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Heroine Netori 33

Heroine Netori 33

Chapter 33 – Subway Pervert (2)

Kim Na-yeon liked to read books.
Unlike the timid and passive woman, the main characters in the book are active and always do things that she would not be able to do, so she felt vicarious satisfaction while reading the book.
That’s why she read books whenever she had time, regardless of genre.
That is why it was inevitable for her to dabble in sensual novels.

The shocking intercourse between a man and a woman at a young age, obscene words that have always been censored, obscene lines that are embarrassing to copy…
She couldn’t take her eyes off her, even though she knew with her head that she shouldn’t read any more.

“Nayeon, are you reading today? After all, Nayeon is a model student.”
Then her mother saw her reading a book and said:

While reading a erotic novel, the contradiction of being praised, the fear of being caught, and the content of the book all mixed together and excited her.
From that day on, she read sensual novels in front of her parents in the living room every day. She was already too addicted to the act to stop.

But it didn’t end there.
As she continued to read such books, she came to yearn for the actions in them.
I want to be touched like that woman, I want to be fast like that woman, I want to be fucked like this woman…
Gradually, she began to fantasize about having sex.

And once the delusion started, the level gradually increased.
Mere sex couldn’t excite her anymore. She sought more stimulating novels and had more stimulating delusions.

Being touched by a stranger, being stripped in public, being dragged around like a dog, being raped in front of everyone…
It felt creepy every time it happened, but she liked it.
She became a naughty child.

The reason she dated a boyfriend was to solve this strange sexual desire of her own.
It was really scary to be molested or raped. However, she accepted her boyfriend’s confession because she thought she could do it if it was such a ‘play’.

However, her boyfriend was too naive, contrary to her thoughts, and no matter how much she appealed to her, he didn’t attack her.
She felt sorry for her, but she was satisfied with the fact that she felt better than usual when she did the delusional masturbation of being molested in front of her boyfriend.

But one day, a man who really molested her appeared like her delusion.


In conclusion, her delusion was a big mistake.
Being molested made me feel better than I thought, and it felt like it would go away if I touched him even a little.

When the man reached into her panties and touched her cunt, she was dizzy, and nearly lost consciousness when his fingers moved in.
She felt like she was about to lose herself in the rush of pleasure.
I tried to resist, but he pretended not to hear and continued to stimulate my pussy.
And finally when she’s about to climax
The man removed his hand.

With unquenchable thirst, she turned her head away. Surprisingly, Chihan was a more attractive man than I thought. More than your boyfriend…
She begged him to continue, but when he said he would come again tomorrow, she could only nod.

She sighed and went into the bathroom.
There, she gave him a delusional masturbation of being raped on the spot.

She was late for school


He showed up the next day too.
Her still handsome face made her heart flutter. I thought about why he was doing this with that face, but I couldn’t figure it out.
She just turned her body around to make it easier to be molested.

Naturally, her cunt was wet, and as if he knew it, his fingers slid into her cunt.
Whether it was only scratching a pleasant place or whether it felt good wherever he touched it, she let out a moan with a completely different pleasure from masturbation.

But it fell short. Just a little bit harder… A little deeper… Thinking that it would be nice if he drove herself crazy like this, she unconsciously grabbed his arm and shook her waist.

But this time, too, I couldn’t climax. Just before he left, he removed his hand again.
He violently took off her panties, as if angry for some reason.
In a crowded subway, her ass and pussy were exposed.

When she panicked and tried to lift her panties from her lap, he forced her to take them off on his own.
She had no choice but to obey when he said that if she went without panties for one day, he would make her go the next.

She slowly crouched down and carefully removed her panties.
Everyone in her subway seems to be looking at her, giving her goosebumps excitement.
When the trembling made her panic, he raised her foot and touched her cunt.

Unable to overcome her thrill, her skirt folded as she fell to the floor.
As she tried to get up quickly, she fell again and buried her face in her man’s crotch.

She felt his cock against her face. Her cock smelled raunchy. She was drooling naturally.
The erect cock was bigger than her face and very hard. It was of a different size and sense than her own delusion.
And somehow she felt good. She unconsciously stuck out her tongue and licked his crotch.

She woke up startled by her strange taste and handed him the panties she was wearing.
She couldn’t lift her head at the feel of her wet panties, as if she had fallen into water.

On this day, she went to the bathroom
She was late for school


She thought she was going crazy while in her no panties.
Everyone seemed to notice and everyone seemed to be watching their cunts.
She became a spectacle, and as she delusionaled herself, she kept getting her chair wet.

Every break she ran to the bathroom.
She came to the school and masturbated while fantasizing about the man raping her, and then she was able to calm her excitement little by little.

Her boyfriend was worried that she was strange to her, but she couldn’t say anything.
If she had been a few days ago, she might have seduced her by sneaking up on her skirt.
But now I didn’t feel that way at all. He was the only one in her head.


The next day, she waited for the man in the same spot.
She was daring to wear no panties.
She was already so excited that her juices were running down her thighs.

She was turning her body ahead of time this time.
It was because she was ashamed to show herself to put on her expression of excitement when she saw his face.
As she waited, the man finally came.
The man touched his butt with an unusually awkward hand movement.

It wasn’t the smooth fingers he knew, but rather rough, rough fingers.
Instead of feeling good, it was unpleasant.
I could feel the pain in my hand, as if I was squeezing juice out of my butt.

“Ah… Sick… “

Although she claimed pain in a low voice, the man rather liked it.
He opened his mouth, giving more strength to the hand that was kneading it.

“Heh heh… I heard there is a pervert in this time zone, so it’s four years? This horny bitch screaming good!”

The inside of her head she went white.
The man touching her now was not the same man then.
When I turned my head just in case, it was a completely different man.
From what he looked like, he looked like a homeless person.

It was disgusting.
It was terrible.
I felt like vomiting at the unpleasant touch of her.

As I tried to resist, another man appeared next to me.
He also appeared to be homeless.
He let out a musty smell and grabbed his arm her with his dirty hands.
On the other side, the homeless appeared.
He tried to undress himself, unable to resist.

“Poem, I hate it!”

She cried and begged for help, but everyone just watched.

After all, her delusion was a big delusion.
The reality was worse than the delusion. Being molested made me feel worse than I thought, and I wanted to commit suicide at the slightest touch.

“… Save me… Save me…”

Ironically, now that she was being molested, what she remembered was the man who molested her.

‘Please… ‘

I think I could give him everything… I would rather die than be killed by other men.

“Aren’t these fucking bastards going out?”

Then the man appeared.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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