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Heroine Netori 63

Heroine Netori 63

Chapter 63 – I Liked It First (2)

After taking Heera, who was soundly asleep, to my room, I laid her down on the bed.
And he roughly loosened Heera’s clothes to make it easier to eat.
She didn’t undress at all. Clothed sex attracted me today.

She unbuttoned her blouse and took off Heera’s bra.
Then, her bulging Hee-ra’s cute breasts were revealed.
Although she was a smaller size than expected, she did not disappoint.
She decided to settle for pink nipples.

She lowered her gaze and this time she took off Heera’s skirt.
Then, unexpectedly, I saw panties with a fairly small area.
Her translucent bra and Hee-ra were fully prepared.

She slowly lowered her panties, revealing her pristine, hairless cunt.
She had also finished grooming her hair.
Unlike her innocent appearance, Hee-ra was surprisingly revealing.
Or is she as sincere as she is to Siwoo.

Just in case, let’s check with her observations.
Oh… At the thought of licking her virgin cunt, she naturally erected.
As she opened her tight cunt, I saw an innocent male hole.
When I tried to insert one of her fingers, she did not go in easily because it was a tight hole.

She was satisfied with that fact and pulled out her smart phone.


She put my cock into Heera’s cunt, taking a threatening picture of her in case she didn’t know.
She wanted to fuck her right away, but she forced herself into it and used purification to wake Hee-ra from sleep.

“… Yes? What… Who are you… ?”

And as soon as she saw that Heera had opened her eyes, she thrust her into Heera’s cunt.

An audible scream echoed through my room.


“Ughhh…. Hurt… ! Ugh…Why… Ha… “

He didn’t care whether Heera was in pain or not, and continued to fuck his cock.
She didn’t feel too good because her pussy wasn’t wet, but
The fact that she ate her friend’s daughter-in-law gave her spiritual pleasure.

“Stop, stop! Ugh… Aww! Hurt! Ha… Please!”

Heera continued to be in pain, but she didn’t really care.
Thanks to her ability to transform her pain into pleasure, an added ability to her erogenous stimulation.
It was a pain that would soon turn into pleasure.

“Gmmaaaaan! Ha… Ha….”

Was it a bit harsh though?
As soon as I woke up, I was raped without knowing why, so I could understand why she was crying like that.
So let me know and rape you.

“Can you come to your senses?”

“Who… Whoa… Could it be Siwoo?”

No, in this situation, are you mistaking me for Siwoo? It’s ridiculous.
Even if the lights are turned off, there is something else to be mistaken for.
If Siwoo was the one who would rape you like this, you would have been eaten a long time ago, man.
Or is it? Something about having hope in the worst of being raped?
But what if I’m sorry It’s not Siwoo, it’s Siwoo’s roommate Deokbae.

“That’s right, Siwoo. So don’t talk nonsense and get stuck.”

“Oh, lie! Aren’t you Siwoo? Black… Haa, you can’t believe Deokbae, Ugeuk!”

“I got caught like this.”

I tried to fake it because it looked funny, but I failed.
She regretted it, but she didn’t have any trouble fucking her, so she thumped her cunt non-stop.

Heera’s cunt was very cramped like a virgin, but she didn’t feel very happy either because she had just woken up or because she was resisting.
How to say… How does it feel to be driven into a stiff on a hole? I felt a little sorry.
Still, it was nice to tame this arrogant cunt into the shape of my cock.
This is the taste of eating a virgin pussy.

“You pervert! Stop! Fuck… Stop! Awesome…Under… Stop it!”

Hee-ra, who had finally come to her senses, fought hard.
Hitting me, pinching me, shoving me, biting me… Trying to get away from me as best I could.
However, no matter how hard a C-class hunter or ordinary woman tried, they couldn’t defeat me.

“Please… Oh my gosh… Ha ha… Please don’t… Ha… Aww!”

Oh, now I’m getting some signs.
Has the ability to turn pain into pleasure finally manifested?
Hee-ra, who had been in pain from the beginning, began to gasp for her pleasure little by little.
And seeing that, my cock grew bigger in Heera’s vagina.

“Ha… Fuck. No… Oh my gosh! Sniff… Why would you do this… Ha…”

“I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you.”

“Crazy bastard! Yes black! Ha… Rape a woman? Hehe! Under… Please don’t!”

Heera tried to talk to me somehow to stop me, but
I lightly ignored it and continued fucking my cock.
Little by little, the juice flowed out and the vagina became softer, which made her feel even better.

“No, since you suddenly pretended to be asleep asking for a fuck, how can I stay still? I have to eat it.”

“You bastard. When did I… Cheek! Fuck please… Stop it, haha!”

“Why me? It’s gotten a little better now.”

In fact, no matter how ‘Heroine Netori’ I was, I didn’t do it to this extent.
I’ve been stressed out because of Hyuna lately, so it ended up like this.
I thought I was really going crazy after putting up with him tempting me with that huge breast.
But isn’t it real now? So naturally, the limit was lifted.

Pleasure without responsibility! This is ‘Heroine Netori’!
So I’ll eat it without anyone watching. You can’t move if you fuck your cock!

“Sobbing… Ha… Siuyaaaaa! Please save me!!”

“Surprised. What are you doing?”

“Siwooaaaaa! Help me!”

No, this crazy bitch?
When Hee-ra couldn’t get away from her me on her own, she screamed for her help.
She knew how to obey me so that the current situation of being raped would not be discovered somehow, but it was a completely unexpected action.

But it’s Heera. The sleeping pills that Siwoo took were so strong that even a warrior couldn’t wake up, right? Even if you scream like that, Siwoo won’t wake up.
But it’s no fun if you say it like that. Shall we play some prank?

Haha. Hira why are you so cute You asked Siwoo for help right now, right? But who brought you to this house?”

“… What are you talking about?”

“Siwoo’s drinking volume is weak? Well, Siwoo drinks better than me.”

“How… What are you talking about!”

“Today, Siwoo asked for a favor. Fuck a bitch that bothers me. So I said I would know right away.
By the way, do you want Siwoo to save you? You are really cute How can Siwoo, who is in the middle of fighting with another bitch, save you?”

“Thing… Lie! It is a lie!”

Yes that’s a lie But is it somehow real? That’s why the situation right now is unrealistic.
Hee-ra said she didn’t believe it, but from the look on her face, she seemed dubious.
Enjoying that expression, I thrust my cock in again.

“Haaagh! Oh! Ha… It’s a lie! Stop fucking and tell me!”

“Is it real? So Siwoo is done, let’s continue having sex together.”

“Shut up! That’s a lie! Black… Whoa… Right! Is that a lie?”

No, the kid has a bad mouth. It looks completely innocent, but it’s a bit of a shock.
Is this how much mentality exploded?
I need to break it once more before it explodes.

“Right. It’s actually a lie. Are n’t you in heat? The real Siwoo is sleeping in his room his. Drunk with sleeping pills.”

“You… You crazy bastard! Black… Madman… Ah…”

Oh, if you touch this a little more wrongly, it will explode.
The shaking of the eyes looks a little dangerous.

“But tell me. Siwoo wouldn’t mind if I ate you? Talking about it earlier, he said he had no intention of flirting with you and he was not very interested.”

“Again, another lie!”

“No, this time for real. Hey, I don’t know anything else, but I’m a loyal guy, right? Don’t touch my friend’s girl. But you, whom Siu brought along, looked so damn good, so I asked.
But he said he didn’t care. That’s why I’m eating like this.”

“Shut up! I… Sniff… How can you believe that! Black…”

“If you don’t want to believe it, don’t. I’m telling you out of pity, but if you don’t believe me, I can’t help it.”

“Shut up please! Ha… Aagh! Please stop!”

But it doesn’t matter if your mentality explodes or not, right? It’s not even real anyway.
Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to netori on the side that explodes?
That’s also rare, hey, he’s not being self-indulgent.

Usually, if I hit this much, I’m going to giggle, but I’m still sane.
I’m sure every time I got stuck, the pleasure would come, but I could see that he was forcibly enduring it.
So… Shall I give you a chance? Tell me to come over at once

“It’s Heera. Then why don’t we make a bet?”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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