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Heroine Netori 58

Heroine Netori 58

Chapter 58 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (10)

Confident, Gamdeokbae challenged himself to clear the dungeon by himself.
This is because I wanted to check my limits to see how far I could go.

And the result
Deokbae Gam succeeded in soloing the D grade dungeon.

Clear time is 1 hour and 13 minutes.
It was a shorter time than when attacking with Lee Hyun-ah.


It’s not me who doesn’t notice.
Suddenly, Lee Hyun-ah became so low pressure. Could it be that I don’t know the reason?
He’s doing that because he’s jealous of me being ahead of him as a Hunter.

On top of that, he must have felt depressed because he felt inferiority and toward shame himself for not being as strong as I was, and such negative emotions.
Because I have been like that many times, I sympathized with Lee Hyun-ah now.

However, he couldn’t deliberately pretend to be weak to be considerate of Lee Hyun-ah.
I will continue to grow, but if Lee Hyun-ah cannot keep up, we will eventually break up.
Therefore, it is said that consideration for the emotions of a moment is meaningless.
It’s sad, but this was reality.

Still… Could you give me some consolation?

I set up a drinking party in the name of commemorating my first solo play.
I was thinking of taking care of Lee Hyun-ah’s mentality while having a drink.


“How are you with your boyfriend these days? Are you reconciled?”

“… That bastard… “


“That bastard… You bastard, absolutely!”

Ah lost
I was trying to bring up a story from everyday life, not the Hunter side, but I stopped touching the seizure button.
Even so, my boyfriend said he was against working as a hunter… It is my mistake.

“Do you still want to hit the hunter and come down?”

“I left that and cheated on you, bastard!”

Oh it’s been tweaked
I feel like a hitter who was hit with a bottle in an instant and poured cold water on me.
No, fucking cheating on a kid like this? How the hell is he?

It must have been Lee Hyun-ah who was talking to me with a smile until just now.
Now I am crying and complaining.
Damn, I’m only going to touch the mental more like this. I’ll take care of it, really.


“… Queue. Tell me, man! How the hell can you do that? Yes?”

“… Say that How could that be?”

Lee Hyun-ah was not good at drinking, but she forced herself to drink.
Then, borrowing the power of alcohol, he screamed loudly.

When I heard the story, it was too clear to be an illusion.
It was over when I was in the same room with a girl from early morning. They said they even served rice there.
He didn’t even have a sister, but even looking at him, it seemed certain that he was having an affair.

“That bastard… Wow, this isn’t the first time.”

“… What?”

“You’re a cross-legged bastard!”

Oh shit sucked
The ball thrown by the pitcher flew straight to the head and felt like being hit by a dead ball.
Were you a habitual offender? What kind of bastard are you, are you still dating?

“Huh… Bad boy… Whip, bastard… Uhhhhh.”

Now, it was Lee Hyun-ah wailing loudly.
I was in a situation where my mentality exploded because of my boyfriend, but suddenly a colleague reawakened and soloed a D-class dungeon, and while drinking, he brought up the story of his cheating boyfriend?

‘Holly Shack.’

The country would have reacted like that.
I couldn’t bear to lift my head because of the guilt.

“Apologizing so much… Huh… He said he would do better in the future! Sniff.”

“In addition! In addition! Lie…! Whoa.”

It feels like sitting on a cushion of thorns.
I was too sorry to stay still, so I went to the seat next to Lee Hyun-ah and comforted her.

“Huh… Mister… Uncle!”

When I patted her on the shoulder, Lee Hyun-ah hugged her sobbing in my arms.
Her T-shirt was getting wet from her tears, but I couldn’t stop her.

‘But my real boyfriend is a bastard.’

Cross her legs and make her break up with her one and only friend
Lee Hyun-ah, who had no place to rely on, was gaslighted so that she would only look at herself.
It was more trash than I thought.

Listening to the story, Siwoo was a really nice guy.
It was because he had no sense of humor, but he was never a bad guy.
I really need to be nice to you next time we meet…


This time, I carried Lee Hyun-ah, who had become Kwakla, on my back and headed to her house.
In case this would happen again, she decided to have a drink near her house.
Even so, it wasn’t bothersome because I had a lot of luggage to pack.
I didn’t think of that at the large, soft feel on my back.

“Sniff… Uncle… Uncle, don’t do that…”

Lee Hyun-ah said, unlike the last time, she didn’t sleep today.
It didn’t look like he was drunk enough.
Instead, it was hard to move around while carrying it.

“You know? Never! Can you never do that?”

I won’t be able to eat today.
There’s nothing I can’t do if I force myself with erogenous stimulation… It’s not that kind of atmosphere.
Anyone could see that Lee Hyun-ah was in danger, but if she was touched wrongly, she would see deep darkness.

“Wow… Let’s listen for a second.”

“Wait, yeah… “

Today, I just have to sleep quietly and come out.
Thinking so, she took Lee Hyun-ah into her convenience store.
She was in order to buy a hangover cure drink and cup noodles for hangover.

I left the staggering Lee Hyun-ah by her side and was picking out her things, but suddenly she clung to me.
Then she lifted her head up and looked at me and teased me.

“Uncle… I drank this… Sniff… Wouldn’t it be nice to buy one?”

“Ah! This too! I really drank this… Hehe.”

Whether she had bipolar disorder or not, the change in her emotions was extreme.
So she was confused as to which tune she should tune in to, but one thing was certain.

‘You’re so cute…’

The way she behaved aegyo was very attractive.
As much as she wants to eat.
Oh no. Have to be patient
I think she’ll just mess with it and break it…
So let’s be patient.

“Okay. Choose whatever you want to eat. I’ll buy them all.”

“Really? Hehe… Jackpot case… ! Then this and this…”

Lee Hyun-ah, delighted with my words, crossed her arms and dragged me around, picking out her products one by one.
I put the items she picked out into her basket, enjoying the soft feel of her arm.

“Check please.”

When she went to the counter, the part-timer couldn’t take her eyes off Hyuna Lee’s chest.
She cleared her throat and asked me to pay her bill, and she looked at me with an expression of longing for him.
Oh, it’s not like that. Hmmmm… I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Oh, I forgot this!”

Suddenly, Lee Hyun-ah picked up an item from the display next to the counter and she placed it on top of the basket.
Is he really crazy? Why are you doing this?
The pupils of me and the part-timer shook when I saw the object.

Have you ever been drunk and misunderstood something? Don’t you consider this a dream?
It was an incomprehensible act otherwise.

“Please take this off.”

“Right… I don’t really need… Hehe.”

No, are you misunderstanding when you say that?
She sighed and looked at the part-timer, and he was staring at us with his mouth open.

“No, nocon… “

“Hey, please do the math quickly.”

“Ah, yes!”

Are you crazy? Spitting it out
And isn’t it like that? I really plan to sleep quietly today.


Arriving at Lee Hyun-ah’s house, I took off her socks and coat and laid her on her bed.
I guess I didn’t sleep today, I wanted to wash my face
As soon as Lee Hyun-ah arrived at her house, she was relieved and fell asleep.

I left her alone and started her simple cleaning.
Papers piled up on the desk were messy and looked dirty, so I couldn’t leave it alone.

“Oh, this Chinese restaurant is delicious. Hyuna knows something.”

At the top of them, the name of my favorite Chinese restaurant was written, but I was glad to see it here.

So when I’m done cleaning, I’m done washing her hands and washing dishes
Before leaving, I approached Lee Hyun-ah to see her face one last time.
She was snoring and sleeping soundly.

Even thinking about having such a pretty girlfriend and cheating on both legs, I couldn’t understand it.
You are too pitiful. How did you meet such a guy…
Feeling sorry for her, she reached out her hand and stroked her hair.

“Hey… “

He was a child who suffered a lot.
It’s not easy to live alone in a foreign country, but I was cut off from the guild, I had no friends because I failed in networking, and my boyfriend in a long-distance relationship was cheating on me…
Even so, she was a woman who usually showed only a bright side without showing anything.
Really, how can you be so kind and wonderful?

“Hyunah. I’m always on your side So don’t be so hard alone. If it’s hard, you can always be foolish. I’m your colleague got it?”

So, you have to take care of the country.
Thinking so, I gave her words of consolation to the woman who couldn’t even hear it.


Quiet studio room, not long after Deokbae Gam left
Hyunah Lee slowly opened her eyes.

Then she put her hand on her head as he was stroking it and Betsy smiled.
Her heart warmed as she could still feel his warmth.

“As expected, that day’s work was a dream come true.”

In the thick darkness
She murmured in a slightly regretful tone.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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