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Heroine Netori 62

Heroine Netori 62

Chapter 62 – I Liked It First (1)

Choi Si-woo and Gam Deok-bae are high school alumni and live in a two-room apartment in front of the school.
It was a cohabitation that began when the circumstances of Gam Deok-bae, who could not afford to afford economically, and Choi Si-woo, who needed a reliable hometown friend, met.

When you live together, you fight for trivial reasons.
Surprisingly, the two, whose personalities match well, became closer and now they are close enough to share their concerns.

“But that means you have to steal your best friend’s girl.”

I felt sorry for Siwoo.

But what can I do? I need to earn points.
I have no choice but to hold back tears and do netori…

“Instead, I’ll take care of it for you at the royal road, so don’t resent me too much.”

Pretend to wipe away the tears that won’t flow
I devised a plan to steal Siwoo’s girl.


Choi Si-woo was a guy who had a constant stream of women around him.
He was a guy who couldn’t be unpopular with his handsome looks and languid personality, so he was natural.

But this crazy guy was a guy who didn’t recognize that he was popular.
The women around him whined, saying that they were just friends and that he wanted to have a fling that everyone else was trying to do.

“You bastard bastard… “

By the way, did you have a girl? I never would have known if Tip hadn’t told me.
When I drink all the time, I’m going to go to the middle of the day, and it turns out that it was all a smoke screen operation.
Besides, I called a woman to a house where I’m not there…
Naughty bastard. I’ll even send you a confirmation text.
What were you trying to do by bringing a girl?
I gave him a small round of applause for his acting ability that was not typical of Siwoo.

On the other hand, Deokbae Gam of ‘Heroine Netori’ was also quite popular.
To what extent

[Lee Ye-eun: What’s going on? Did something bad happen? ㅠ_ㅠ… ]
[Park Ha-yan: What is it… We decided to go together! Hey, then I won’t go either.]
[Jia Shin: Shall we have a drink together? I honestly didn’t want to go either.]

When I said I couldn’t go to MT, these kinds of calls came right away.
This is enough to beat Netori and enjoy the campus life of his dreams, but his point is really regrettable.
When I looked through the profile pictures, everyone seemed to have a good face…


Still, I decided to put up with it because it would be too late if I dragged out time in a place like this.
To earn 50,000 points, it was not the time to relax.


-Beep beep beep beep!
– Clap

“Wow, are you bringing it at this time? Do something, really.”

The current time is 8:00 PM. It’s already a dark night because the sun has gone down.
By the way, did you bring the woman now? Siwoo’s intentions were clearly visible.

“Hey, where did you go and are you coming now… Huh? Who?”

I pretended not to know anything, went out to meet the two of them in panties, and pretended to be embarrassed when I saw the girl.

“Oh, how are you? I’m Siwoo’s friend, Na Hee-ra… Kyaaaaa!”

Then, the sseomnyeo was also embarrassed and greeted me, but realized that I wasn’t wearing pants, and screamed in embarrassment.

Well… Siu is really pretty. This heroine is also attractive.
I liked her soft brown hair that fell down to her shoulders and her innocent face with light makeup.
It was a fresh charm that only a newcomer who had just started decorating could show.
On top of that, the date look she was wearing was cute because it seemed like her will to seduce an insensitive man somehow.
I’ll be netori soon, but that’s it.

But her heart was a little sad. She didn’t even have small breasts, but she looked relatively poor, probably because she only went out with Hyuna these days.
Paizuri would be difficult at that level…
She only earned points quickly and increased reasons to finish.

“Hey! Why are you at home?”

“Why? It’s my house, so it’s there.”

“No, first put on your clothes, quickly!”

As I was evaluating the girl by looking up and down, Siu called me and took me to the room.
Apparently he had something to say to me.
However, I couldn’t speak properly, probably because I was so embarrassed, and I was frustrated when I was just talking gibberish, so I spoke first.

“No, who is he? Girlfriend?”

“… Not a girlfriend We are just friends.”

“Aha, not yet?”

“It won’t be in the future, so put on your pants quickly!”

“Why not?”

“Once we met, we shouldn’t introduce ourselves.”


Really, this is poetry again. He’s a really sincere guy.
In a situation like this, you’re not thinking about kicking me out, but you’re thinking about introducing me.
Yes, yes, yes.

“But you said you were going to MT. Why don’t you go and stay home?”

“Oh, that broke. Hey, all of a sudden, the kids said they couldn’t go in groups, so we fought over it and it wasn’t even a fuss, really.”

“I see…”

“So I was annoyed and was waiting to have a drink with you. The vodka I bought to drink at MT is still there. How would you like a drink?”

“That’s good, but I have some work right now… “

“Work? What happened? Is it related to the person you brought?”

“No, it’s not what you think, so don’t misunderstand. We gathered for a while because of an assignment to be given next week.”

“Okay? Would you like to have a drink with the three of us?”

“… Uh?”

That’s what happened. I brought you here with that excuse.
Siuna confirmed that I was going to the MT from the morning.
Some girl who came dressed like that while doing an assignment
We all had the same thoughts, but on the surface, we prepared such an excuse.
When I learned the situation, I burst out laughing.
If this is the case, I think I can move according to the plan I made in advance.

“Then I’ll go ask.”

“Hey, wait a minute. Hey!”

Ignoring Siwoo’s call to grab me, I opened the door and approached the girl.
She was examining her surroundings with a nervous look on her face, perhaps for the first time at a man’s house.

“Hi? Siwoo’s classmate and roommate, Department of Philosophy, Class of 21, Deokbae Gam. Nice to meet you.”

“Ah… Hello? I’m Na Hee-ra, who is in the same class as Si-woo. Nice to see you.”

“What is it? Are you on active duty?”


Looking at the girl’s attitude, I felt that she was a little wary of me. Is it because I showed you my panties earlier?
Still, this is the intended result. Being wary of me is, in other words, caring about me.
The operation was proceeding without incident.

“But there is. I was supposed to have a drink with Siu today, but how do you want to have a drink together? It was fate that we met like this.”

“Yes? That…”

“No, Siwoo said he would like it.”

“Hey! When did I! Hee-ra, it’s a joke, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.”

Oh really It’ll be quiet for a while.
While I was flirting with a girl, Siwoo came out of the room late and interrupted me.
But Siwoo… Even though he said that, he seemed to secretly want to create a place.
It was so obvious that I almost laughed.

“No… I’m okay. Anyway, today is Friday… Siwoo, how are you?”

“Yes? I… If you’re okay, I’m fine too.”

See this? It’s so damn good in pairs. Don’t you know I’m in the middle?
I’m sure the three of us should drink together, but it’s already just the two of us.
But thanks to that, I passed one level and my worries were alleviated.
This stage was the biggest hurdle, but if it goes like this, it will really be a piece of cake from now on.

“Okay? Great. Then I’ll be in my room, so tell me when you’re done.”


Before starting this ‘Heroine Netori’, the things I put in my inventory were the smartphone I used in real life, the green dagger I picked up from the Royal Road Dragon, and sleeping pills that were rolling around the corner of the house.
I didn’t know what kind of ‘Heroine Netori’ I would be playing, so I prepared three highly versatile ones.

Now, having a drink with Siwoo and Siwoo’s girlfriend,
It’s a smartphone and a green dagger left in your inventory.

“Ah, how much did you drink? This guy is already sleeping. Anyway, Siwoo is not good at drinking.”

“Siwoo’s drinking volume was weak… “

“Can you wait a minute? I’ll lay him down and come back.”

“No… Siwoo is also sleeping, so I’ll stop going now. It was fun today.”

“Are you going already? You say you’re sleeping too?”

“But it’s already too late…”

“Can’t we just have one more drink? There is something I wanted to say about Siwoo.”

“… Okay?”

“Yes. So wait a minute.”

Where’s the sleeping pills?
I wrote half of it for Siwoo, and I plan to write the other half now.
Originally, using drugs is a foul, and conquering with just one cock is the rule of the country, but
I was the one who had been cheating with sexual stimulation from the beginning anyway.

Besides, there is no guilt for doing this now.
No matter what, you’re lying to ‘Heroine Netori’ anyway.
I raped her since the tutorial.

I laid Siwoo down in Siwoo’s room, took out water from the refrigerator, and poured it.
I put a sleeping pill in the cup after covering it with my body so that the girl wouldn’t see it.

“Drink a glass of cold water before listening. It’s a little bit important.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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