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Heroine Netori 55

Heroine Netori 55

Chapter 55 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (7)

[Title: Pingchaeng meme that gets trained without an eye patch.JPG]
[Content: (Picture of Ruina wearing an eyepatch and erecting her nipples while in her naked shirt)]

I was curious to see what kind of comments there would be, so I refreshed the page, but a notification popped up saying that the post had already been deleted.
It’s a picture with everything to be covered, so you cut it?
There were many people who thought like me, but the bulletin board was infested with Ruina’s picture.

[Title: Third question. Tell me what picture it was.]
[Title: I didn’t respond, but it’s a true story?Haha]
[Title: Don’t just look at you guys, share it, bitches]
[Title: Part-time job kid Baekper saved haha]
[Title: I take responsibility and restart]
[Title: Why are you uploading pictures of Choi Won-mi, that bastard?]

It’s shit Still, everyone who sees it will see it.
With a lighter heart, she turned off her computer and went out to smoke her cigarette.

“Write… “

The problem is solved, but… I have no intention of going back right now.
First of all, I don’t even have points to buy a ticket for suspension, and it’s been too long since I’ve seen Sofia’s face to enter the romantic world again.

“I’m going to forget her face too.”

It was “Heroine Netori” To earn points, but her belly button got bigger than her stomach.
He had been in the Romance world longer than the royal road dragons he had chosen as his second life.
Even though I’ve decided that Ropan is also my third life now… It is true that I missed Sophia as much as I could not see her.
I want to quickly return to the Royal Road.

If I had taken a picture or video of Sofia, I wouldn’t have missed her this much.
If you go into the royal road this time, you should take a lot of pictures.

“Whoa… “

Oh, come to think of it, was that there?
There is a saying that if you have no teeth, you will live with your gums.
Sophia’s Auntie video I’m going to sleep with one foot off.


Would you like to go to bed early? Or was it because she slept with her daughter?
I was very tired, but when I opened my eyes, it was dawn.
She forced herself to sleep and couldn’t sleep, so she put on her slippers and went up to the roof.
I smoked a cigarette and looked around and heard a rustle under a broken street lamp.
I heard meowing soon after, so it must have been a stray cat.
She jokingly yelled ‘Breaking!’ And giggled and yelled out her status window.
Then, a translucent window appeared to light up the darkness.

“No matter how you think about it, it’s too bad.”

I spent almost 5 years in the romantic world.
However, the stats were still the same.
It wasn’t a world without monsters, but there was no chance to go catch them.
What I was doing was therapy, therapy, therapy.
Of course, there was sex, sex, sex in between, but anyway.

If the evil forces or whatnot sometimes popped out and gave them trials, they would have broken the event and grown.
Unfortunately, I was a supporting character who was far from the main character, and of course I didn’t get that opportunity.

Still, the positive thing is that I was able to do a lot of small skills.
From the first skill, erogenous stimulation, to the last observation, there was a really meaningful development.

New abilities have been added to erogenous stimulation and liking, and through erogenous stimulation, pain can be turned into pleasure, and through liking, it is possible to change dislike into liking.
Truly cheaty… These are the best skills.

In addition, their cooking skills have developed to the level of Michelin chefs, and Hill and Jeong-hwa now have skills that are incomparable to Sophia.
At this level, I think I have surpassed a B-class healer in real life.

Observation requires mana to use, so I didn’t grow that much, but I still got the ability to know the secrets of the target.
As a skill that uses the eyes, it is a fraudulent enough effect, but the greater the difference in level between the target and the target, the more difficult it is to see the effect.
That’s why it didn’t work for Cecilia, Ruina, or Aria.

What, come to think of it, Aria Meltz was also Aria.
There are two skills that could not be developed in the romance world, the power of the goddess Arya and the shield of the goddess Arya.
They both have the same name…Could it be a mere coincidence?
Anyway, since there was no situation to fight, there was no chance to use the two skills either.
Therefore, only these two skills were still at a low level.

“Still, at this level, a C grade is possible… “

Through observation, I was able to check the attack direction and weakness, and thanks to the grown heel, I was able to fight without fear of getting hurt.
In addition, thanks to purification, it is almost immune to status abnormalities, and if you mix a buff skill or a snowball skill with it… The level of a D-class hunter has already surpassed it.

“Then, all that is left is time.”

There is a number of D-level dungeons that need to be cleared in order to be promoted to C-grade.
Was it number 30? If you roughly fill that level, you will be eligible to take the promotion test.
I heard that the promotion test consisted of a one-on-one battle with an instructor and a dungeon simulation, but I was confident in that.
I felt like I would pass enough if I got used to the skills I had grown while rolling over and over again in the dungeon.

Therefore, the only thing left for me was the number of clears.

“I have to go around D-class dungeons starting today.”


Currently I have two goals.
One is to become a C-class hunter, and the other is to earn ‘Heroine Netori’ points.
The ultimate reason for having a goal is to spend the royal road dragon more comfortably and happily.
It was a tougher town than I thought to go there, trusting only the warriors.

When you become a C-class Hunter, you can use the Hunter-only shop.
The shop I stopped by the other day was for beginners, so F-rank hunters could buy things, but there were only low-quality products.
On the other hand, the hunter-only shop sells almost all items that can be used to clear dungeons.
I plan to buy bombs there.
I knew the charm of the bomb once I was in it.

In reality, bombs are not very popular because they have weak firepower compared to their skills and are difficult to handle.
Think about it, a bomb is in your arms, but you accidentally get attacked by a monster? When the bomb explodes in your arms, you die instantly.

However, it is not only disadvantageous, but bombs are weak in firepower, but they can be used in various places because there are various types.
Like using fire bombs in the forest zone or using water bombs in the flame zone.

However, since I can use my inventory, I can offset the biggest drawback of bombs.
In addition, it has low firepower in real life, but it is enough firepower for royal road warriors.
Even a low-quality bomb made by goblins was so dangerous, but it explodes a bomb that is the essence of modern chemistry created by scientists? Just imagining it makes my heart swell.
The bomb will definitely become a useful joker item and will become my secret weapon.

And in order to do that, you need ‘Heroine Netori’ points.
The current inventory is only 3 slots, and if you exclude the essential smartphone, there are only 2 slots left.

This way you won’t be able to use the bomb as much as you’d like.
Taking a C grade just to drop two bombs? Too inefficient.
Every time you use a bomb, you use a pause ticket to refill it? It is also very inefficient.

Slots need to be increased.
Considering flash grenades, grenades, and various attribute bombs, at least 10 slots are required
To do so, you need at least 30,000 points.

Therefore, you have to take a C grade and clear ‘Heroine Netori’ to earn points before entering the Royal Road.
There are so many things to prepare to meet Sophia.

Still, thinking that it was for Sophia’s sake motivates me.
If you hold out a little longer, we can go to meet you.

-Smart smart, smart smart

But what is this Sorin? There’s someone looking for me since dawn?
I came down to the house after finishing my embarrassing thoughts and was eating simple toast when someone knocked on the front door.
Even while pressing the doorbell that was broken and made a guttural noise.

I didn’t even order a courier, so who the hell is this?
Annoyed, I walked to the front door when I heard a woman’s voice outside the door.

“Mister! I’m Hyuna! Please open the door!”

No, why is he coming again?
More than that, how the hell did you find my home address… ?

I had goosebumps all over my body.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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