass your wife?”

“I finished the treatment without any shame!”

“Is this going to end?!”


As I gritted my teeth and shouted in anger, the knight raised his hand once again.
I wasn’t alone either. He immediately prepared to retrieve the green dagger from his inventory.
In such an imminent situation, the wife screamed.

“Lance! Step back! As he said, everything has really been cured.”

“Are you sure?”

“Okay! Just me… It was because I was sensitive. You know.”

“It is true… “

You guys are crazy, really.

“I’m sorry, you know… Are you all right?”

She came up to me half-naked, still with her cunt exposed, and worried about me.
I think my cock won’t be okay if I do this…
He forcibly suppressed his erection and used Heal and Cleanse where he was hit.

Her wobbly teeth snapped back into place and her bruised cheeks cleared.
The blood on his mouth her disappeared and his crumpled clothes her became tidy.

“Gee, it was real!”

“God bless you indeed!”

“No, God’s guilt… I took her.”

“Ah…You know…”

Disappointed after losing Elise, one day I suddenly gain the ability to heal people.
That was a different ability from the existing priests’ heal.
Deokbae Asil considers this to be God’s guilt and he calls himself a doctor instead of a healer.
This is my information through Elaine.

It was a strategy to let the church know about my unique ability without attracting aggro.
To this end, unlike healers, I deliberately touch and heal the affected area.
Actually, it’s for Netori, but to give a difference anyway.


After the treatment was over, I got back into the car and went into the waiting room, and the Duchess’s way of looking at me had changed.
When I, who was dubious about it, actually used the heel, it seemed to give me faith.
The knight next to him kept his head down as if he was sorry.
I was going to get angry once, but I had nothing to say when I bowed my back with a bread stick and apologized.

“I apologize once again, you know. In addition to being embarrassing during treatment, I couldn’t control Lance as an owner.”

“It’s okay ma’am. Anyone can do that. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And rather, I was moved by Lance-nim’s loyalty to his. Rance-sama, who acted for his master without hesitation, is truly an exemplary knight.”

“You know… You really haven’t changed.”

The Duchess looked at me with her eyes moistened with emotion. The knight next to me was in tears.
I answered the least like me, but that must have been the correct answer.

“Is there anything I can do for you? As the Duchess of the Crozet family, it’s too embarrassing to go back like this. Please.”

“Then… If we return to the capital, will you be the guardian of Cecilia?”


“I intend to make Cecilia her social debut her. Please help her clear up the child’s misunderstanding… Please.”

“You are so sincere… Yes. You know, I’ll trust you. Then give her time to share her story with the child.”

“Thank you! I’m sure your wife will like it too. Cecilia is such a pure and kind child!”



A woman screamed as she levitated.
Both of her arms were bent and broken.

“Whoops! Cute sounds. Do people make this noise when their arms are broken?”

Cecilia looked at her and smiled.
It was an angelic pure smile.

“Please… Please stop… I don’t want to die please…”

“So, if you had stopped when I told you to quit, none of this would have happened.”

“Kyaaaaa aaaaagh!”

This time, both of her ankles slowly turned.
The woman burst into tears and screamed, but her ankle sprained and snapped.

“To think that a little boy like you would know what to do and laugh at me… Knowing nothing about her father her! Dirty bitch! You seduce your father when you have a husband?!”

“Quaaaaagh! Wrong, good job! Shut up… Ha, aaaaagh!”

Her ankle her, which did not stop even when she was bent, eventually turned around and returned to its original position.
Cecilia couldn’t stop laughing even as she watched it.

“I said. She told her never to see her father again. You don’t seem to be able to do it alone, so I’ll help you.”

“Whoops! Am I nice?”

Cecilia’s smile, she felt,
It was her witch’s smile.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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