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Heroine Netori 65

Heroine Netori 65

Chapter 65 – I Liked It First (4)

Slowly, very slowly, Siwoo moved to Deokbae’s room.
With each step he took, the sound in the room grew louder and louder.
She thought it was a sound from porn, but it wasn’t at all.

The creaking sound of the bed, the rough exhalation, the sound of flesh mixing with flesh,

“Heera! I’ll wrap it inside!”

“Sir! Ahhh… ! Hello dear!”

Two very familiar voices,
It was the sound of Deokbae and Heera making love.

“Under… Haha… It’s a lie… ?”

Siwoo stopped walking at the door of Deokbae’s room.
From the other side of the door came the shouts of two people.
Siwoo grabbed the doorknob with a trembling hand.

“The horse… It can’t be. Heera and Deokbae… ? Why? It’s the first time you two have seen each other…”

“Heera… Didn’t you like me? Hee-ra, we liked each other.”

He wanted to open the door, but was afraid to open it.
He couldn’t stand it any longer, if he was right.
So he denied reality. He was looking for possibilities that didn’t exist.

“Ah! Maybe a hidden camera? Right? Yeah that can’t be… That’s right… !”

“You two are making fun of me. Ahaha… Haha! Yes… Ji?”


But in the end he had to open the door. I had to see it with my own two eyes.
It was a ray of hope, but I had to stake everything on it.
Siwoo wanted to quickly get out of this hellish imagination and face the comfortable truth.

What Siwoo saw when he opened the door

“Ah… Aaaaang! Wrapping it inside… Too young… Ha…”

It was the face of Hee-ra, who left while being cummed inside her.

Deokbae’s visit was a Pandora’s box that should not be opened.


Siwoo quietly closed the door and ran to his room.
That was the look of a loser.
Upon arriving at the room, Siwoo closed the door, climbed onto the bed, closed his eyes, and covered his ears with his hands.
In doing so, he sought to escape from the terrible reality.

However, the two raised their voices as if to listen.
Through the door and through the hands blocking the ears, the sounds of a man and a woman gasping were heard.
Damn it, Siwoo heard that and got an erection.
Siwoo shed tears because he was disgusted and pitiful at himself.

“Why… Why… ! Why, what the hell!”

“What the hell happened to you two… Aagh!”

Even when I met Hee-ra yesterday, when her heart was pounding at the unusual charm of Hee-ra, it was a situation I could not have imagined at all.
Deokbae stayed at home instead of going to MT, but that wasn’t a big factor. That much he was Siwoo, who believed in Heera.
He thought it was rather a good thing that the three of them had a drink. In the middle, he noticed Deokbae and tried to have a place for the two of them.

But rather, it was Deokbae and Heera who had their own seats.

It was clear that something had happened between the two of them after he had been drunk.
It was clear that something had happened.

“Why! Why is it not me and Deokbae!”

“I… I liked it first! More than Deokbae!”

“But why… I met Deokbae for the first time today…”

Hee-ra and Si-woo clearly had feelings for each other.
Siwoo planned to make a confession today to make his heart clear.
And if it goes well, I was thinking of having her first experience with Heera today.

The plan was perfect. Deokbae, my roommate, was going to MT.
Worried, Hee-ra readily accepted the invitation to her house.
We prepared delicious drinks and sweet snacks to liven up the atmosphere.
She had been racking her brains for days, even thinking about what to confess to Heera.
And no one secretly went to the opposite convenience store to buy condoms.

However, Deokbae’s MT was canceled, and the plan was twisted from the start.
The intimate time between the two of them turned into a mischievous time when Deokbae intervened.
… In the end, it was Deokbae who had sex with Heera, not himself.

“Ha! Sleep Joe! Aang! Aaaaah!”

Siwoo burrowed under the blanket so that he couldn’t hear Heera’s moaning.
But I can still hear her weird voice
Siu couldn’t stop his erection.

“At that time… I should have said… I really liked Heera… I should have… “

Siwoo regretted the conversation with Deokbae yesterday.
But it was already too late to regret it.

Hee-ra was already a woman of virtue.


I woke up early in the morning and looked at Heera.
In her naked state, Hee-ra was soundly asleep in my arms.
It was Hee-ra who looked at me so fiercely and cursed at me, but the sleeping Hee-ra was the innocent Hee-ra of her first impression.

She was so cute, he put his hand down and massaged Heera’s chubby buttocks.
Unlike her meager breasts, her big ass was palatable to the touch.
While she was enjoying Heera’s body, her Heera woke up.

“Get your fucking hands off me.”

Hey, it’s scary since morning.
She returned to that Hee-ra when she was raped.

“Is it Heera that I liked so much yesterday? Isn’t she too sharp?”

“That… It was a bet!”

“You know that the content of the bet is to be honest, right?”

“… Just shut up. You pervert.”

This is true It makes me go crazy in the morning.
Even if you say that without getting out of my arms, I’m not afraid at all.
Could this really be tempting me?

“Is it just a craving? Do you want to be eaten in the morning?”

“Crazy… I will report it.”

“What? Sincerity? Who let it happen?”

“Then. Are you going to imprison me for the rest of my life so I can’t report it?”

“No, please. Why are there such simple shackles?”

I knew this would happen and prepared everything in advance.
I opened my smartphone and took a picture of Heera before eating it.

[Come on, sleep… Fuck me… Fuck me in my cunt quickly, make me go away!]

He showed a video of Hee-ra making a female declaration.
I moved the hidden camera taken with my real smartphone in advance.

Heera freaked out and rushed at me.
As I hid her smartphone behind me, Heera clung to me and tried to snatch it away.
But it’s Heera. Rubbing like that on your naked body is tempting, right?

I easily subdued Heera, climbed on top of her, and restrained Heera’s arms with her legs.
Then, naturally, it became a posture of forcibly receiving fella.
Oh, it’s like Morning Fella.

“Fuck! Fuck you, you pervert!”

“Heera, didn’t I tell you that it would make you look worse? Look, it happened because of you. Are you going to take responsibility?”

“Crazy bastard… Trash bastard… ! Black…Fuck…”

Eventually, when I had an erection, Heera turned her head.
I wanted to forcefully stuff it into my mouth, but I held back for fear of biting it. It seemed like it needed a little more time.

“Anyway, you know what happens if you report it, right? Be calm before spreading it on the Internet with your personal information.”

“…… You are truly the most trashy person I’ve ever met. Garbage that can’t even be sorted. Guys like you should just burn.”

“How can you be so lovely?”

“You bastard… You will surely die the most miserable death in the world. I will curse forever.”

“I heard that if you curse, you will live a long time. I can eat Heera for a long time. Is it not?”

“…… “

Oh, Heera is pissed off.
When I couldn’t communicate, the ignoring operation treated me as someone who didn’t exist, and the way I behaved was really cute.
Let’s see how long we can do that.

“Town! Crazy! Go away!”

I changed my posture and forced myself to kiss Heera, but before I could put my tongue in, Heera pushed me away.

“Chuup, why are you doing it more often from now on? We are lovers from today.”

“… What is it Are you insane?”

Sane right You need to be a lover to shock Siwoo.
I thought about having sex, but then Siwoo would rebel, so a lover is right.

“Now, are you a lover?”

“… I will kill you…”

When I showed the video again to Heera, who was glaring at me, she scolded me with dead eyes.
However, seeing the weak voice, it seemed that he could not bear to refuse.
After… It’s a pity that I had to threaten her even though I ate it once, but I can’t help it because I’m a ‘heroine Netori’ that I can enjoy for a short time.

“Because we’re lovers, it’s as easy as kissing, right?”

“Why… Why are you doing this to me!”

“You said yesterday. Fell in love You’re so damn ugly.”

“Crazy bastard… You are really crazy! You really… Town! Oops, ha… Wow!”

I covered Hee-ra’s mouth with my mouth and began to kiss her in the morning.
Hee-ra forced her lips to close and tried to hold on, but she couldn’t overcome my strength and eventually accepted my tongue.
He sucked in Heera’s sweet saliva, but it suddenly tasted salty.
Heera was crying.

He grabbed Heera by the waist and pulled her into his arms.
Hee-ra struggled and resisted, but when it didn’t work, in the end, he quietly took her into his arms.
I could feel Heera’s pounding heartbeat.

“Puuuuu, ha… Ha… Even if I give you my body, I won’t give you my heart. Never.”

“It’s okay though. If only I could have you.”

“……… Fuck you.”

“Are you cracking?”

“Ah! Fuck! A little!”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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