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Heroine Netori 36

Heroine Netori 36

Chapter 36 – Romance Fantasy (1)

Deokbae Asil was a celebrity in the royal capital.
Although he was a low-ranking nobleman, he was highly educated and graduated from the royal academy at the top of his class.
Because of that, there were many people who envied him and were jealous of him, but everyone fell in love with Deokbae Asil’s personality his and became close friends with him.
He was recognized for his skills and became a scribe of the kingdom, which was only possible for high-ranking nobles.
For that reason, many families tried to bring him as their son-in-law, but the one he chose was Elise Lintz, who was also a lower nobleman.
People ridiculed him for giving up on his career his, saying that he was stupid, but they congratulated him with a pure heart for the beautiful appearance of the beautiful couple they showed on the wedding day.
They both promised to live happily ever after, and everyone believed that they would.

However, their happiness was shattered when a daughter was born between them.

Cecilia Asil had magical powers from birth.
As soon as she saw the light of the world, she cried and released her magical powers her, destroying everything around her.
Everyone who had gathered to celebrate was shocked by the sight, and someone said in shock.

“… Oh, it’s a witch! A witch is born!”

People were supposed to condemn the curse that was cast upon a newborn child, but in their hearts they seemed to agree.
At the sight, the couple kicked everyone out.
To the couple, she was just a lovely daughter born blessed with magical powers.

But the misfortune did not end there.
Elise, who had been weak from the beginning, was bedridden with an unknown disease.
Deokbae Asil believed that he would shake it off at once and wake up, but the reality was cruel.
Even when doctors and priests were called, no one was able to find out what disease she had.
He couldn’t help but look at his wife, who was drying up with each passing day.

Then, insidious rumors circulated in the capital.
The daughter of Deokbae Asil and Elise Linz was born as a witch who stole her mother’s magical power from the womb and was rumored to have continued to do so ever since.
Deokbae Asil denied the ridiculous rumors, but the rumors spread quickly.

And eventually, when Elise Linz passed away, people accepted the rumor as fact, saying that they knew that too.

On the day of Elise Linz’s funeral, Deokbae Asil couldn’t stop crying.
He fainted from sobbing until his wife’s coffin was completely covered with soil.
However, Cecilia Asil did not shed a single tear.
Rather, she smiled faintly the moment Deokbae Asil collapsed.

“She’s It’s a witch! It’s a witch! That damn bitch killed Elise and now wants to kill Deokbae too! Look at that bitch smiling without shedding a single tear!”

Deokbae Asil’s friend saw this and screamed.
At that sound, everyone looked at Cecilia Asil with a shocked expression, and she replied with a wide smile this time.

“My mother did. Smile when you’re sad I am very sad right now.”

But nobody believed it.
The people left one by one, disgusted by the terrifying spectacle Cecilia Asil had shown them.
In the end, only the fainted Deokbae Asil, the smiling Cecilia Asil, and the couple’s old friend Elaine Dwen were left.

Elaine Dwen said to her through tears.

“I can’t believe that. … But I’m trying to believe. Because you are the daughter of Deokbae Asil and Elise Linz. I don’t believe in you, I believe in your parents.”

“… Leave the kingdom The capital has become too harsh for the two of them to live. Go to opien It is one of my territories, so no one will be able to harass you.”

“But please… Come back when the capital is quiet. Come back and prove my beliefs correct. So bring back the lost honor of your family.”

“Their long… This is a request as a friend.”

He bowed his head to her.
She smiled again and replied.

“I know.”

It was the smile of a very beautiful girl
To him, it was truly a devil’s smile.

A few days later, Deokbae Asil fled from the capital with his daughter.
Thanks to the help of Elaine Dwen, the two safely settled in the village of Opien.

That was the moment when Deokbae Gam became known as Deokbae through ‘Heroine Netori’.


[4 years later]

“Father, did you sleep well?”
I have a daughter.

A beautiful girl with silver hair, a dignified figure and an attractive face, a girl who always acts elegantly but acts charmingly to me. She is my daughter, Cecilia Asil.
In the royal capital, they were called witches and curses, but as a result of ‘observation’, Cecilia had many natural magical powers and had no problems.

“Oh! Is it an egg sandwich for breakfast this morning? Hehe, then I’ll eat well!”
My daughter is very cute

I still haven’t reached puberty, so I’m still sleeping in the same bed, but when I see him sleeping in the morning, he looks like an angel. They say Mi-in is a sleepyhead, but the fact that she actually sleeps a lot in the morning is a cute part.
If it wasn’t for Cecilia, I couldn’t have lasted 4 years. Raising a real daughter is fun. I also remember playing Princess Maker.

“Lea! Didn’t you decide not to use magic when eating?”
My daughter is a genius

I don’t even know the ‘ㅁ’ of magic, I taught myself magic that I didn’t even teach, and now I use magic like my hands and feet.
What kind of witch is a witch? Cecilia was only loved by magic.
So, I plan to enter the academy next year. I plan to show what I promised Elaine Dwen at the academy.
If you use magic for everyone, the word witch will disappear.

“Father, are you going to the doctor today?”
I became a doctor.

In fact, to be precise, he is a healer pretending to be a doctor.
In this world, healers are high-ranking priests and people above them who use the heals given by the gods.
Doctors are people who use independently developed techniques, herbal medicines, and folk remedies.
So, it is correct to see me as a healer rather than a doctor, but if I call myself a healer for no reason, the church may come to dispute, so I am pretending to be a doctor with ease.

“Doctor! Please! My wife has been hot since yesterday…”
I became a doctor in order to enter the academy.

The main story is the academy… But you are already a graduate who knows Deokbae. Also a senior graduate. Therefore, students cannot be admitted.
In that case, it would be best to become a teacher, but since I do not have the ability to do so, I plan to become a doctor and become a nurse teacher.
To that end, he asks Elaine Dwen to secretly spread rumors. Deokbae Asil became a doctor, and she is good at it.

“You know, teacher! Ha… I think I have the flu haha… Please give me an injection!”
The job of a doctor is optimized for netori.

If you use a lot of erogenous stimulation as an excuse for medical treatment, you will become a patient who spreads her pussy at any time like now. It’s a little annoying to ask for additional treatment, but this kind of beauty is always welcome.
I ate all the girls in this village, but I think it’s possible at the academy as well.


“Ha… Father… I can smell her again…”

Cecilia, who was talking to her Deokbae on her bed before going to sleep, naturally put her to sleep with her magic her and
He climbed on top of it and rubbed his entire body her as if he were painting over it with his own scent her.

“… It’s because you really reveal women too much. Lower pressure… Under… Churup…”

Then she kissed Deokbae and sucked her tongue.
Then he felt something stab his butt her.

“Really… A lump of lust…”

Cecilia lowered her hand and undid her dick’s pants, stroking her erect cock her.
She was hot enough to burn, but Cecilia wouldn’t let go of her.
Instead, she slowly caressed his cock from top to bottom.

“Whoops… Horny cock, Apsu.”

Saying that, Cecilia changed her posture and swallowed Deokbae’s cock in her mouth her.
Her spirits her giddy as the smell of her raunchy her fills her mouth her.
Cecilia looked ecstatic at the smell and began licking his cock her.

“Chew, ha… Churureup, tseung, haha… Fufu, cute.”

As if she had n’t done it once or twice, Cecilia naturally played with her tongue on her prick her.
Cecilia smiled coquettishly at her as she watched her flinching cock every time he sucked her weak spot her.
After that, he served the cock with sincerity.

“Chew, chung, haljjak, chureup… Ha-am, tseung, chwi-eup, ha…”

Licked, sucked, sucked, and licked, Deokbae’s cock swayed from the continued stimulation, and eventually ejaculated into Cecilia’s mouth her.

“Hmm… Jjup, jjup…”

Then Cecilia saved Deokbae’s semen in her mouth her and swallowed it.


The sensation of semen flowing down her throat made Cecilia lightly go away.
She put on a satisfied expression, sucked up the remaining semen from her urethra, and put Deokbae’s pants on her.

After that, as if nothing had happened, she hugged Deokbae and hugged him.

“I love you father… “

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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