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Heroine Netori 56

Heroine Netori 56

Chapter 56 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (8)

In the early morning in the narrow studio room, Lee Hyun-ah exhaled a rough breath.
The bed she was lying on was damp from sweat, and used tissues were strewn around it.

“Ha… Ha…”

Even though her masturbation was over, she couldn’t get up from her seat in the afterglow.
Instead, she soothed herself by stroking her cunt once more.

“Ha ha… “

The desire surged again as her finger touched her clit.
As I recalled the dream I had today, my body heated up.

“I can’t… “

A reliable and dependable colleague
A colleague who never let himself down
Colleagues who always trust themselves
Colleagues who are now almost like family

It was a dream in which he raped himself.

Having restrained himself by force of arms when he refused to have a boyfriend, he forced himself to strip off his clothes and pull out his cock to steal his virginity.
Then, while laughing at herself crying in pain, she continued to shake her waist and ejaculate in her vagina.

“… Is it too colorful?”

Actually, it wasn’t quite like that. It was hard to even see it as rape.
It was true that he was forced to, but he was the one who allowed him.
Besides, it doesn’t hurt… Even though she was a virgin, she was very pleasant.
Even more so than when masturbating.

“Ahhh… Uncle…”

Every time his hot, thick cock penetrated the cramped virgin cunt, pleasure like never before burst into her brain.
His pupils naturally dilated and he drool with his mouth open.
At that moment, all she could do was make lascivious noises.

But he didn’t care about himself at all.
Rather, she had driven his cock so hard that her cervix was pierced, and he couldn’t even breathe easily.

“Hahm… Ha… “

But it also felt good.
The fact that he falls into his body and clings like mad,
Shaking your back like a dog in heat, or ejaculating in the vagina,
I liked everything.


He felt the satisfaction of being obsessed with him.

… Even if it’s a dream

“I must be crazy, really… “

“I liked that you depended on me, but… I didn’t mean to depend on you this much…”

Having finished her masturbation for the last time, she sighed deeply and rose from her seat.
Then, ignoring her juices running down her thighs, she headed to her bathroom.
She thought to take a shower and catch her distracted mind again.


However, Hyuna Lee recalls the scene in her dream again.
She put her hand on her cunt once more.


When she finished her shower, her mind returned.
Whether you like it or not, it’s just a dream. I didn’t have to worry too much about it.
It was just an incident caused by frustration, I decided to think of it that way.
Besides that, she herself is not the body that has a boyfriend.
Thinking long term wasn’t polite to my boyfriend.
Even during the Cold War.

[Minwoo♥: Did Hyuna wake up?]

Are you thinking about your boyfriend? After drying her hair, she got a call from Minwoo.
It was Minwoo who hadn’t been in touch since a big fight a few days ago, but it seemed like he couldn’t win and sent a pre-talk.

“Huh! After all, you can’t live without me, can you?”

Lee Hyun-ah, who was elated, opened her chat with a big smile and tried to send her reply.
However, she erased that smile when she contacted him.

[Minwoo♥: I kept thinking that I couldn’t even sleep… ]
[Minwoo♥: Just come down]
[Minwoo♥: A new department related to hunters will be established in our company?]
[Minwoo♥: Quit your hunter job and work here]
[Minwoo♥: My father also allowed it]

I was angry.
My stomach was boiling.
I hated my boyfriend who still couldn’t understand his heart.
She also did not like giving notice unilaterally.
She was disgusted by the way she treated herself as if she were her own doll.

All she wanted was supportive support, not realistic advice.
And realistically, she thought that she would be able to continue her hunter life.
Because she’s been with him and everything has been fine.

But my boyfriend couldn’t believe that.
Without looking, he made a guess and forced me to give up.
The friendly look she loved had long since disappeared.


She called him with a displeased look on her face.
I wanted to shout out a word right away.

By the way

[Hyunah. I can’t call right now… [Brother! Oh, sorry, are you on the phone?]]

[… ] … ]

[Sorry, I’ll call you in a minute.]


– Knock.

A strange woman’s voice came over the phone.

A very friendly voice and a brother’s name…
Too early to go to work…

A two-letter word that she didn’t want to think of came into her head.

Her hands holding the phone trembled.
Tears dripped down the screen.

“Me… Bad guy… Hueng… This time… I believe, I believe… Sniff.”

A terrible past came to mind.

I felt abandoned again.
I thought it was a relationship that became tight again after that incident because the ground hardened after the rain
It seemed like an illusion of being alone.

She called him back but didn’t answer. It was the same with Tok.
She kept calling from him, but she ignored it to the end.
She was afraid that if she was contacted, something terrible would be revealed.

[Minwoo♥: Hyuna, you’re mistaken, answer the phone]
[Minwoo♥: Are they just co-workers? I’m at work now]
[Minwoo♥: It’s not really what you think]
[Minwoo♥: Huh? Believe me?]

I couldn’t believe it.
I would have believed it if it was him normally, but recently he has been losing trust.
At that moment, the same incident happened.
Naturally, doubt led to greater doubt, which eventually grew into certainty.

“Somehow, from sometime ago, it became cold.”
“These days, it’s like talking nonchalantly.”
“Were you struggling to break up?”
“I guess you were asking me to come down because you wanted to talk to me face-to-face.”
“I understand everything now. Bad guy… Hey, you bastard! Sniff…”

My mind, which had been sober at best, was disturbed again.
It was painful because my mentality was broken, and it was difficult to endure it any longer.

Eventually, she blocked him.
It was hard to even see the contact coming from him.

He staggered to the bed and collapsed, the damp blanket greeted him.
A foul, unpleasant smell wafted around.

But strangely, she didn’t hate the smell.
When I smelled it, I naturally thought of him.
It was the word that attacked him in his dream.


She longed for healing.
I wanted peace in my broken heart.
For that to happen, his presence was necessary.

[Mister! Thank you for yesterday!]
[(Cat bowing head emoji)]

Holding my trembling hand, I barely pressed one letter at a time and sent a message.
I forcibly pretended to be bright. I didn’t want to hear anything painful.

[Haejang dishes are also great!]
[(Photo taken of an empty pot)]

He said he ate food he hadn’t eaten.
It was a shame, but I couldn’t eat it because my stomach was upset.
I apologized in my heart, poured it into the sink, took a picture and sent it.

[Thanks to you, I have fully recovered!]
[(Cat saluting emoji)]

Instead of recovering, I was sick.
He had to be there to recover.
His praise and appreciation, his dependence were the only cure for her.

No matter how long I waited, no reply came.
There was no such thing as healing for her.
On the contrary, the longer I waited, the more painful it became.

I tried to keep in touch, but it was the same.
The number 1 next to the message did not disappear.

“My, do you hate me? Did you forcefully pretend to be close to me when in fact you don’t even like me?”

A bad thought came to my mind.
Normally, I would have laughed it off as nonsense, but it was hard to deny now.
Little by little her self-esteem began to crumble to the floor.

“Oh! You read!”

Things changed then.
He read the talk.
Hopeful imagination continued.

Haha… There’s no way he hates me!”

But that imagination was immediately shattered.
He didn’t reply even after seeing her contact.
It had never happened before yesterday.

Her mind was broken, and she took the little things seriously.
I didn’t think that it could be.

Instead, he thought that he, too, was bored with himself.

“Lie! It’s not… ! My, did I do something wrong? Silly! What did you do! Ah… Please… Don’t do that. Uncle please!”

She cried and cried.
But he didn’t hear and still no reply.

“All over again! You must change your mind! My, all the time, to think of me! No, just think of me! What to do how do I do it rice! Can I buy you some rice?! To an expensive place… What does Uncle like?”

She kept in touch, but he continued to ignore her.
Then, a laugh came out. I was so miserable.
It felt like falling into hell overnight.

Eventually giving up, she turned off her cell phone and burrowed under the covers.
I was so afraid to go out into the world.


However, a rope of hope came down to her.

[Sorry, I’m sick right now? I don’t have time to worry about anything right now. So I’m going to lie down all day today. Let’s eat rice later.]

His contact his came.
There was really nothing to worry about her.
It just hurt… She was overreacting.

“Silly! It’s all right! You should have trusted him! Okay… How much do you depend on me… It can’t be. Yes, right!”

Her anxious heart her calmed down and her trembling hands her calmed down.
The painful feelings disappeared and a smile appeared on his lips.

“Hi-Hi… Well then. You and I are trustworthy.”

After contacting her, she crawled out of the blanket.
It was the exact opposite of what it was before entering, and at the same time, it seemed to be determined.

“However… I am weak with that.”

“We need a deeper and firmer trust.”

“Enough to not be shaken by something like this.”

“I need to make him rely on me more.”

“… Didn’t you just say you were sick?”

She ran to her desk and turned on her laptop.
She then opened her map on the Internet and started browsing her chat rooms with her smart phone.

“He said he lived in this town… “

“… Excluding apartments here, you said you could see the Sun Guild headquarters from the rooftop… Except here… “

“… You said that Chadol Jjamppong, which you ate two weeks ago, had a discount event… Oh, this is a Chinese restaurant. Chain store… 2 in this town. He said it took 20 minutes for delivery… It’s not within this range…”

“… She said the police box was nearby. If it’s a 5-minute walk, excluding here and here…”

“… I often eat convenience store food. Yu’s convenience store sells the products you recommended. Because you said you only go to one place because it’s the closest… This range…”

“… Then there are two places left. But she said that construction started nearby the day before yesterday…”

“Ah, I found it.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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