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Heroine Netori 54

Heroine Netori 54

Chapter 54 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (6)

Hyunah Lee… I have vague memories, but was he a D-class dealer and a sword-wielding warrior?
In reality, we kept in touch until yesterday, but it’s not like yesterday because of ‘Heroine Netori’.
After almost 5 years… It’s normal to not remember.

I wondered if I might remember it when I looked at my profile picture, so I checked it, and then I remembered.
Red hair, haughty looks, and huge breasts.
That’s right, that’s the guy I had a party with. In the beginning, he rode the bus.
He was a benefactor who taught me common sense, when I had only vague knowledge about Hunters.
Thanks to that, I was able to function as a human being as a Hunter and was able to be promoted to Class D.

By the way… I ate Lee Hyun-ah, who became a joker, at the D-class promotion celebration drinking party.
Maybe you didn’t even take a video? I think Lee Hyun-ah was able to film it because she mistook it for a dream…

Ah, I found it.

[Minwoo, black… Sorry… It’s a year like this… Sobbing… ]

[Don’t cry, speak plainly.]

[Sorry! As far as chastity before marriage… Aww! Ha… Giving a virgin to another man… Missing child… Aaaaang!]

[My wife! Minuya hehe! The cock is too young! Ha ha! Uh…]

[Like this, crane, stinging, ha! Joaah!]

[It’s an obscene year… Mia, my dear!]

[That’s right! Whoops, oh! I feel so low!]

That’s right, she was a virgin. So damn ugly
As soon as I saw the video, I got a full erection. You’ve managed to do something crazy like this in real life.
The huge breasts that shook every time they got stuck in the cock and the moaning that came out unbearably were as lewd as porn.

[Under… Ugh, ugh! Ha… Ah… Please pack me… ]

[Like this… Wrap it inside, please!]

Crazy! Did you say it was cheap?
In the video, I was not enough to ejaculate on Lee Hyun-ah’s virgin pussy, so I asked her to beg herself.
He was truly a demon, a monster mad with lust.

… What would you like to enjoy though? Looking at Lee Hyun-ah, I don’t think I hate it at all.
Even if this video is submitted as evidence, the judge will admit that it is not rape, but rape.

Yeah, that’s what happened And if I keep my mouth shut anyway, no one will know.
I made it as if nothing had happened with Healing and Purification… I didn’t even notice.
So please keep in touch like this.

[I’m going to buy food today…]
[(Emoji of the cat glancing at you)]
[Hour… Are you okay?]
[Ooh! I will keep waiting for you to reply!]
[(Emoji of a cat in trouble)]

Ha… But really, did they really get along like this?
No matter how much I thought about it, I don’t think it was this close.
Was my service overkill? ?

In reality, yesterday was the day I ate Lee Hyun-ah’s virgin.
After eating, they healed and cleansed, cleaned the house, bought me a hangover drink, cooked me a hangover dish, and said hello to me if it was okay… I was a little kind to take care of it.
But that’s how it changes?

Lee Hyun-ah, who was usually a bit annoying, but perhaps because she had a boyfriend, she kept the line.
But now it’s crossing the line a lot. Like betting on finished work… Ah, what could it be that they broke up overnight?
… Yea, that’s not it Isn’t that just a thank you? I’m a kid who likes to take care of. That was more likely.

[Sorry, I’m sick right now? I don’t have time to worry about anything right now. So I’m going to lie down all day today. Let’s eat rice later.]
[Ugh! What should I do!!]
[(Emoji of a cat in trouble)]
[You didn’t get tired of taking care of me for nothing?]
[(Cat worried emoji)]
[That’s absolutely not the case. Absolutely not… I’m having a hard time right now, so I won’t be able to talk to you. Report the situation and I will contact you tomorrow.]
[Oh! Yes! I’ll be waiting for your contact!]
[If you have any requests, please contact me!]
[(Cat cheering emoji)]

Under… I’m tired. I lost all my energy by making excuses that didn’t work.
The healer who shouted that he could heal himself is sick and can’t even contact me? She is a lie to anyone, but she genuinely cares.
She’s grateful, but she’s worried that they’re giving out guarantees.
Or do you pretend you don’t know? Well… In case you don’t know, I’ll have to come up with an excuse.


She finished contacting Lee Hyun-ah and cooked and ate her ramen for the first time in a while.
How much I wanted to eat this cheap dish while I was in the romance world… No matter how similarly they were made, they couldn’t bring out the unique taste of ramen’s chemical seasoning.
Big…! This is the broth. Thanks to the rising cooking skill, the taste is also an art.
I took care of a bowl in an instant, and I immediately washed the dishes and brought out the concerns I had been putting off.

Cecilia loves me cecilia is my daughter, she is my daughter loves me.

A close relative and a reverse key. It’s my favorite genre.
In the game of raising her daughter, she finds out that there is a route that leads to her dad, and how many nights did she stay up to see her dad’s ending?
The sense of immorality of forbidden love, which should not continue, always thrilled me.

By the way… It was different because I experienced this myself.
Even though it was just a ‘setup’, I really treated her as a daughter without any black feelings.
Because of that, he had no idea how to treat Cecilia from now on.

In this case, it is also collective intelligence.
After washing the dishes, I turned on the computer and entered the Awoken community.
And I wrote a post on an anonymous bulletin board.

[Title: Is dating counseling possible? I have a kid who likes me, but I’m worried because she’s never thought of me as a woman.]

[Content: He followed me very well, but I had no idea he was looking at me as a man. So it’s shocking now.]

I couldn’t bear to mention the father-daughter relationship. It was obvious that he would be treated as an aggro.
Instead, I refined it to some extent and posted it, and after drinking a cup of coffee, there were many comments.

[Please recommend a light novel called]
[Your delusion is so bad, did you think you would be envious if you fucking posted something like this here? Yeah no~]
[Why is he so soft? Isn’t that kind of thing going through enough?]
[B ㅇㅇ; Because there is an Awakener Premium, women are fucking twisted lol]
[But it turns out that the woman is not Choi Won-mi?Haha]
[B fuckhaha.
[B] Is the fucking A-class hunter your friend? Keep your distance from Choi Won-mi or you will be eaten]
[N kkkk]
[Hyung gives me some advice, it’s actually fucking simple]
[Think of her having sex with another man, are you mad? So you’re not going to date me? Then eat it.]
[B dog trash;]
[N Welcome to Han Nam-chung]
[But that’s right, if you’re mad about having sex with someone else, it means you have a heart]
[N Isn’t that a joke? It’s a waste to give it to someone, it’s not good to have it for me]
[N But if you’re like me, you’ll eat]
[ㄴ Welcome to Hannamchung 2222]
[N No, you goblin bitch, you’re going to eat gyreuk]
[C’mon, all these idiots except me were famous? Fuck you really… I get really depressed]
[N YES… What is deprivation? It’s like a dog… ]
[I put in the report of the bastard who wrote the article]
[B Reported with what?]
[B fuck terror]

Well… I’m going to be dizzy again. As always, it’s a crucible of confusion.
Still, there are some helpful articles. Think about having sex with another man?

“Dog fuck!”

Oh that’s creepy The shit came up from the bottom and filled every cell.
You thought it was your daughter? Then, I hear that you will marry someday… Fuck am I crazy
You’re giving Cecilia to someone else? The child who only looks at me?
It is an absolute specification.
I hate to imagine such a terrible future.
If that’s the case, I’ll keep you by my side for the rest of my life.
Now my mind is clear.

If you think about it, isn’t it even real? What the hell was wrong with you?
I raised her like a daughter, not a real daughter…
Originally, there is a saying that a father becomes an older brother and an older brother becomes a self.
There was no reason to reject Cecilia.

After… When one concern was resolved, the chain of concerns was naturally resolved.
The romance world is not monogamous, but I thought it was too realistic.
How do you do netori after receiving Cecilia’s heart?
Cecilia as her vassal, and Louis as her concubine.

When she says that Louis intends to seduce me because of public opinion, the good Cecilia will help and not interfere.
In addition, she will stop her plan to take her Louisa’s body.

Ha ha… Do you realize how simple it is now? It is also collective intelligence.
As a token of appreciation, I uploaded a piece of shit.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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