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Heroine Netori 51

Heroine Netori 51

Chapter 51 – Romance Fantasy (16)

I opened Pandora’s box.
I’d rather not know… It feels like you know the secrets of the world.
I feel like being Truman from The Truman Show…
Really, I want to shout ‘Good morning, good evening, good night!’.

“Churup, chuup… Haljjak, chung, ha…”

Under… Reverse helmsman, reverse helmsman… !!
I really never imagined that Cecilia would love me that much.
Cecilia, to me, she was just a good daughter.
I also thought that for Cecilia, she would just be a good dad.
But it wasn’t.

Cecilia is me… I was looking for a love target!

“Haam… Haljjak, chung, chuup, ha…”

There… It was a realization that went beyond mere thinking and actually practicing it.
Somehow, whenever Cecilia visits, she strangely falls asleep… It turned out that he put me to sleep with magic.
And after sleeping my cock…

“Ha… Chueup, chung, ah… Marcy… Little bit…”

It sucked like this!
I think I’m going crazy!
I think I’m really going crazy!

“Oooooh… Teacher! That’s why you’re sucking me in. You’re not receiving therapy, you’re giving therapy!”


“Really! Knowing that I live only for the day I receive therapy! I want you to wash the teacher quickly!”

“Okay okay… I’ll do it, so stop moving. Suffocate.”

“Hahm… ! Haljjak, churrup!”

Now is not the time to suck Aria Meltz’s pussy…
Even in this situation, serverry hates my cock.

… But if you accept Cecilia’s heart, will it be like this every day?

“Oh! Hehe… Got bigger… Are you in a good mood? I practiced a lot!”

I’ll go back, really. Why are you freaking out
Cecilia is my daughter, daughter!

Of course… Even though there was no blood…

He’s totally my taste, he has a nice personality, he only looks at me, and he’s truly the best wife…
You are still a daughter! She thinks it’s her daughter and says she raised it for almost 5 years!

By the way!

“Oops! Ha, Cough Cough! Wow… It was a lot cheaper than usual…Hehe! Did you like it that much?”

What is this feeling!


“Really… Today’s therapy was the worst! You will definitely get replenished!”

“Sorry, I’m in such a bad mood today.”

“Yes? You can’t do that! You must be healthy!”

“Okay, you should be healthy. I’ll take a break for that, so go away. I’ll definitely make up for it over the weekend. Got it?”

“Yes! If you just supplement… Hehe! Then I’ll be on my way!”


“After… I’m going crazy, really.”

After forcibly ending the therapy, I sent Aria Meltz back.
Now is not the time to care about sexual desire.
It’s time to think of my daughter, Cecilia.

Cecilia loves me.
Cecilia sees me as her love interest, not her father.
Cecilia sees me as a marriage target, not a love target… ?

[Sorry father… But when I see my father with Auveryang, I can’t stay still with jealousy… ]

“…… “

Cecilia once brought up the story of Louisa Aubert to me.
Was it the day the debut concert was over? She hugged me with a slightly disappointed look on her face and asked if she was thinking of remarrying, and how she was with a wife like Louisa Aubert.
At the time, she thought it was simply a question of her own attractiveness…
Now that I think about it, I don’t think that’s the case.

How do I really do this…

First, accept Cecilia’s feelings about her.

If this is the case, should we go on an escape from love?
No, there is also a way for both of them to live in the same house without getting married for the rest of their lives.
Strange rumors will circulate, but there won’t be any major obstacles to living.

By the way… If that happens, what will happen to Netori?
It would be nice if he could connect with Cecilia and leave Louis and Aubert alone, but that shouldn’t be the case.
Louisa Aubert is her main character and should always be by her side.
If you accidentally marry a prince and get caught up in a power struggle and die, ‘Heroine Netori’ will come to an end.
I have to make it fall for me somehow and make it stick to me.

The problem is… Will Cecilia watch that?
Even so, Cecilia is already jealous of Louisa Aubert, but will she really stay still?
Seeing her doing it… You seem to have a bit of a yandere personality.
Aren’t you going to suddenly rush off in the blink of an eye?

No, no… How nice Cecilia is, but that’s not going to happen.

After… No answer comes Stop thinking and imagine the following situation.

Second, reject Cecilia’s heart.

This… Dangerous.
She just thought about it, and cold sweat runs down her back.
But she puts me to bed and she does and she is Cecilia who used to do that.
Isn’t she going to be imprisoned after she refuses?

Even if that’s not the case, after she refuses, if she is caught tutoring Louis or Aubert…
Is it more serious than before? It looks like it could be really creepy.

No! No! What are you thinking?
There’s no way Cecilia, who is so nice, cute and pure, would do such a thing.

“Aagh! What is this really about!”

After… Come to think of it, my initial assumption was wrong.
How do I feel before accepting or rejecting?
That’s the most important thing

Cecilia, whom she raised as her daughter…
I… !

Amolang! I think I’m going crazy!

“Siwoo! Sorry! Now I know your heart!”
“Next time, I won’t eat in front of you or send you a video… Oh heck…”

… Wait, but is it because of Cecilia that she sleeps as if she passed out these days, and that her morning erection disappeared?

That’s not… ? Is it not?


“Teacher, you seemed to be in a very bad condition… It only happened three times… The dark circles under her eyes were no joke either!”

“Then… Was that enough? He must have been fine when I visited…”

“Maybe something happened during treatment? Why was it that Miss Ruina was being treated yesterday? Miss Ruina must have done something!”

Hmm… Maybe something like that.
When she encountered her outside the infirmary, Miss Aubert flinched and ran away without saying hello. As if she was guilty.
Did she do anything wrong to her father?

“I’d like to see you sometime.”

“What about Miss Louina? But! You keep avoiding it! How many times have you been rejected… It’s really embarrassing!”

“Hehe, we have cute pets.”

“Aha! I’m thinking of asking Lane! After all, it’s Miss Cecilia!”

“Okay, Lane? Invite Auveryang to the tea ceremony. I mean, we have something to say, just the two of us. Well… I’m sure he won’t refuse if you mix the story with the prince.”


I should have had time with Miss Aubert, but it worked out.
I’ll have to hang up a hint with this meeting.
To keep Auveryang from losing her virginity until she’s ready.

“Haha! Lane! That’s how humans respond! It should be called ‘Mongmong’!”

“… Woof woof.”

“Ahaha! Well done Lane! I’ll stroke you as a reward.”

“… Woof woof.”

“Yes? No. Now, you have to put your pussy on it. Isn’t Lane a lustful bitch?”

“… Keeing… Whimper…”

“Not nice, not nice~”

“… Ha… Whimper… I’m sorry…”

Anyway, the two of them get along really well.
Is this what it means to play with each other?
Whoa, that’s really cute.

“Miss Meltz, it’s the award that brought your father’s information. Lane? Please lick Miss Meltz’s pussy.”

“Yes? Now hold on! It’s not a prize… Wow! Rain no!”

“Haljjak, Haseot… Little bit.”



“A tea party invitation?”

“Yes! It’s an invitation from the famous Miss Lane!”
“As expected, it’s Miss Louisa! This is the first time Mr. Lane has invited a student!”

“Hmm, it’s an honor, but well… I’m curious because I don’t have any contact with Mr. Lane. It’s not like I’m taking a knight class.”

“That… Actually! You have something to say about the prince!”
“I think there is some information that only Miss Lane knows!”

“… Okay?”

“Knight Jin is Miss Rain’s favorite pupil!”
“You might know something about that recent rumor!”

“So are you two… Rumors of something like that? Umm… I know. Please tell me you think positively.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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