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Heroine Netori 35

Heroine Netori 35

Chapter 35 – Subway Pervert (4)

‘… What are you talking about… ? I’m your boyfriend Nayeon… ‘

Nayeon hugged the man and said he was her boyfriend.
Siu’s hair went white. I had no idea what the hell was going on.
Not exactly, he understood but didn’t want to understand.
I didn’t like to admit it.


A pathetic voice came out in agony. Tears welled up in my eyes.
At that moment, Nayeon’s eyes met.


Embarrassed, Nayeon looked at Siwoo and pretended not to see her and buried her head in the man’s chest.

Siu’s hands trembled.
He was angry with Nayeon and hated that man, but he was as disgusted with himself as he was.
Feelings that he could not understand and did not want to feel filled up and tormented Siwoo.

While Siwoo was unable to move and was in pain, a man took Nayeon and got off the subway.
The spot where Nayeon was standing was wet with some kind of liquid.

Siu followed them, biting his lip.

The man continued to harass Nayeon while walking down the street.
Even though he could see everything from behind, he openly massaged Nayeon’s butt.
Even so, Nayeon did not leave the man’s side.

The path Nayeon was walking on was lined with an obscene liquid.
Follow the line to the men’s bathroom.

When Siwoo entered the bathroom a little late, the time for the two of them had already begun.
I quickly went into the next room and spyed on them. Nayeon was lying on her stomach against the wall, begging for her cock.

Siwoo hated himself getting an erection after seeing that.


When I went into her bathroom, she hugged me. She then lifted her head and looked at me weeping.
Kiss her as she pleases, and she gets her tongue inside her mouth.

I laughed at the sight of her licking all over the place.
Wherever she’s seen it, she wiggles her tongue hard, but it’s not very good.
As I slowly grabbed her tongue and moved it, she left her tongue to me with an ecstatic expression on her face.

So she was enjoying her first kiss when she heard someone come into the bathroom.
At least it’s a boyfriend.
Before she got off the subway, she saw her making eye contact with someone. Is this Siwoo again?

I took her mouth away from her and took off her pants.
My cock, already ready, throbbed for a moment.
Seeing her, she covered her face with her hands and gulped at her.

“I’ll fuck you, so lay down.”

“… Yes…”

As she leaned against her wall, two of her private parts were visible.
In the middle of it all, he trembled all over her body as he pressed his cock into her throbbing cunt.

“But is it really okay to put it in?”

“… It’s okay… So come on…!”

“You have a boyfriend. I do not care? And you are a virgin Do you really want to have sex like this?”

“That! How…!”

“I know everything. So are you okay? Can I really take a virgin like this?”

“… Yes, take it, my virgin pussy… Please make it an affair like this…”

What are you saying really Laughter came out.
Look at the wind… Yes, you should make it whatever you want.
I stabbed my cock straight into it.
The pussy, already covered in love juice, accepted my cock without any resistance.
There was no hymen. It was such a lewd year, so I didn’t expect it. I must have tore it myself while masturbating.

“Haaa… ! Came in…”

“Wait, how much of a lie… Awesome! Ha… I reached the end…?”

“Ha ha! Hot, wait… Whoa, ha, aaaaang!”

Even though she was a virgin, her cock went all the way in at once. It didn’t squeeze as hard as I’d like, but it felt good to feel the soft vaginal texture enveloping my cock.
As she forced himself into her roots, her cock slipped into her cervix. Then she was hurt and excited at the same time.

Her moaning echoed through the bathroom as I continued to thrust her cock into her excited her.

“Aww! Ha… Oops, eukgeuk, hoo… Aang! I’m sorry!”

“Jiji! Under… Mood! Ah ha ha! Nice clothes! Ha… Whoops!”

But I heard someone whimpering in the next compartment.
Still not running away Are you saying masturbation while crying?
A boyfriend who daughters after watching her girlfriend get fucked… Siwoo is also right.

[Breaking point reached!]
[Currently grade B.]
[Are you sure you want to continue? Or do you want to settle now?]

Anyway, thanks to that, I got a B grade, but if I work harder, I think I’ll be able to get an A grade.
It’s tutorial-level difficulty, so almost anything seems possible.

So I decided to see the end rather than settle it like this. I have to shake off all the accumulated semen this time.


“You’re too young! Haha! Flaw…. That extreme, hot!”

To do so, I frantically moved her back and she gasped and accepted her prick.

“Oh, it’s cheap! Is it okay if I wrap it inside like this?”

“Yeah… Hush, uh… Hey! Haang! I’m fine! Haang!”

Should I wear a heel after the end? I think the taste has gone from the pleasure…
Let’s think cheap for now, and while piercing her cervix, he squirted semen.

“Hyaaaaa! Ah…! Come in a lot!”

She and I climaxed at the same time.
My accumulated semen shot out and filled her womb.
As I managed to pull out the squeaking cock, I heard someone running.

In the end, I’m just going to watch it until it’s cheap.


No what… Are there any cases like this?
“Heroine Netori” Was forcibly ended before she could fully satisfy her sexual desire.
I was going to finish her training and get other heroines or main heroines through her, but it ended abruptly.

[‘Heroine Netori’ ends as the main character dies.]
[Cause of death: accidental death]

I never thought the main character would die… It must have been a car accident while running away in shock.
From now on, I won’t be able to touch the main character’s mentality too much.
By the way, I still have sexual desire… Should I go to ‘Heroine Netori’ one more time?
Yes, that’s right I think it’s right to solve everything this time because I might lay my hands on Lee Hyun-ah again.

Still, I need to finish the settlement before I go.

[Settlement begins.]
[Mission cleared!]
[Result: Grade B, Acquired Points: 7400]
[Accomplishment: ‘Death of the main character’]
[Clear privilege: ‘Observation’ skill]

It’s a B grade, so the points are a little disappointing, but I got the skill this time too. Just hearing the name sounds like a fraudulent skill, so I’ll have to check it out.

[Observation Lv.1 – Obtain information about the object in front of you.]

Whoa… Let’s use it on a smartphone as a test. Tolerable information related to the smartphone, such as the model name, owner, and years of use, appeared along with a small translucent window.
When I looked in the mirror and used it on myself, basic information such as name, age, and current status appeared.
This level isn’t bad, but I think it’ll become an open fire skill when you level up.

“You’re lucky.”

Furthermore, when I looked up the skill window, I finally found that the erogenous stimulation level had reached level 10, and the liking level had reached level 5.

[Sexual Stimulation Lv.10 – You can stimulate your senses through skinship. The more skinship through the genitals, the easier it is to stimulate sexual feelings. Skinship becomes addictive.]
[Favorable Work Lv. 5 – Easier to get likes. Favorability does not fall easily.]

In fact, these two are the real cheating skills.
The good feeling is a strong passive, and the erogenous stimulation has never failed.
Without these two skills, ‘Heroine Netori’ would have been very difficult.

As they reached levels 10 and 5, respectively, they gained additional abilities, so they will be of great help in the future.

With that thought in mind, I first purchased a temporary stop ticket for ‘Royal Road Dragon’ with the points I received this time. Also, you can lose points like an idiot, so you should buy it in advance.

So the remaining points are 6480 points.
I’m worried. Again, whether to enter ‘Heroine Netori’ as a random gacha, or to enter by specifying a genre or character using points.

But you also need to spend points on stamina.
I’ve grown my cock and changed my appearance, but honestly, I’m a little behind because only my energy is the same.
… Shall we invest a little energy?

The remaining points are 180 points.
You can run the random gacha and buy a random box to enter.


[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]
[Select the genre you want.]
[You selected random.]
[Select the character you want.]
[You selected random.]
[Select an item to use for this round.]
[1 random box.]

[The genre is ‘romance fantasy’.]
[You are ‘Deokbae Asil’, a lower noble.]

[Mission: Netori the main character and main heroine, ‘Louis Aubert’.]
[Tip: The main character is possessed. The main story takes place at the Royal Academy after 5 years.]

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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