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Heroine Netori 52

Heroine Netori 52

Chapter 52 – Romance Fantasy (17)

Warm weekend afternoon
In a space that could only be used by so-called rich people, the three young ladies with a look that suited them gathered together to hold a tea ceremony.

“Huh, hello. Louisa Auberyang? Is this the first time we’ve met in a place like this? I’ll greet you again. My name is Cecilia Asil. Please take good care of me.”

“Hello? Aren’t we also first-timers? This is Arya Meltz. Please take good care of me!”

“… Not… Hello everyone little… It’s embarrassing. Hmm, it’s Louisa Aubert. I wish you well too.”

Louisa Aubert was taken aback by the unexpected appearance of the two, but
Cecilia Asil and Arya Meltz greeted Louisa Aubert with smiles as if they were natural.

“Mr. Lane had something happen, so we said we would come instead.”

“I really wanted to have a place like this with Miss Ruina! I was so sad that I kept getting rejected all these years!”

“Oh, sorry. Because I’ve been very busy. I kept refusing it unintentionally.”

“It’s okay though! Because we met like this!”

Because she was Ruina who had been forcibly avoiding the seat with the two of them, she was uncomfortable in the seat now.
Aria Meltz, who was the main character of her original story and who took away her current love, no, thought she was taken away.
She is a witch who committed a terrible massacre, but somehow Cecilia Asil is quiet in the world now.
All of them were difficult people for her to deal with.

“By the way, why did you come here? I’ve heard their names, but I’m not familiar enough to hold a meeting like this… I’m curious.”

“I just want to get to know you! Miss Ruina is the most famous person in her academy!”

‘You must know the subject. Ruina wanted to ask, “Who the hell did you learn manners from when a low-ranking aristocrat insists on meeting you?”


Cecilia Asil, who was smiling meaningfully beside her, was so concerned that she couldn’t bring herself to speak.
In her original story, she was a witch who killed with that laugh, so Ruina couldn’t help but cringe.

“Oh, but if you had contacted me in advance, I wouldn’t have been so embarrassed… I’m a little sorry.”

Therefore, it was Louisa’s best to say things like this.

‘Hmm? Why is Miss Auber doing this…?’

However, it was Louisa who earned Cecilia’s suspicion.
The Louis I Cecilia knew was a cold and sharp person, and she absolutely hated the rude behavior she was doing now.
So, of course, it was normal for her to say something unpleasant.

‘But you said you smiled and moved on. While conscious of me… Indeed Miss Aubert, she might have noticed something… ‘

‘… Then, shall we try it?’

“I was going to do that, but I was worried that there would be other rumors. Her father’s… I want to ask you something about her treatment.”

“… A cure?”

“It’s not really a secret, is it? Everyone who visits her infirmary knows that Louis Nayang is being treated by her father.”

When the story of her Deokbae Asil’s treatment came out, Louis I was visibly taken aback.
She remembered the moment when he was touched, but at the same time, she was worried about how much Cecilia knew and how she spoke her words like that.
If she is aware of her ugliness, what does her current question mean and what answer does she want… I was afraid to know.

“Y-why is that? Weird… OK, isn’t that strange? It’s a simple act of receiving treatment because you have a sore spot.”

“Oh? I’m rather worried that you’re so upset. I just wanted to ask if there were any problems with her treatment as her father’s daughter… Is something going on?”


But that was Louisa’s mistake.
Her unnatural attitude brought suspicion to both of them.
‘I should have asked more confidently… ‘ Ruina regretted it, but it was already too late for her to take it back.

“Hehe, I actually know everything.”

“… Yes? Can it be… Promise you won’t tell anyone…”

“There is a way to know everything.”

“Miss Cecilia knows nothing!”

Louisa’s face hardened at Cecilia’s answer and Arya’s confident support.
Her hand holding the cup trembled and the tea inside her bounced around.
She was breathing but not breathing.
Her breathing quickened and her vision blurred.
The shame that sawped into her bones made her faint.

Seeing Louisa like that, Cecilia opened her mouth.

“Louis Auberyang. Stop being treated by your father. I’ll say it again. Stop being treated by your father.”

“Right! Quit! It’s right to quit from now on, even for Miss Ruina’s sake. The time I receive therapy is reduced… Oh, whatever!”

“… I beg your pardon?”

Louisa had a terrible imagination.
She refers to the image of a witch who uses her weakness this time as a toy and wields it around, and the true protagonist who takes everything around her.

However, contrary to her thoughts, the two rather comforted themselves and advised them to stop the act.
It was so different from the two people in my memory and in the original work.

‘How… Why?’

Thank you. I was relieved. But at the same time, I felt rejected.

‘I… Why?’

Stopping treatment was suicidal. He had to be treated in order to live. In other words, the words of the two were like telling yourself to die.

‘Look at me and die…?’

Goosebumps ran through Louisa’s body.
In reflex, the words of refusal spilled out of her mouth.

“Sir, no! I don’t know what you’re worried about. The teacher treated me and I received treatment. Thanks to that, my body became healthy and that’s it. I don’t understand what right you two have to tell me this and that.”

It was a whole-body resistance. In a way, it was rude to refuse a favor.
But she didn’t have time to worry about that.
From the moment the two appeared before her eyes, she was unable to think normally.

“I hate it… Did you?”

“Yes! Thank you both for worrying about me! Please don’t cross the line. If that’s all I have to say, I’ll just get up.”

All Louisa could do was force herself and avoid this place immediately.

Arya laughed at the act of not knowing what to do, who always showed only her elegant appearance. Contrary to her rumors, Louis I was as easygoing as she was.

But Cecilia couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Implication… You didn’t eat it?’

The magic of suggestion, which she prides herself on, did not work on her Ruina.
He planned to use this tea ceremony as an opportunity to hint to Ruina and protect her virginity, but it failed.

‘Whoops, whoops… Ahaha!’

‘I’m sure it won’t be hinted at…! I didn’t even think about it. Also… It’s Louisa Auveryang! You really are my father’s spouse!’

For Cecilia, this was the first time anyone other than her own father had not been suggested.
She felt it was not easy, but at the same time she felt her destiny.
Rather, Louis and Aubert seemed more precious because they were not easily possessed.

“Now, wait a minute! Am I going to tell Lucius Hesse everything?”

“… I beg your pardon?”

“If you’re that confident, there’s no problem!”

“Ugh… “

If there was no suggestion, the plan had to be advanced.
Time was running out because you didn’t know when Deokbae Asil would take Ruina’s maiden.

‘I must be a little forced. Still, I’m glad I have Rain. She’ll buy you plenty of time.’

“Miss Meltz! Stop bullying Miss Aubert.”



Ruina’s legs trembled under the pressure of Arya, who drove her into a corner.
Seeing Aria immediately change her stance at Cecilia’s word, her eyes were dumbfounded.
Arya was indeed Cecilia’s minion.

“Hehe, Miss Aubert was rude. Right. We don’t have the right to say what’s wrong with Miss Auber.
However, please cherish your body. Then… I’ll just go away.”

“See you again Miss Louisa!”

“…… “

Ruina felt like she was caught in a storm.
It was painful, dizzy, and upset.

The two left, leaving Ruina alone.

‘The day when the next full moon rises will be good. It would be dangerous to delay it after that.’

Cecilia pondered over the events of the day and adjusted her plans.
The total solar eclipse that I had previously thought was too far to wait.
She agonized over various variables to advance the plan.

‘Enough… It’s possible. Keeping the prince and the escort knight away from Auberyang was the correct answer. Hesse-nim alone will never be able to stop it.’

‘Ah… I’m already excited. It’s really soon.’

‘The moment when I will have the body of Miss Auber…!’

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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