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Heroine Netori 61

Heroine Netori 61

Chapter 61 – D Cup Obsessed With Me (13)

She couldn’t understand what the hell he was talking about.
Stop being a hunter? Why? Why?
Why is he saying the same thing as the ex she hates so much?
No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t find an answer.

Am I so serious that no answer comes out when I see it from the side?
Is it better to hit me right now?
Is that why you’re worried?
Would you like to stop for me?

I hated whatever it was. Hunter was her life’s goal.
It was a dream I had cherished so much that it was difficult to quit with just one word.
For the first time since her first meeting, he felt rejected.
It was as if she had gone back to before she became friends with him.

‘In the end, he was the same person… ?’

She was disappointed
The tears she had been holding back were about to burst out.
I hated him for not understanding me
He hated himself for making him say the same thing.

“… Yes?”

He asked in a trembling voice.
Asking, she prayed within herself.

‘Please say it’s a joke.’
‘Please say it’s a joke.’
‘So that I don’t hate you… Please.’
‘Please… ‘

By the way…
He said something totally out of the ordinary.

“Stop being a hunter and become my manager.”

“…… Yes eh?!”

That was something I hadn’t really thought of.


[No that… It’s not compulsion. I just want you to think about it.]

[I became a C-class hunter this time, but honestly… I can’t do anything without you He only knows how to fight. Other than that, he’s a sick man.]

[So I need you.]

[To be honest, I don’t think we’ll be together as Hunters… But I want to keep going with you, right?]

[So Hyuna. I want you to be my manager.]

[It is right to be selfish, and it is right to be greedy. But even so, I want to continue our relationship.]

[It’s fine if you don’t answer right away. Please think carefully and contact me.]

What was Lee Hyun-ah so good about? She couldn’t hold back her laughter.
Even though I have already watched the video dozens of times, I was thrilled like that moment yesterday.

“Kyaaaaa! I want you to be my manager!”

When the video she was watching was over, she hit the play button once again and enjoyed the repeating happiness.
Oddly, the more the video was repeated, the more the joy grew.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time since I’ve been alone again.
Her heart, which had been cold as ice at his candid appearance of wanting her, became warm like her spring day.

[I can’t do anything without you.]
“I can’t do anything without you.”

[So I need you.]
“So I need you.”

[But I still want to go with you, right?]
“But I still want to go with you?”

No matter how many times the video was repeated, she memorized all the man’s words.
Among them, the words I particularly liked were about to be followed aloud.

“They say you can’t be without me in your life! They say they need me! He wants to be with me forever! Ehehe…”

That’s how much she was immersed in what happened yesterday.
After all, she was the one who would have been playing the video all night had it not been for the dead battery.

“You think of me as much as I think of you. That’s what I’m most happy about…”

She, no, she was the one who reminisced about that moment and saved his confession even without the video.


“By the way… What do we do? A manager… Ehehe! Manager! Manager!!”

She started talking to herself, pretending to be serious, but then she couldn’t contain herself and burst into laughter and rolled on her bed.
She said that, but she had already decided her answer.
As soon as she heard him, she had decided to do him a favor.
It was her own push and pull that she didn’t answer right away.
She waited until the very last moment… The thought of pleasing him made her nervous already, her heart pounding.

“It’s a pity that I quit my job as a hunter… “

It was her own mistake that she did not give up her job as a hunter.
She was always ignored by those around her because she was not good at anything.

‘Only the face is pretty, everything else is trash, right? The future of these guys is pretty obvious.’

‘If I pretend to be so arrogant now, if I go later, I’ll get under me to make money?’

In that situation, her awakening was the only chance that came to her.
For the first time, she has acquired a talent that puts her ahead of others.

So I wanted to show you. That there are things he is good at.
So I wanted to brag. The figure of oneself who succeeded proudly as a Hunter.
I wanted to take revenge on those who ignored me, envied me, and looked down on me.

She also wanted to get out of her boyfriend’s fence.
She wanted to break his word that she couldn’t do anything without his help.
She wanted to prove that she could do it alone.

That’s why she was the one who gritted her teeth and endured day by day despite all kinds of humiliation.

“However… If you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense anymore.”

“Because there is a man who acknowledges me, relies on me, and only looks at me… “

“Because I’ve already found the value of my existence.”

But, as she said, she didn’t have to suffer anymore.
It was no longer a problem for her to be noticed by unhelpful people.
For her, her only significant other was him.

“So you just have to take care of it.”

“You’re an old man who would be a fool without me. I have to take care of each and every one.”

“I can’t help it. Who else will take care of me? I should be the manager Yes, then, then.”

“By the way… Wait a minute… Now that I think about it…!”

As she rolled over her bed, she stopped moving, and she dug herself under the covers with a serious expression.
Her face, invisible from the outside, was bright red, and the corners of her mouth were constantly rising.

“I am a precious person who is indispensable in Mr. “

“Print… Isn’t it La Pose?! Kyaaaaa!!”

“What should we do! What should we do!”


I’m sorry to Hyuna, but I forced myself to do it.
Asking a child who is doing well as a hunter to quit and become a manager… That was enough of a slap in the face.

However, Hyuna was absolutely necessary for her future hunter life.
What’s so complicated about this guy’s system is that he still can’t even make a simple reservation.
I think it happened because I left everything from the beginning, but now I’m trying to learn step by step, so it’s frustrating.
It was comfortable just hanging out with Hyuna.

… Is honestly an excuse…
The truth was that he couldn’t leave Hyuna alone.
It was Hyuna who was alone after fighting with her boyfriend.
I felt that Hyuna would be seriously hurt if she left me in this situation.
However, it was impossible to accept Hyun-ah only with her sympathy.
Here, I think the best course of action was to hire Hyuna as my manager.

Actually… This should be seen as sympathy, but at least it will drag on the time.
Time to change Hyuna’s mind or time to change my mind…

Oh, the more and more Siwoohwa is progressing.
No, but this is reality, but you can’t eat without responsibility…
Under… Her head was complicated.

In this case, it is definitely ‘Heroine Netori’.
The first goal, the C-class Hunter promotion, was a success.
From now on, you have to achieve the secondary goal of earning ‘Heroine Netori’ points.

The minimum number of points required is 50,000 points.
Current points are 80 points.
There is a long way to go.

I think it will be difficult once or twice…
First of all, right now I don’t have a point to choose a genre or anything.
I have to go for a change of mood without thinking.


[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]
[Select the genre you want.]
[*Error* Randomly selected because of insufficient points.]
[Select the character you want.]
[*Error* Randomly selected because of insufficient points.]
[Select an item to use for this round.]
[*Error* You cannot select any item because you do not have enough points.]

[The genre is ‘Youth Growth’.]
[You are the roommate of the main character.]
[There are no available items.]

[Mission: Netori the heroine.]
[Tip: The main character and main heroine are about to start their first love. To begin with, the main character invited the main heroine to her house.]



[Choi Siwoo: Deokbae, you and I said we were going to MT today, right? I just thought of it and contacted you. Well done wow!]

“Like this?”

[I’m really sorry guys, but something important suddenly happened so I can’t go to the MT today.]

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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