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Heroine Netori 66

Heroine Netori 66

Chapter 66 – I Liked It First (5)

– Kwadang!

After returning home, Nahee slammed the front door shut and grinned in anger.
She was already mentally shattered after experiencing something she thought had nothing to do with her for the rest of her life.

“Fuck… Black, black…”

I left home expecting to have a sweet time with Siu
Upon returning home, she became the protagonist of a disastrous independent film.

“Wait, black… Hey, baaaaal! Disgusting! Displeased!”

She took off the clothes she was wearing and threw them into a corner.
It was his T-shirt that Deokbae had given him to wear. The clothes she was originally wearing were soaked with sweat and could not be worn.

“Ha… Ha…Ugh! Bastard! Pup! Rapist! Aww!”

She ran to the bathroom, shuddering at the recurring memories of last night.
I was thinking of washing my body and erasing those terrible marks.


“Ugh… Dirty!”

I turned on the shower and soaked every inch of my body. Unpleasant feelings seemed to be washed away.
But when she touched her body, the memory of that time came back.
Startled, she dropped the showerhead.

“Ha… Ha… Fuck… Why do I have to go through this… Sobbing…”

His touch, which had no consideration and only touched himself for sexual desire, was obviously the worst, but
Ironically, it felt really good to see him touch me.
Deokbae knew very well how to make a woman’s body happy.

“Annoying… It’s not even that Siwoo touches me… Why is that bastard thinking!”

Hee-ra scolded herself and grabbed the shower again.
Now it was her turn to wash her pussy.
To my disgust, it still had his semen in it. It was a safe day, but I had to scrape it off quickly.

“Black… Ha… Oops, black… I’m sorry…”

I grabbed the shower head with one hand and sprayed water on my pussy.
With one hand, he inserted a finger into her pussy and scraped out the remaining semen.

“Ha…Haha… Whoa, whoa! Ha…”

It was clearly an act of washing away his traces.

But little by little
She started to get excited.

“Ah, ah… Wow, haang…”

Instead of scraping the semen, Hee-ra started to find the G-spot and touch it.
Instead of spraying water into her vagina, she began to stimulate her clit by adjusting the water pressure.

– Sizzling

Then, the juice flowed and mixed with the semen, and a strange sound began to come out.
It was the same with her moans.

“Haha… This… Whoops, whoops! Aang! Here this… It!”

Just like the girl from last night, Hee-ra honestly expressed her good mood.

“Scratching here… Aang! Joaaaaa!”

And it just peaked.


At the same time, something mixed with liquid flowed from her cunt.

She sat there for a long time, lost in the afterglow,
After belatedly coming to my senses, I quickly got out of the bathroom.


I should have felt refreshed after taking a shower, but Hee-ra felt rather complicated.
I never thought I would masturbate unknowingly.
Naturally, I remembered what he said yesterday.

‘Could it be that Hee-ra is the kind of pervert you feel while being raped?’

“Shut up! No it’s not!”

She screamed in anger at Deokbae, who wasn’t there.
That’s how anxious she was. I was worried that what he said was the truth.


Then, suddenly, the smartphone rang.
When I checked, it was thanks.

“Crazy bastard… “

He sent the video he took yesterday.
That disgusting video of him beating his cock after losing a bet.
I was going to block him right away, but he then sent a text message.

[You haven’t thrown away my clothes yet, have you?]
[(Emoji of Nobel-chan shivering)]
[Actually, I didn’t wash the clothes, so the clothes have my smell on them?]
[Masturbate now while smelling it.]
[And take a video of yourself masturbating and send it.]
[(Emoji of Nobel-chan smiling and looking at you)]

“… Really stupid, this bastard…”

He gave an unreasonable order.
Take a masturbation video and send it… I was so dumbfounded that I couldn’t even get angry.
At the same time, I was embarrassed that I had been caught masturbating a while ago.
But she didn’t show it and sent back a refusal.

[It’s crazy? Why me? Play porn.]

[You mean to spread the video you sent earlier on the Internet?]

[… ] … I really want to kill you.]

[Yes. I love you too.]

Instead of sending her reply, Hee-ra threw her smartphone on the bed.
And she, too, lay in bed and denied reality.

“Are you really going to upload it? Unless you’re really crazy.”

“… But he’s really crazy…?”

However, she immediately returned to reality.

Gam Deok-bae is a crazy asshole who raped her the day she first met her.
That’s why the words about posting on the Internet could have been sincere.

“Fuck… “

In the end, she had to follow his advice.

“Really, why am I… “

She walked into the living room, weeping again, to her chagrin.
Then she picked up the clothes she had thrown earlier and returned to her room.

“To masturbate while sniffing… ? Ah… Aww! Really do this! You want me to film a video on top of that?!”

Anger flared up again.
He threw his clothes on the floor and stepped on them with his feet.


But then she got another call from him.
For some reason, Hee-ra felt that her actions had been caught, and her heart tightened.

[Are you filming? I’m sorry if I’m filming it, but I have to take it off my panties so that my pussy and her face are all exposed. Got it?]

But what he sent was a perverted request.

“You pervert!!”

Heera cried out at the request.
But that was all she could resist.

“Ha…Something like this…Ugh…”

Hee-ra sighed and set up her smartphone so that she could see her bed.
She then got on the bed and she took her own pose and adjusted her position.
Fortunately or unfortunately, she was able to find the right angle in one try.

“Ugh… Do you really have to Gamdeokbae… Really bad bastard… “

She grumbled and finished her preparations before hitting her record button.


Hee-ra, sitting on the bed and leaning her back against the wall, looked at her camera and spread her legs.
She wasn’t wearing panties, so her pussy her was exposed.
She put her hand over her cunt her, her face flushing red from her embarrassment.
Then she placed her fingers on her erect clit her and began rubbing them slowly.

“Oooooh… Ugh…”

The idea of ​​leaving a video of her masturbating her made her nervous.
Unlike usual, when I touched Klee with awkward hand movements, there was no feeling.

“Ha… Whew, ha ha…”

But the idea that he would see the video excited her.
I was so ashamed and angry, but I became excited with unknown emotions at the unrealistic fact of showing things that shouldn’t be shown.
Eventually, she gradually increased the intensity of touching her clitoris, getting a little pleasure.

“Sup… Under… Sup… Ha… “

At the same time, Hee-ra took Deok-bae’s clothes to her and smelled her.
The smell of him that she had smelled yesterday stimulated her sense of smell her.

It must have been a disgusting and unpleasant smell, but the more I smelled it, the better I felt.
It felt like being held in his arms of her.

“Sup… Haha… Aang, ha…”

No, it was more like he was touching me.
He seemed to be holding her from behind and caressing her with her thick fingers.

“Ha ha, ah! Joe… Wow, haang!”

I didn’t like Deokbae, but it felt good to touch him.
The fact was so terrible, but it was an undeniable truth.

“Huh! Sup, hehe… Now I’m going to put black inside… Haap, eup, ugh!”

Hee-ra, as if touching her clitoris wasn’t enough, bit Deok-bae’s clothes her with her mouth her.
He thrust the fingers that were holding her clothes her into her cunt her.
Then, recalling his touch her, she scratched at her own weakness her.

“Fuck, yup! Uhhhhh!”

“Hoo-wook, ha… Ha… Gone…”

She didn’t feel as good as she did back then, but it was enough for her to climax.
She picked up Deokbae’s clothes again and buried her face in them.

“Sueuuuuu…” I’m sorry, hehe…”

Then she took a deep breath and sniffed her, then lightly went away again.

“More than usual… I felt good… Ha… Is that okay?”


After filming, Hee-ra played the video before sending it to her Deok-bae.
Just to make sure her face and cunt her are showing properly, as he said.

No, actually she said that because it was an excuse and she wanted to watch a video of herself masturbating.
Indeed, I was curious about how she would look at herself from the perspective of a third person.

“…… Is this me?”

And she could see her own lewd side of her that she had never known before.


Hee-ra thought that she was having a straight face.
It was true that she was in a good mood, but she thought she was rightly dissatisfied with her masturbation her being forced by someone else.

However, in the video, she was enjoying masturbation more than anyone else.
As if she wanted to see more, she pushed out her cunt and seduced Deokbae to watch the video.
And that expression … That strange expression was her own expression that Hee-ra had never seen in the 20 years she had been living there.


Deokbae’s words came to mind once again.
A pervert who enjoys being raped… Deokbae was right.
Heera couldn’t refute that comment any longer.

“Ah… Siwoo… Sorry…”

Suffering from that fact, Hee-ra thought of Si-woo.
She said that Siu was her favorite of her…
I thought I would definitely have my first experience with Siu…
His body had already become Deokbae’s.

“Perhaps… Heck, a pervert like me… Maybe I didn’t get along with you from the start…”

Hee-ra forced herself to hold back her tears and sent the video to Deok-bae.
Deokbae checked it as soon as it was sent and replied saying that it was good and that he would use it as a daughter-in-law today.
Hee-ra wanted to curse at her, but she didn’t have the strength to do so.

She promised to give him her body but not her heart her.
She was afraid that sooner or later she would give her heart her.


“Hey, Siwoo! Look at this, I really sent it. After all, Heera is fucking erotic.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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