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Heroine Netori 60

Heroine Netori 60

Chapter 60 – D-Cup Obsessed With Me (12)

To begin with, the C-class Hunter promotion test passed safely.
It was a more difficult test than I thought, but it was not a difficult test for me, who was already a D-class hunter.

A special dungeon that appears very rarely? Thanks to observation, it wasn’t difficult at all.
One-on-one sparring with an instructor? The attacks of only C-rank hunters could not pierce my heal, which had grown as I grew up.

Other hunters complained that it was the greatest fire test ever, but it was a story that I did not sympathize with at all.
I was able to pass the test with a high score.

“Nice… I was an F-rank hunter last month, but I’m already a C-rank hunter!”

After awakening the heroine Netori, everything went well.
Because people really don’t know.


[Gamdeokbae Hunter, how are you? My name is Jin Myeong-woon of Twosome Guild. It’s not different… ]
[Angel Guild with a heavenly atmosphere! Hello? Recently, Hunter Gamdeokbae’s… ]
[Hello? This is Hasam Guild, who is contacting you after hearing about Hunter’s promotion test… ]

Love calls pouring in like this to me, who was an unemployed person in the corner of the room.
It was something I really couldn’t have imagined.

By the way.
What about this
I have no intention of joining a guild.

I don’t know how I knew it, but I kept getting calls from my personal number, and honestly, I was happy at first.
It just annoys me because it gets in the way.


Oh really! Stop it
Isn’t this illegal? Isn’t there a privacy law like this?

[Caller: Hyunah Lee]

Oh, it was Hyuna.


It’s not that I don’t particularly like guilds.
When you enter a guild, you can make friends, get information easily, and there are many advantages.
But would it be right for me to join the guild? The answer is no.

I am an irregular being who can grow to my heart’s content as ‘Heroine Netori’.
There will be a difference in growth rate from other hunters, and skills that are difficult to obtain will also increase without rest.

It is not right to belong in such a state.
People will suspect that I’m hiding something, and it will soon turn into jealousy and envy that will haunt me.
But why join a guild? Absolutely not.
Joining a guild has more disadvantages than advantages for me.


[Hello? Mister. Where are you?]

[Almost gone. I’m not running away, so stop looking at me.]

[Ehehe… I know! I’ll be waiting for you!]

But once that’s done!
Let’s have some fun today. I’ve been running non-stop for ten days, so I need to take a day off.
To celebrate the promotion, we decided to hold a small party at Hyuna’s house.
I took Hyuna, who was always drunk, home, and today I decided to drink at Hyuna’s house from the beginning.

By the way, I wasn’t talking about it. Hyuna invited me. To repay this opportunity and cook for you?
It may not be as good as my cooking skills, which have grown to the level of a chef, but I’m looking forward to it because it’s a dish made by a woman.


“The door is open! Come on in!”

But he is also very worried. What are you so defenseless?
Of course, she trusts me that much, which makes me feel good, but I’m also worried about her current baby, who now considers her almost like her sister.
What should I do if I get caught wrongly by a bad guy and face him?
Hehe, I should take care of the country too.

“Excuse me~”

“Poop! What is that Excuse me~”

Oh… It’s the first time I see her wearing an apron.
After all, no matter how many times you see it, it has tremendous destructive power. I wouldn’t have to worry about spilling it on the floor.




“Hey Yay!”


Hyuna’s voice gradually grew as the empty soju bottles increased one by one.
I’m anxious… I’m worried that I’m going to get into trouble again.

“Now talk about Dalian!”

“Ha… Do you know I’ve already done it three times?”

“Ehehe… But it’s fun every time I hear it!”

“… That’s right Because I thought it was no joke. I mean…”

But this time, I didn’t talk about bittersweet things like before, so the atmosphere was good.
Talk about fighting with your boyfriend, talking about him cheating on you, etc. What a painful time it was!
On the other hand, today I felt comfortable because only the story of my active work continued.
Actually, there has never been a day in my life when I was as active as today, so I wanted to brag a little…
Hyuna didn’t know if she knew it or not, but she kept begging that she wanted to hear me, so thanks to her, she was able to brag to the fullest.

“Wow! After all, the uncle is great!”

“That, right? I can see a little…”

“It’s amazing that you’re bragging about yourself without changing your face like that!”

“…… “

But maybe because of the alcohol, he became a little overly honest.

“Poop! What is that look! Hi-Hi. It’s a joke. A joke. Now, eat this and relax.”

“Don’t deal with failures just because you want to be at this time.”

“It’s a failure! Please consider this a novel attempt…”

Unfortunately, Hyuna’s cooking skills fell short of expectations. I thought she could do the basics because she had quite a self-made career, but she didn’t at all.
Thanks to that, I cooked a new dish, but the food I made ran out quickly, and Hyuna’s food still occupied a place on the desk.

“… But when will you tell me…?”

“Yes? What?”

“What! That… I heard you have something to talk about if you pass the exam…”

“Oh, is that?”

“Yes, that!”

Turns out, that was it. It’s not that I forgot, I was going to talk about it for a few days, but if you ask me this far, I’ll have to talk to you right away.
For Hyuna and for me, what I want to say to Hyuna is…


Ever since he came home, Lee Hyun-ah was in a state of tension.
It was because what he said that day kept bothering me.

‘If you pass this promotion test, I have something to tell you.’

‘It’s really important to you and to me.’

She couldn’t quite figure out what she was trying to say with such a serious expression.
But there were a few things I could guess.

‘You want to go out with me? Did I finally make it?’

But that was unlikely.
No matter how aggressively she dashed, she was the one who hit the iron wall.
But now that I’ve changed my mind, I didn’t think he would ever ask me to go out with him.
It was the word she wanted the most, but it was the least realistic.

‘If not… Let’s break up now… ? You won’t be able to go with me anymore…?’

This was very likely.
For ten days, she only rode the bus. He grew up suddenly and even though he was a healer, he cleared the D-class dungeon by himself without her help.
In this state, he had no reason to go hunting with her after being promoted to C grade.
Therefore, although it was the word she least wanted, it was the most realistic.

But it hurt too much to admit it.
He was the only salvation for her who was alone.
He had become too precious to her to part with now.
I really hated to miss it like this.

So, today was your last chance.
A chance to get her to give her the answer she wants, no matter what conclusion he draws.
So she forcibly invited him to her house, dressed more daringly than usual and cooked, which she hadn’t done before.

She couldn’t make it
He was the same as usual and the relationship between the two did not change.

I’m laughing, but my heart hurts.
It was fun, but it was so painful.
I was happy but desperate.

‘Finally… That’s it.’

I cried, but I forced myself to hold it in.
In the end, I wanted to be remembered with a smile on my face.
So I asked him with the brightest expression possible.

“… But when will you tell me…?”

“Yes? What?”

“What! That… I heard you have something to talk about if you pass the exam…”

“Oh, is that?”

“Yes, that!”

He was resentful for saying it as if it was no big deal.
She didn’t know what the heck he was talking about when he said it that way.

However, when I saw his attitude, I thought it might be something more trivial than I thought.
Suddenly, hope rose.

‘Yes, how much you depend on me! Well then. He must have been just kidding.’

No matter how I thought about it, it seemed right.
The tension was relieved. Laughter came out.
It seemed that only he, who had been nervous up until this point, had become an idiot.

‘You were worried like an idiot! Uncle was bad too. Do you play with a woman’s heart?’

I was upset, but I still felt good.
I was happy that the worst thing I thought didn’t happen.
He hated the man in front of him, but he was still good.
Now, I felt like I could accept anything he said.

As she smiled and waited for an answer, he brought up the story as if it were nothing.

“Hyunah, stop being a hunter.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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