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Heroine Netori 59

Heroine Netori 59

Chapter 59 – The D-Cup Is Obsessed With Me (11)

It was a very vivid dream.
That smell, that touch, that pleasure…
The memory of that day was still lingering in Lee Hyun-ah’s mind even after several days had passed.

So she became suspicious.

‘Could it be that I’m mistaken that it’s a dream and that it really happened?’

So I tried casting her bait.

‘Wouldn’t it be possible to check if we create a situation similar to that day?’

Contrary to her own thoughts, however, he did not touch herself drunk.
Instead, he comforted her with her sweet words.

He says that he will always be on your side, so be foolish to the fullest…
These are the words she really wanted to hear when she was lonely and anxious
For some reason, she didn’t want to hear that.

She didn’t want that sort of comforting words.
All she really wanted was for him to pounce on her like a dream that day.

“It’s too bad… I just installed it.”

If so, she could have been with him forever.


After waking up from her sleep, Lee Hyun-ah got up and checked the camera she had installed yesterday.
In her screen, her Gam Deok-bae laid her down, and after she simply finished cleaning her and washing her dishes, came over to her and stroked her hair.
She hoped that she hadn’t done something sinister like stealing her underwear or filming a hidden camera, but unfortunately, she didn’t.

“Your uncle can’t be like that, hehe… Foolish… “

Rather, she was insidious, she was herself.
I set up her camera with the intention of making evidence that I would not be able to gamble if he attacked me like in the dream of that day.
And I planned not to let him go with the evidence.
However, since the premise that the dream was reality was wrong, the plan could not work properly.

“Really, I’m so trash… I’m sorry, uncle…”

Lee Hyun-ah let out a big sigh, put the camera down and sat down on the bed.
Then he remembered what had happened yesterday.

The man who suddenly had a reawakening,
The man who soloed the D-class dungeon with fraudulent abilities,
The man who cleared it faster than when we cleared it together…

Seeing his change, she instinctively realized that if she continued like this, she would be far from him.

The same D-class hunter, dealer and healer, woman and man,
Naturally, she thought that she and the uncle would go on for a long time, but in reality it was not.

After becoming stronger, he would soon become a C-class hunter, and it was clear that he would aim for the upper level with a high probability.
And if that happened, it was clear that he couldn’t be with himself, who was staying where he was.
The realization of this made her impatient.

It was a relationship at best.
It was the first precious colleague I had.
He was a valuable person who built up his self-esteem.
He was the only salvation he could count on.

So I didn’t want to miss out.
She felt that if she broke up with him, she would fall apart this time.
That’s why she wanted to be with her forever.

“So you install something like this? I was crazy yesterday…”

Uneasy, she did everything she could to get hold of him.
Taking time off as an excuse to park her car, she quickly installed security cameras in her house.
At her drinking party, she deliberately clung to him more than usual.
I pretended to be drunk and induced him to take me home.
And at the convenience store…

“Ugh… ! I’m a regular there… I’m ashamed, how can I go now…”

She pretended to be crazy and tried to buy condoms.
It was a sex appeal to him.
Blocked right away.

As soon as I got home, I pretended to be asleep.
Paying attention to the location of the camera, I cleared the obstacles and went to bed and lay down.
He muttered that he was frustrated that it was easy to take off and unbuttoned his clothes.

But he didn’t hit himself.
He was a kind old man as usual.

“Ha… But is he really the old man? It’s a table set up…”

“Or am I lacking?”

She thought it was one of two reasons why he didn’t attack her.
Not interested in women or not seeing themselves as women.
She suspected the latter of her there.

Come to think of it, he had a warm appearance. It wasn’t because she didn’t dress up, but when I saw her serious face during battle, she was the one who unknowingly made my heart flutter.
He also had a good personality. He was rarely angry and always put himself in the other person’s shoes. He was a completely different look from the men who were crazy about sexual desire.
She didn’t know that she had gotten used to it after hanging around for over a month, but thinking about it a step behind her, he was an attractive enough man.

Wouldn’t he have had a woman? Absolutely not.
Even though he didn’t seem to have a girlfriend now, judging by his usual behavior, he was never a woman without a woman.

“Then, of course, the eyes on women must be high… “

There must have been many women around him who were much prettier and better than him. Thinking like that, I could understand his attitude towards him.
He was the one who treated him as if he were looking at his sister or her nephew rather than a woman.

“Whoa… That shouldn’t be the case.”

I had to catch him before he left me.
However, no matter how much he thought about it, the only way he could catch him was his appearance and body.

He was the one who hated men talking about them after seeing only those two things.
Now I have to use those two things to seduce a man…
She was the one who laughed at the situation that had changed.

“By the way… What should I do?”

The problem was this. Since she was born, she has never seduced a man.
She was always on the receiving end of the dash, on the contrary, she had no idea what to do when she tried to dash.
However, there was no one around to ask.

“I didn’t want to go this far… “

In the end, all she could do was use the Internet.

[Search: How to seduce a man]


The number of D-level dungeons required for the C-grade promotion test is 30 times.
Also, you can clear up to 3 D-grade dungeons per day.
Therefore, arithmetically, the conditions for the promotion test could be met in 10 days, and Lee Hyun-ah and I actually achieved the conditions in 10 days.

Clearing three times a day sounds difficult in words, but in reality it was not.
It took less than an hour for the two of us to clear it, so the waiting time was longer than the attack time.

Coincidentally, there was a promotion test at the end of this month, this weekend, so I applied right away.
Originally, I had to prepare for the promotion test separately, but I didn’t feel the need.
He was so confident in his skills.

On the other hand, Hyuna Lee gave up her challenge.
In fact, since she only rode the bus, passing the promotion test did not seem easy.
So, in a way, it was natural for her not to challenge.

By the way… Hyunah Lee…
That kid has changed a lot lately.
For ten days, she showed a completely different appearance than usual.

She always wore a dull suit with no exposure, but at some point she started wearing hot pants that showed off her thighs and a sleeveless suit that exposed her breastbones.
Then, she clung to me as much as she could and made intense skinship, pretending that she was my girlfriend.

This is true… It was clear that anyone could seduce me.
Seeing that she didn’t even have the coupling ring she always wore, she was sure of that.

But she didn’t accept her.
It was because she knew that her love affair, which was only her sympathy, would end badly.
What Lee Hyun-ah needs is not “Me.”
She just needs someone to lean on.
If she had been accepted in this situation, her catastrophe would have come.

When I hit the iron wall, she changed her ways.
Instead of seducing her body, she emphasized her own loneliness.
Lee Hyun-ah called me every night and said weakly, ‘I can’t sleep, I feel so lonely and lonely, I wish someone would be by my side’.

This method worked quite well.
When I saw her growing dark circles every morning, it hurt so much.
It seemed like something bad was going to happen if I went there like this.
She said she hurt herself or she met a bad guy.

In the end, I couldn’t bear to see that, so I told her.

“If you pass this promotion test, I have something to tell you.”

“Yes, yes?”

“It’s really important to you and to me.”


Fortunately, it worked.
After talking about it, the appeal of her loneliness disappeared, and naturally, her dark circles also disappeared.
Her revealing outfit was still the same, but it was pleasing to the eye, so she didn’t say anything.
After returning to our normal relationship for a while, we enjoyed walking around the dungeon.

Finally, the day of the C-class Hunter promotion test came.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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