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Heroine Netori 34

Heroine Netori 34

Chapter 34 – Subway Pervert (3)

It’s like a dog, really.
Yes, it is true that I acted too ignorantly, but this is not the case.
After starving for a day, I cooked ramen well to eat it deliciously.
No manners, no manners.

“Aaaaagh! Eight! Eight!”

– Wow!


Starting with the guy who asked me to sell my panties yesterday, there’s nothing normal. Is it because of the unconventional worldview?
Molestation also has morality, so why would you touch what someone else was eating?

“Wrong! No, no!”

– Wooddeuk!”

“Oops! Ugh… Aww!”

It’s fortunate that I woke up early just in case and got on three stops in front.
Ah, thinking about it really pisses me off.


“Ugh… Hurt! Stop! Please… “

“Go away, kids.”


They grabbed the dangling arm and fled to another compartment.
You look good. Looking at the protruding bones, I wondered if I had gone too far, but it’s not even real anyway, so what can I do?

“I… Thank you…”

Now is the time to care more about this heroine than about them.


“Did you like it that much because you went with no panties all day? Are you going to go without panties now?”

“… Oh no…”

“Or what? Oh, was it just an advertisement for molesters? Wearing a short skirt and showing off all of your pussy to advertise for a quick fuck?”

“No, that’s not it either… “

No it’s really stupid What kind of panties do you ride the subway with? That’s why these guys are twisted.
This is a tutorial level difficulty. Is there a bonus stage like this sometimes?
Thanks to that, it’s comfortable, but it’s so comfortable that it’s awkward.

“No, what is it not? Are you ready to wet your pussy like this and get fucked?”

“… That… Oh, and uncle…”

No, why is this year and that year all calling me Mister? Under…
But it’s really ugly Looking at her expression, it seemed like she was already in love with me.
So, did he mean that he came without panties to get fucked by me today?

“I said I’d let you go today, who said you would fuck me?”

“… Ah…”

Even when the heroines were surrounded by three people and molested, they were the ones who stayed quiet, so they were the ones who would stay still no matter what they did here.
So, I have to go until I don’t notice that this has happened.

“It’s okay, so hold on to your skirt.”

She grabbed her skirt with both hands and lifted it up, exposing her cunt in front of everyone.
Her cute cunt was already wet, and when she felt the gaze around her, her juice dripped onto the floor.

“Ha ha… Under… Hurry… “

He’s no longer insane.
Whether they can be seen by others or not, they push me up to my waist and beg me to touch them.
When he was molested by homeless people, he seemed to be in shock and unable to think normally.
But what is that and this is this.

“Tell me. Say what you want in front of everyone.”

“Look! Ha… Please touch me soon… Poke me…!”

Look at this Look at me shouting to see right away without a second’s hesitation.
A gasp was heard from behind.
I feel the same way.

“Ha! Haha!”

A moan erupted from her as she pushed her finger into her cunt as she wished.
Then this time he grabbed my arm from the front and started masturbating with my fingers just like yesterday.
Being a self-defense device was not a good idea, but seeing the girl with an expression she shouldn’t have on the subway, I wanted to see it until the end.
Her tears, saliva, sweat, and juices all spilled out of her.
Thanks to that, she was filthy and wet, but even that look was very ugly.

“What is it? You have no panties and no bra?”

Pink nipples protruded from her sweaty blouse.
I pinched her nipples with my other hand and her moans broke out once more.

“Haaaaang! Hot, there…!”

Under… I was going to watch it for a few more days, but I have to go to the end today.

When we made that decision, the police and station attendants came to visit us.

“I received a report that there is a pervert, but… This is a criminal offense.”

“…… “

Oh, this time it was ignorance. I was too outspoken.
I should have thought of a case like this, but apparently someone reported it to the police.
Should I retry… When you think
Heroin said.

“He’s my boyfriend! That is… Sorry… My molester play… I asked you to…”

“What is that… Molester play? Huh true… So you’re saying you two are in a relationship?”

“Yes that’s right…”

Wow, does this come out like this?
As the police approached, she lowered her skirt and threw herself into my arms.
Then, taking me in her arms, she lied to the police.
… It’s a bit peculiar

“Haha… Anyway, don’t do this in public. You know what?”

“Sorry. We like each other so much. I will be careful.”

“That’s true… Yes, I understand.”

Didn’t it pass so easily? Is it because it’s an unconventional worldview?
Look at the policeman’s outfit! And there is no crime of obscenity here?
Well, good is good, but…

The crisis that didn’t seem like a crisis passed, but she didn’t leave my arms.
He heard her thumping heartbeat as she held her in her arms.

Okay, I’ll fuck you all day today.

When her subway stopped, I took her out as she was.
There was a sound of regret around her, but she ignored it.

Then I heard someone descending behind me.
If this goes well, I’ll get a B grade right away today.


Over the past two days, Nayeon has changed.
I was late in a row, stayed blank during class, and kept disappearing even during breaks.
There, he began to make a somewhat bewitching expression.

Seeing that, it was only natural that her boyfriend, Siu, felt insecure.
At first, Siwoo was worried, but little by little, Nayeon’s behavior of keeping a distance from him gave rise to doubts.

So Siwoo planned to meet her from this morning.
They say they leave at the same time every time, so I thought something would happen in the morning.
And the thought was true.

‘Crazy bastards!’

Nayeon was being molested.

‘Could it be that I was molested all the time?’

One homeless man was touching Nayeon and the other two were grabbing her and trying to undress her.
Nayeon’s ass was resisting, and whenever she moved her body around, she could see Nayeon’s cunt.

‘Those bastards!’

She thought she would see it someday, but she never thought she’d see it this way.
Her pink pussy was so pretty, but she never imagined anyone else would see it.
Siwoo, shocked, tried to run to the homeless right away, but he couldn’t take his steps off easily.
He didn’t have the confidence to overcome the three on his own.
She thought about what she would do if she was knocked down and Nayeon was raped.
So Siwoo first decided to call the police and run.

Then a man appeared and punished the homeless instead of Siu.

– Wooddeuk!
– Wood Deuk!

Unlike what he looked like, the man had super strength, and without hesitation, he grabbed the arms of the homeless people and broke them, then trampled on the fallen homeless people.
Siwoo got goosebumps when he saw his arms bent in bizarre ways to the extent that his bones protruded.

Siwoo, who internally thanked her mysterious man, approached her Nayeon and tried to calm her down.
But this time, Siwoo couldn’t take his step.
It was because he felt a strange atmosphere between the man and Nayeon.

‘Muh, what? Why… Nayeon?’

The man said something, and Nayeon pulled up her skirt.
Of course, Nayeon’s pussy was exposed as it was.

‘Is that crazy bastard a molester too?’

As if it were natural, the man reached out and touched Nayeon’s pussy.
No, she didn’t just touch her, but thrust her fingers into Nayeon’s cunt.
Then Nayeon couldn’t stand it and let out her moans.

‘Oh, no…’ Nayeon…!’

Siu was dumbfounded by the current situation.
Apparently, Nayeon is her own girlfriend… She touched Nayeon’s body, which she had never touched before, as if others were hers.
Besides, Nayeon showed her pussy to everyone on the subway, and that man was doing the same thing he imagined when he masturbated to Nayeon.

‘What the hell…How… ‘

The sound of Nayeon’s moans coming out slowly made Siwoo go crazy. I wanted to rush in right away and save Nayeon.
However… Siwoo couldn’t bear to move as he remembered the strength he had earlier.
I couldn’t help but watch Nayeon suffer.

The man, apparently not satisfied with his cunt, reached out and touched Nayeon’s nipples.

‘I hope it stays like this… Are you going to go all the way?’

But fortunately, the police that Siwoo called earlier arrived before it got any worse.
No matter how good you fight, you won’t touch the cops.
Thinking so, Siu regained his energy and approached Nayeon again.

However, something came out from Nayeon that I shouldn’t have heard.

“He’s my boyfriend! That is… Sorry… My molester play… I asked you to…”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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