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Heroine Netori 57

Heroine Netori 57

Chapter 57 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (9)

No, why are you out there?
She was embarrassed by Lee Hyun-ah who came to her without a word, but she opened the door because she couldn’t stand her in front of the door.

“Mister! Are you feeling well? I was worried and came to see you. Hehe.”

Then Lee Hyun-ah greeted me with a wide smile while holding the porridge.
It looked like he had come to visit the hospital. This is truly unimaginable.

‘But is it because I haven’t seen you in a while? It’s pretty… Was he this attractive?’

In her memory, Lee Hyun-ah always wore boyish and revealing clothes.
For some reason, I was wearing very feminine clothes today. It was so hard to take my eyes off her.

‘I never thought I would see Pie Slash in real life… ‘

He was highlighting his strengths, which he usually kept tightly wrapped up, as much as possible.
Her breasts were already large, but accentuating them with the straps of her bag doubled their charm.
Her hands were itching to touch her right away.

“Thank you for your concern. Is this kill What about thanks?”

“Hehe thank you… We are colleagues! We have to help each other!”

Lee Hyun-ah said that and put her hands together in her fighting stance.
Then, naturally, her breasts were pressed and her large breastbones were created.
This… Is the stimulation too strong in the morning?
Whether or not she knew her appearance, Lee Hyun-a smiled and handed me the porridge.

“Can you wait a moment? As a reward, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.”

“Can’t we go inside?”

“Yeah, no. I’m waiting for you.”

– Clap

Are you entering my room now? Not unconditionally
Even I can see it, it’s a bitch, but she’s going to fly away as much as Lee Hyun-ah has seen this.
She’s a good impression that I’ve built up, but it’s a shame to lose it like this.
She hurriedly put her porridge in her refrigerator, put on her hat and put on one of her overcoats, and opened the door.

“Then shall we go?”

“Yes! But do you look healthy? Are all the pains better?”

“Even so, I had something to say about it. I will go and tell you.”

“Yes! Hehe.”

“But how did you find out about our house?”

“That’s what the uncle told me, so I came to know about it.”

Huh? Did you? I think you said that you live around here, but I don’t think you gave me the exact address…
In my head, it’s quite a long time ago, so it’s vague.

“Otherwise, how would you have come?”

“That is also true. I guess I was mistaken.”

If you are, so be it. I guess I overreacted too much.
It seems that Cecilia caused the suspicious disease.
Yeah, I didn’t even teach you, how could you find me?


“Yes? Did you wake up again? Jackpot case…!”

“Shh! Be quiet. It’ll be annoying if rumors spread about it.”

“Oh! Yes. Shh!”

The excuse he came up with to deceive Lee Hyun-ah was reawakening.
After she finished drinking, she came home and suddenly she woke up, but she brought up the story that she was experiencing unknown pain to adjust.
In fact, she was able to write a lie because there were few people who re-awakened among the awakened people, and there was no clear information about them.

“Then did you get a new skill?”

“Yes. It’s also related to combat.”


Lee Hyun-ah put on an expression that said she was more excited than me at what was so good.
I was really grateful that she was happy about it as if it were her own work even though it wasn’t her story.

“So, I’m going to check my abilities and I’m going to go to the dungeon within this week. Do you want to go with me?”

“What is it? Were you going to go alone?”

“No, no, I’m telling you to go with me. You know very well that I don’t know how to make reservations without you.”

“Hehe… Yes. You can’t do anything without me, so I have to do it!”

It’s embarrassingly true. I don’t know how to do this because I always leave it to Lee Hyun-ah.
Lee Hyun-ah, who has so many things to prepare and so many things to write, is amazing.
Wasn’t it just a matter of entering the dungeon and clearing it before exiting?

“Then would you like to go today to get rid of the horns as well?”

“Today…? I’m good, but What about your gear?”

“It’s okay because I always carry it in my car!”

Oh right. It was a small car, but I had my own car.
It was Lee Hyun-ah who only looked young, but in reality she was not.
He was already a senior who was several steps ahead of me in the hunter world.

“Then can you make a reservation?”

“Yes! Uncle, only trust me.”

“Thank you. Then, after today, I will buy food.”


Lee Hyun-ah liked the story of buying rice.
Her hum also seemed really excited to hum.
How the hell are you trying to get something expensive?
Still, since she ate a virgin, she must provide this level of service.

“Reservation done!”

“What? Already? What is so fast?”

“There are ways. Whoops! I made a reservation at 15:00 on DD-138.”

“With DD-138… Orc dungeon?”

“Ding! That’s DD-125, DD-138 is the Lizardman dungeon. Really! You don’t know too much, do you?”

“I really can’t remember things like this. Hyuna, I will only trust you.”

“…… Yes yes! Trust me!”


“By the way, what skills did you acquire? I won’t tell anyone. Can you teach me?”

“I don’t know for sure either. I think you need to use it against monsters to understand it properly, but let me tell you, it’s an eye-related skill.”

While talking about this and that in the car heading to the dungeon, Lee Hyun-ah asked cautiously.
He probably thought I’d keep it a secret, but I didn’t mean to.
Anyway, it was something I would bring up in order to explain the sudden growth in combat skills.


“Yes. You can think of it as something like identifying weaknesses.”

“Wow! Isn’t that great then? Uncle, you can’t memorize things like that!”

Wasn’t that huge?!
Yeah, that’s true…
It was only natural that this kind of reaction would come out as I memorized it literally while being right.

“Yeah, but you memorized everything in the end.”

“If you go to another dungeon, you have to remember it again. Would you say you don’t know even then?”


“Hehe. Just kidding. Cheer up! That doesn’t happen anymore!”

I heard something… !
Lee Hyun-ah grabbed her belly and laughed, and as if that wasn’t enough, she slaps my thighs for joy.
No, I want her to drive straight… It’s not like I’m offended at all.

But today, the skinship is a bit too much.
Starting at the cafe, he touched her arms subtly, tried to cross her arms, or touched her breasts… Pretty aggressive.
What is distance? Even when I tried to recall her memories, it was not this close, but I wonder.
Come to think of it, she was like that when she chatted yesterday. She’s a bit suspicious…

Daughter, thanks to you, Dad has a disease of self-consciousness.
What should I do with this?


Whether or not Lee Hyun-ah did it, he decided not to pay attention to her right now.
The important thing now is to test the ‘observation’.
I got it before entering the ropan world, but this was the first time I used it against monsters.
It’s time to check how different it is from when it was written on a person.

“Then Hyuna, don’t intervene until I send a signal. Got it?”

“I’m worried… I know. I will believe you!”

In the past, we hunted together in harmony, but today we plan to challenge ourselves.
That way I can know how much I’ve grown.

The two Lizardmen who had just escaped from the crowd appeared in front of them.
Judging by the outfit, it looked like a patrolman, but it was perfect for the test.


When I used the skill, I felt my mana draining away.
A slight sense of helplessness rose and at the same time a translucent window appeared next to the Lizardman.

[Weakness: Left side (injury)]
[Weakness: right foot (injury)]


Isn’t that a crazy, common weakness?
In the translucent window, instead of the lizardmen’s known weaknesses, individual weaknesses were displayed.
It was a lot more useful information than I thought.

Confident, I rushed at them.
Taking advantage of the sudden attack, they took advantage of the gap and put in the snowball combo they used to use, then turned to the side and cut the guy whose weakness was his side with a knife.


Then he screamed and screamed in agony.

The fraudulent nature of “Observation” Was beyond imagination.
The weak spot was shining so it was easy to attack.
It felt so easy to hunt as if you were taking a test after reading the answer sheet.

-Kureuk! Kwok, kkwie!

The fraudulent nature of “Observation” Did not end there.
When a colleague fell, an enraged lizard man stabbed a spear at me, and the line of movement became a hologram and appeared in front of his eyes.
Dodging the attack for granted, I grabbed the sword in reverse and took a picture of his foot.


It was as easy as eating a piece of cake to catch a disarmed man desperate in pain.

“Whoa… “

In an instant, he caught two Lizardmen.
It was a hunting speed that was incomparable to the previous one.
In addition, the mana consumed by ‘observation’? When I actually used it, it consumed so little that I didn’t have to worry about it.
It was completely different from using it against people.

“Haha… Awesome, really.”

There was no time to use Heal or Purification, which became skill pieces.
At this level, it seemed possible to clear the dungeon alone without Lee Hyun-ah.

“Have you seen Hyuna? Very… “

Huh? However, Lee Hyun-ah’s expression her was bizarre.
Her mouth her was smiling, but her eyes her were not.
Her eyes fluttered about as if she was worried about something.

Why are you doing that? Terribly…

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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