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Heroine Netori 50

Heroine Netori 50

Chapter 50 – Romance Fantasy (15)

[-REC: Recording-]

[Name is Louisa Aubert, age is OO.]
[He is the main character and main heroine of this ‘Heroine Netori’.]
[As you can see, she is currently in the process of being a teaching assistant and is still only touching her breasts.]

The woman in the picture is wearing her black eyepatch while taking off her top, exposing her breasts.
She noticed that she couldn’t hear the man and didn’t seem to know he was filming.
She only knew that she was being trained, her face flushed and both her nipples erect.

[Louis or Aubert’s body has become extremely sensitive through the training, and it quickly becomes aroused with the slightest touch.]
[When you start caressing, she tries to hold back the sound by force at first. However, if she continues to be stimulated, she eventually lets out her moaning sound, which is very hot.]

The camera angle went down and the woman’s panties were captured on the screen.
Judging from the dark surroundings, it seemed that the man was filming with his skirt lifted.

[And Louisa Aubert is the watery type, and she always wets her panties before you even touch her like now.]
[Then, when she has an orgasm, she spits out the tide.

This time the camera angle was raised again and she took a picture of the woman’s breasts.
Her breasts, which look soft even on her screen, were so clean, and her pink areolas and nipples that insisted on innocence looked cute.
Her breasts were quite large compared to her narrow waist, but they did not lose their beautiful shape.

[After successive training sessions, she now sets her nipples up even before training starts.]
[It didn’t seem like her nipples were sexually sensitive, but her original body became sensitive, so when gently stimulated, she naturally spits out sweet sounds.]
[There has been no resistance since her first teaching assistant, whether there is any pressure to touch her breasts.]
[But today, I plan to target the pussy instead of the breasts.]

With those words, the camera angle went down again.
On the screen, the man turned his skirt inside out, exposing the woman’s panties.
The woman’s pink cunt was reflected under her wet panties.

[In the three training sessions, Louisa Aubert kept making comments asking her to touch her bottom as well.]
[Although it was her unconscious remark, I could see that she had no resistance to being touched.]
[So this time I dare to touch her cunt.]

As the screen zoomed in, the woman’s cunt was caught on the screen.
The straight pussy clinging under the convex clit showed the woman’s lewdness and innocence at the same time.

[According to information, Louisa Aubert had three sweethearts.]
[However, two of them dropped out for some reason, and now childhood friend Lucius Hesse pretends to be Louisa Aubert’s lover.]
[However, it is said that the two of them are in the flirting stage, and the naive two did not make any progress.]
[In other words, it is the first time I touch a pussy that has not been seen or touched by anyone.]
[Fuck… Times like this really suck.]

[Hmm, then I’ll touch it.]

The man cleared his throat and then put his hand inside the woman’s panties.
At that moment, a short groan erupted from the woman.
The man stopped moving at the sound. However, the woman did not show much resistance.
Just gasping for her ragged breath.

[As expected, Louis and Aubert did not resist. Looking at her appearance, she seems rather enjoying it.]
[I’m sure she’s a virgin… It seems that there were many desires that were suppressed in the heart. So she might rather welcome being forced.]

The man waited until the woman calmed down, touching her clit, then thrusting his fingers into her cunt.

[Oh damn… Hmm, as expected of a virgin, Louisa Aubert’s pussy is very narrow. However, thanks to the love juice that has already flowed out, she gets inside relatively easily.]
[Oh… The winding vaginal walls tighten my fingers. Is this a weakness?]

[Haaaaang! Ah… ]

The woman spat out an obscene sound that was incomparable to the previous one.
It was a sticky, squishy sound.

[I think I could put my index finger in this. In case you don’t know, I’ll use a heel and try to put it inside.]

The man did as he said and inserted one more of his fingers into the woman’s cunt.
As if in response, the woman screamed again.

[Ah! No… Hey, haang!]

[Excellent. This is already a female pussy. It’s to the point where I can put my cock on it right now. After one or two training sessions, I will have to revise my plan to eat her virgin.]

[Ah, ah… ]

After checking her pussy, the man pulled out her finger, and the woman felt sorry for her.
As the man said, it was like a woman who was already ready to accept her dick.

[Then let’s move on to the next step. Today, I plan to give strong shame to Louisa Aubert.]
[In that way, I plan to make you think of this assistant anytime, anywhere.]

The man said so and pulled out his scissors.
Once from the right and once from the left, the man pulled out his panties after she finished the scissors, and the panties were cut off, exposing the woman’s pussy.

[This is Louisa Aubert’s pussy. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel very cheesy. Even though it is a pussy spouting love juice, the pure feeling is stronger.]
[Now, if you open your pussy like this… It’s pretty. I don’t think I’ve even masturbated a few times.]

[Ha, don’t… I’m embarrassed, I’m ashamed… Ha… ]

The woman felt ashamed now and put her hands down to cover her cunt.
However, the resistance was too weak.
Her hand was blocked by the hand of a man who didn’t even give her strength.

[Then… I’ll start.]

The man adjusted the camera angle and the woman’s upper body was caught on the screen.
The woman held her mouth open with her head up, her saliva streaming around her mouth.

[The first is clear.]

[Ha! Wow! Wait a minute! Whoa!]

The woman was startled and her whole body twitched and she didn’t know what to do.
Looking at the back of the man’s head caught under the screen, it seemed that the man was licking the woman’s clit.

[Summer solstice… Maat! Cheek! Under… Ahhh!]

The woman’s mouth opened wider and her groans grew louder as she sputtered.
As she moved her body around, her chest jumped in time, and her tears ran down her black eyepatch.
But it didn’t seem like her tears of sadness.

[Ha… Hot ha! No dear!]

A woman raised her hand over the man’s head to pull him away, but
Instead of resisting somehow, she rather pulled the man’s hair.

[You can’t do this… I can’t… Port! Haaaaa!]

Then, as soon as she reached her climax, she wrapped her arms around the man’s head and bowed her back.

[Oh shit, tweet, tweet! Ha… Oh, it’s all wet, fuck.]
[Hey, go straight to the pussy while it’s wet.]

Startled, the man shook off the woman’s hand, raised her head, spat on her, and lowered her head again.

[What?! Poetry, sir! Haaa!]

As the man said, this time it was as if he was licking his pussy.

[Please… I’m sorry there… Oh no, stop! Ah… Haang!]

The woman’s reaction intensified.
The chair creaked as if she had twisted her whole body, and she drooled over the man’s head as if she had already lost her mind.

[It’s getting weird… Aang! Get weird… Oops, ha… Ha… ]

This time he didn’t even try to resist. Rather, he raised his hand and rubbed his chest.
The woman screamed obscenely as she pinched her nipples that had stood up before the start.

[Joa, why… It’s just a joke! It’s going to get messed up there!]

[It’s too early… It’s getting weird!]

The woman’s waist was bent like a bow.
As if she had gone properly, she raised her head above the back of the chair and exhaled a rough breath.
Her large breasts rose and fell in sync with her breathing.

[Two, Thoo! Cough Cough! Oh really! Under… Fuck… I’ll watch it because it’s ugly.]

The man got up and adjusted the camera again.
When the angle hit the woman’s lower abdomen, I could see the wet chair and the floor soaked in the woman’s love juice.
Then, when the initial setting was adjusted again, I saw the figure of a woman leaning against the chair and panting.

[After… Ah, I have to finish.]
[This time, the teaching assistant ended successfully. From now on, Louisa Aubert will be forced to think of me every time she goes to the bathroom.]

[Good. That’s all for today. Then… Instead, hide it secretly and record at least the sound of the situation where the teaching assistant is over?]
[Yeah, I wonder what the reaction will be, but I need to record this too.]


The screen flipped over and was plastered in black.
As the man said, it seemed to have been hidden somewhere.

[Miss Ruina, are you okay?]

[Teacher… How… ]

[Sorry. In fact, the curse spread all the way down to the lower abdomen… I couldn’t help it for treatment. But I’m afraid that Miss Ruina will refuse treatment if I tell her in advance… ]

[… ] … Lie… Even though… !]

[Miss Louisa, I’ve never lied about treatment. There’s that curse. The curse that took my wife.]

[… ] But… ]

[And didn’t Miss Ruina believe in me too? You didn’t resist and stayed still until the treatment was over.]

[Yes, that’s…]

[… ] … ]

[… ] … ]

[… ] ]

[… ] ]


[After… I managed to get around it somehow. I was worried about what would happen if I reported it as sexual harassment, but I was worried for nothing.]

[You enjoyed it too! It makes it quieter.]


[Father! Can I come in?]

– Dripping!

[Leah! Welcome!]

[Whoops, father!]

[Lia, our cutie! What’s happen?]

[There is… Actually… ]

[Yes? Eww……… ]


[Sorry father… But when I see my father with Auveryang, I can’t stay still with jealousy… ]

[Wait a little bit… I’ll know and prepare everything… So until then… Stay still.]

[Oh? Whoops… Yes, if you stay still like now]

[Haam… Chug, Churup, haa… Little bit.]

[I will do everything.]

[Chew, ha… Tzung.]

[So you only trust me… You know?]


Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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