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Heroine Netori 53

Heroine Netori 53

Chapter 53 – Romance Fantasy (18)

I can’t remember when I fell asleep today.
I was definitely reading the Kingdom Newspaper, but when I opened my eyes, I was in bed.
Just last week, I would have thought I was too tired these days, but now that is impossible.
It’s because there’s a reason to guess.
That’s why I never thought of it.

‘Please… Probably not… ‘ I muttered, and with trembling hands, I turned on the cell phone that I had secretly installed…

[Whoops, father… ]

Cecilia was taken.
I felt sick to my stomach.

I got up, grabbed my trembling legs, and walked to the door.



It was locked tight just like before.
I walked to the window and checked, and the windows were the same.
These locks were security devices that combined the best technology and magic power in the kingdom.
That’s why my room was a closed room that no one could enter unless I opened it myself.
No, it had to be such a secret room.

However, Cecilia naturally opened the door and entered the room as if such devices were funny.
It was completely incomprehensible to my common sense.

“What the hell… “

What’s even more surprising is that I was already asleep before she came in.
For Cecilia, the magic security that the kingdom was proud of was inferior to that of a child’s toy.


Even in this situation, Cecilia’s excellent magic skills were proud, and laughter came out.
However, the laughter stopped at Cecilia’s action on the screen.
My daughter laid me on her bed in her sleep and casually took off my pants and panties.
It was not something I had ever done once or twice.

“Woo-wook, uh-uh… “

My stomach acid rose and I felt sick to my stomach.
I was heartbroken over the departure of my daughter, whom I believed in.
At the same time, she felt disgusted with herself for having had an erection with excitement.


She looked no further and threw the phone away.
The blow was too great to keep watching. Looking at it seemed like it would only increase the sense of wonder.

[I love you… More than anyone… I love my father.]

But the video didn’t stop.
She started serving my cock like in her infirmary.
The dirty sounds of cock sucking came from the phone.
Funny enough, it was lovely to think that even that sound was Cecilia’s.

“I feel like I’m losing my mind, really… “

Listening to it made me feel like I was going crazy.
At least, it seemed like she should see it after she had sorted out her mind about Cecilia.
Thinking so, I walked to the bed to turn off the video, but Cecilia in the video brought up a different story from last time.

[On the day the next full moon rises, then everything will come true.]

[Now she can confidently claim her father’s love.]

[Did your father like the looks of Louisa Auveryang?]

[So I will be Miss Auber.]

I stopped walking.
The inside of her head went white.
Cecilia’s words did not make sense.

“What… What does that mean?”

But she knew instinctively.
I don’t understand, but I noticed.

[If you take over Miss Aubert’s body, you won’t have to come here secretly like this, right?]


“Lie… Easy?”

A word came out that drove a wedge into my doubts.
My stomach acid boiled over again.
I felt sick to my stomach and felt like I was going to vomit.

But on the screen, Cecilia was smiling brighter than anyone else.
To say such scary words with such a cute face…

Her head was dizzy and she stumbled. She barely made it to bed.
Fortunately, there were no more bombshell remarks.
After serving, Cecilia left my room with a satisfied expression.

“Whoa… “

I closed my eyes for a moment and caught my breath, then organized my thoughts in my head.

Cecilia likes me, no she loves me.
She is thinking of her as a marriage object beyond a dating object.
However, since Cecilia and I are father and daughter, this cannot happen.
That’s why Cecilia takes over the body of Louisa Aubert and tries to connect with me.

“I’m going to be dizzy.”

I think I can endure the fact that I think of her as a marriage target.
Stealing Ruina’s body… It was difficult to understand.

Does that mean you love me… The fact itself is nice, but the method…

It gets complicated in your head.
What will happen to ‘Heroine Netori’ if Louisa Aubert’s body is stolen?
And you’re taking her body, you’re exchanging it?
No, if that happens more than anything else, won’t the existence of Cecilia Asil disappear?

Her head is about to crack at the questions that keep popping up.
‘Heroine Netori’, who was happily healing, suddenly became a serious twenty-something.
This is Ropan… ? Wasn’t it something to take lightly?

What exactly did Cecilia mean?
What would be the repercussions if you did that?
How to treat Cecilia in the future
Looking around her head her, she couldn’t come up with an answer.

But one thing was certain.
I hate to lose Cecilia Arsil.
If Cecilia becomes Louisa, she will no longer be Cecilia.

“That will never happen.”

Even if you accept Cecilia’s heart her, she will not allow you to change into Louisa.
No matter what the public opinion is, I don’t want to lose Cecilia for that reason.

“By the way… How do you say that?”

A sigh comes out of nowhere.
In the end, I have to organize her thoughts of her and meet Cecilia and have a deep conversation, but I don’t have the confidence to bring it up.

Going up to her daughter and asking, ‘Do you love me?’?


I think I’m going crazy!
I think I’m going crazy!

“Ah… I miss Sophia.”


“Father! This is Cecilia. I came because I have something to tell you.”


She thought of another woman, and Cecilia came to visit her like a ghost.
Did you hear Did you use eavesdropping magic?
No no… You didn’t see that in the video before.
It feels like a thief has numb my feet.

“Now, would you like to wait a minute?”

But why did you come? Scary. Want to play again?
Or do you really just have a question? But what are you going to ask?
About Louisa Aubert?

The thoughts didn’t stop.
Once a question arose, other questions followed in succession.
As a result, the confidence to open the door disappeared.

Can I look at Cecilia now and pretend that nothing is wrong, pretend not to know anything?
No, apart from that, I don’t know what kind of expression I should treat Cecilia with.
If Cecilia realizes what I noticed, what will happen to our relationship?
What will happen to ‘Heroine Netori’ this time?
I don’t want to quit emptyly like ‘Heroine Netori’ last time.

“Father? Do you not warm up? I am still waiting.”

In the end, you have to be sincere.
If you’re caught doing an act you can’t stand, it’s worse than telling the truth.
Rather, we should reveal everything and think about the future together.

By the way… I can’t do it.
I still haven’t made up my mind!
Cecilia! I do love you!
I still don’t know if I love you as a father or as a man!

“… I’m sorry, Leah… Really sorry… “

“… Yes?”

So… Can you give me a little time
My head is too complicated to see your face right now.
I’ll answer you when I’m done organizing.


[Use of the right to suspend]

Wait a little bit


[Achievement Achievement: ‘Forbidden Love – Father and Daughter (Stage 1)’]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Teaching Assistant (Level 1)’]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Exceed 50 Virgin Attacks’]

“Whoa… “

I’m disgusted with myself, really.
At least in ‘Heroine Netori’, I was a manly man, but I did things like Siwoo…
I’ll have to take care of things when I go into the royal road.

Because I’m really in this position, I start to act like you.
Sorry… The sub heroine will not be greedy and will connect you right away.

“It’s ugly, really. Shit.”

I’ll have a drink or something

– Whining
– Whining
– Whining
– Whining


I’m about to head to the kitchen, but my phone suddenly rings.
When I set it to vibrate, I was whining, but I was upset because it seemed like he was laughing at me for whining and running away like Siwoo.
I got annoyed and opened the chat

[Mister! Thank you for yesterday!]
[(Cat bowing head emoji)]
[Haejang dishes are also great!]
[(Photo taken of an empty pot)]
[Thanks to you, I have fully recovered!]
[(Cat saluting emoji)]
[By the way… Didn’t I make a mistake yesterday?]
[I can’t remember, so ahaha…]
[(Cat embarrassed emoticon)]
[If you make a mistake, don’t hide it, tell me!]
[And… ]
[Can I buy you a meal today as a token of appreciation?]
[(Emoji of the cat laughing heheh)]
[It was a place to congratulate the man, but I couldn’t even congratulate him properly!]
[So, today, I will give you a good shot!]
[Are you still awake?]
[(Emoji the cat is curious about)]
[You must be very tired.]
[Is it all because of me?]
[(Cat crying emoji)]
[I’m sorry… ]
[Oh! 1 disappeared!]
[Are you awake?]
[(Cat excited emoticon)]
[Are you okay inside?]
[Ooh… ! It’s half the time to read it!]
[(Cat angry emoji)]
[Huh? Will you continue?]
[(The emoticon of the cat getting angry and blushing)]
[Oh… I hope you are mad at me… ?]
[As expected, I made a mistake yesterday… ]
[(Emoji of a cat covering its face with both hands)]
[Sorry ㅠㅠ… So as an apology!]
[I’m going to buy food today…]
[(Emoji of the cat glancing at you)]
[Hour… Are you okay?]

There was a call from Lee Hyun-ah.
No, it was coming.

“…… “

Why is he doing this again?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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