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Heroine Netori 64

Heroine Netori 64

Chapter 64 – I Liked It First (3)

“… Betting?”

“Yeah, bet. I’ll let you go if you win.”

“… Shut up. You’re trying to play with me. Ha… Cowardly bastard.”

Look at you ugly Come to know Heera, can I see it? The more you know, the more attractive you become.
It’s so cute to make such a scary expression with an innocent face.

“Isn’t that a lie? I feel so sorry for you who still believe in Siwoo, so I am giving him a chance.”

“Shut up!”

“… Heera, but you know what? Does it get worse every time you curse at me like that?”

“…… “

That’s why I thought I’d close my mouth right away. Really cute heera
It is true that cursing is worse. I think I’ll go crazy thinking that a groaning sound will soon come out of my mouth that belittles me like that.

“And the one that looks more appetizing every time you stare at it?”

“Ugh… Black… Whip, wow…”

And for the same reason, the glaring expression on me is also the highlight.
You can’t help but think of changing from that expression to that of a female.

“What are you saying… Sobbing… Bad guy… Under… “

In the end, Hee-ra was unable to curse or get angry and burst into tears.
But I’m sorry, Heera. It just seems like no matter what you do, everything goes wrong.
Seeing Heera cry, more and more blood rushed to the cock that was rubbing inside her vagina.

“I just wanted to let you know. You’re so damn hot.”

“Sobbing… Sniff…”

“So are you going to bet or not? What do you want?”

“You can do it… Ha… Fuck.”

“Haha, good idea.”

When looking at rice cakes, a common subject that often appears is the bet that “The one who goes first loses”.
It usually appears when training strong women, but I wanted to try it every time I saw it. I was very sick.
But to think that she would really do it like this is, after all, ‘Heroine Netori’, her best ability.

“The content of the bet is simple. I’m going to hit you like now, but whoever goes first loses.”


“What? Why are you not confident? Could it be that Hee-ra is the kind of pervert you feel while being raped?”

“… Shut up… Were you just offended? Ha… “

“Right? But I thought it would be cheap soon. How can I do my own thing?”

“Fuck… Bad boy…”

Don’t be fooled I thought you’d say you’d always win while bluffing
Heera knew her subject well.
Even so, the reason for denying it must be because of the minimum pride or hope.
In the end, though, it’s just hopeful torture.

“Then let’s get ready before we start.”

“Ugh… Ha… What, what… Nonsense… “

“Yes? Oh, it’s the first time I’ve seen it in person. Say hello, this is my cock that used to pierce your cunt.”

“Crazy… Lie…”

When he pulled out his cock for a fair bet, it was revealed that he was wet with Heera’s love juice.
It was a huge cock, as always, but Heera was surprised by its size.
When I was stuck in my sleep, I guess I didn’t know it was this big.

“I don’t know anything else, but I have some confidence in this?”

“Ha, don’t!”

Hee-ra, who didn’t know what to do, was cute, so I teased her a little.
As she rubbed her cock against Heera’s clit, she screamed at Heera, freaking out at her, “Don’t do it.”

“Did you feel it?”

“It’s because I’m in a bad mood! Perverted bastard…”

“I don’t think so?”

“Shut up! … Rather than that, what would you do if you won?!”

Oh, a natural horse spin.
Come to think of it, she didn’t say that. Good point.

“I… It’s simple. Heera, if you can’t stand it and leave, you just have to be honest with yourself from then on.”

“… What are you talking about?”

“Don’t force yourself to hold it in, and scream if you feel good. Got it?”

“A real pervert… Even if I die, nothing like that will happen.”

Haha. That’s what you’ll find out now Then start?”

Now, it’s time for a fun bet.


As the level of observation rose, I was able to identify the opponent’s weaknesses.
And that weakness also includes women’s erogenous zones.
Therefore… This is a bet you can never lose.

It was only now that Heera was holding on without being self-indulgent.
It was because I deliberately scratched only the insensitive part.

If you stab your erogenous zone properly

“Bad… Ha… Hot! Ha, ah!”

I can’t stand it like I do now.
My cock with erogenous stimulation and observation is invincible.

Haha… I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Town! Yep!”

It’s useless even if you forcefully block it, Heera.
Unknowingly, Hee-ra let out her moans and covered her mouth with her two hands.

“Huh, yup! Ha… Haang!”

As he continued poking at her weak spot, the sound leaked through her hand.

“Heheh, huh, ah… Fuck… Ha, Shivaal!”

“Heera, are you feeling well? It feels good to be poked here. Is it not?”

“Shut up the fuck… Haang! Hot! Bad boy… Aang! Hem!”

No, Heera, if you curse, you get worse?
Then I can’t stand it and I’ll hit it harder. Huh?

“Fuck! Ha stop! Ah! Ha… Awesome! Sorry!”

“How are you feeling? Do you think you will go?”

“Sir Baal! Come on stop! Haang! Hot!”

But I can’t let it go like this.
It’s too sad to end it already. I’ll have to play with it a few more times.
And originally, this kind of bet has to be held until the woman surrenders.

“Whew… I almost bought it. How was Hee-ra-ya good?”

“Under… Ha… Fuck you!”

“Yes? You’re already peeling it.”

“Crazy bastard… “

“Oh, I can’t because I’m bad, I’m going again! Hold on well this time, Hee-ra.”

I was going to take a break for Heera, but when I saw Heera’s expression of blaming me, I couldn’t stand it.
Heera… Are you incapable of learning? Or do you want to be impaled by me unconsciously?
I’d prefer the latter if possible.

“Wait, what are you doing?! Ugh! Ahh! Shi, I hate it! Under! Such an attitude! Ha… !”

“It’s not fun to do it the same way!”

After forcing Heera to lie down, I lifted her back to make a posture and inserted the cock into it.
Then, the sound of flesh colliding with flesh echoed through the room.
Inside Heera’s cunt, a sloppy sound was heard as her juices mixed with her cock.

“Don’t fuck… I hate it! This is weird! Ha!”

“Are you feeling better than before?”

“Aang! Shut up!”

Apparently, Hee-ra seemed to prefer hitting her back.
She is more responsive than before.

“Heera, you know what? You are so fucking hot right now.”

“Shut up… Ha! Haang!”

Heera’s blouse was covered with sweat, revealing her white inner skin.
I’m going crazy because it’s a naked see-through blouse.
Isn’t Hee-ra a genius?

“Ha… Ha… I haven’t lost yet… Ha…”

She also couldn’t stand it and started fucking her butt, only to stop right before Heera left.


How many times have you repeated it since then? I can’t even remember her.
Surprisingly, Hee-ra was persistent.
She thought that if she repeated it two or three times, she would fall, but in reality she didn’t.

“Fuck… Ha… Bastard! Kinky cub! Pup!”

“Is it Heera?”

“You you! You keep stopping on purpose!”

“… Did you catch it?”

“Ha…Really bad you…Really…”

Still, the end was in sight.
Hee-ra seemed to notice it belatedly, but
Rather, the fact that she noticed meant that she wanted to go that much.

“It’s Heera. I want to go?”

“Bad kid… Really you will be punished… Black… Sniff…”

“Yes, yes. I will be punished, so tell me quickly. I want to go?”

“… Yeah you trash bastard… Black… So do it your way…”

“No, Heera. It shouldn’t be. If you want to go, you have to ask.”

“… What is it?”

I’ve been waiting for this moment, but I can’t let it go so blandly.
If that’s the case, I’d send it to you. Isn’t that right Heera?

“Now open your pussy and ask me to fuck you. Hurry up.”

“Again, again? Would I call that crazy?!”

“If you don’t like it, you’re going to fuck me right before you leave again?”

“… Crazy bastard… Fuck you!”

“Quickly decide. Do you repeat it until you lose your mind or go away with your pussy wide open?”

“Huh… Black… Ah… Whip, aaaaa!”

After that, it was really long. I thought it would be captured and finished soon, but it took longer than expected.
It was a relatively difficult difficulty, probably because only the easy difficulty was repeated these days.

Still… This isn’t too bad either.
Being sold was surprisingly bad, and it was rewarding to finally capture it like this.

“Sniff… Black… Alright… ?”

Heera cried and opened her cunt herself.
Hee-ra’s pussy, which only I knew, swelled up as if she wanted me right away.
But it’s still not enough.

“I have to ask you too. I want you to fuck me.”

“Ugh… Black…”


“Come on, sleep… Fuck me… Fuck my cunt quickly, make me go away!”

Nice… This is it I’ve been waiting for this
When Heera fucked my cock as she wanted, her cunt sucked my cock like crazy.
It was a completely different lustful pussy from the first time it was fucked.

Haha! Cocks joaaaaa!”

Come to think of it, Heera decided to be honest if she won the bet.
Well. Because it’s good to hear it anytime. The moans of a woman leaving.


Early in the morning, Siwoo woke up holding his throbbing hair.
She couldn’t remember when or where she slept, but the smell of her body made it clear that she had been drinking.

“Alcohol… Oh, with Deokbae… Did you drink?”

Shiu, who was still drunk, could n’t recall what happened yesterday no matter how much he tried to refresh his memory of her.
Strangely, the more he thought about yesterday, the more his head hurt.

“After… I need to drink a glass of water first…”

I was so tired that I wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t because I was thirsty.
As I was forced to get up, open the door, and slowly head towards the living room, I heard a strange sound from Deokbae’s room.

“Aang! Ha… Haaang!”

“…… Should I pretend not to know this?”

Siwoo naturally thought that the sound was coming from a porn site.
There was nothing else I could think of.
Thinking that Deokbae was sleeping, he took her earphones off her and watched it.
Siwoo quietly walked to the refrigerator without being noticed.
It would be embarrassing for each other if they were found out.

But as I walked in, I noticed that the table next to the refrigerator was messy.
On oden soup after eating, on an empty alcohol bottle, on a spoon that fell on the ground… It was a complete mess.

“… Oh, you drank here. A few bottles of vodka… What?”

But there was something strange.
He and Deokbae must have drank together, but there were traces of the three of them drinking on the table.
Three glasses, three plates, and spoons… If you include the ones that fell on the floor, three suits.
No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t understand it.

“There was one more… ? Who else… Oh!”

Then I suddenly remembered.
That he brought Heera home yesterday,
After finishing the assignment, the three of us drank together with Deokbae.

“…… Did Hee-ra go home?”

Deokbae’s MT was canceled, and he himself got drunk.
A number of bad factors overlapped and blew the opportunity.
A chance to confess to Heera.

“Under… I even prepared the lines…”

After standing there for a long time, Siu went back to Heera’s room to send her a text message saying hello to her.
No I didn’t want to go back

“Ah! Joah! That, there! I’m going to stab you there, joaaa!”

I wanted to go back…
The sound from Deokbae’s room bothered me.

It was a voice I had heard somewhere.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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