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Heroine Netori 67

Heroine Netori 67

Chapter 67 – I Liked It First (6)

Last night, when Heera got stuck in my cock and kept going away, I suddenly got a notification that I had achieved B grade.
It is said that Siwoo, who woke up at dawn, sneaked into my room where I could hear my moaning.

If I was caught while raping, it could have been a mission failure, let alone a B grade, but that didn’t happen.
Thanks to Heera shouting ‘I like cock’, we were able to make Siwoo misunderstand us as planned.
Perhaps Siwoo is shocked and locks himself in his room, thinking, “I liked you first… ‘ I wonder if I would have cried while whining.
Because Siwoo is the same.

Even this morning, Siwoo did not come out of the room until Heera left the house.
It was obvious that he pretended to be asleep because he didn’t want to run into Heera.
Thanks to that, Hee-ra was able to get out of the house safely, but on the other hand, it was regrettable. I was curious about the facial expressions of the two when they met.

“Whoa… If it’s a B grade, you can quit here, but…”

The fact that Hee-ra received a B grade even though she didn’t pass it perfectly means that the shock Si-woo received was that great.
If so, if you harass Siwoo a little more, wouldn’t it be possible to get an A grade in a few days?
With that thought in mind, I changed my plan.

“I’ve said it over and over again, but I’ll be sure to take care of it for you in the royal road, so let’s be patient until then, Siwoo.”

But Siwoo doesn’t come out of the room.
Sometime after Heera went home, she is still pretending to be asleep.
Is it hard for me to see?


Oh, I finally woke up. When I looked at my face, my eyes were still swollen.
Siwoo met my eyes and made an awkward expression.

“Good morning.”

“… Good morning.”

So now let’s run the operation again?


I ordered delivery food for the hangover, but Siwoo kept looking at me.
He seemed curious as to what the hell had happened yesterday that led to them even having sex.

“Hey, have I got a girlfriend?”

“…… Uh?”

So, I just talked about it in a straight line.
Siwoo listened to my words and dropped his chopsticks on the spot.
I guess I never thought I’d bring it up first.
I continued by handing over new wooden chopsticks.

“Thank you. Thanks to you.”

“…… What… Go?”

“Yes? Oh, I’m dating Heera.”

“…… Gee, really?”

“Ok. When I asked him, he said he didn’t have a boyfriend. You say you don’t really like anyone. So then he just asked me to go out with him.”

When I mentioned that I was dating Heera, as if nothing was wrong, Siwoo was visibly taken aback.
When Heera said that there was no one she liked, he dropped his chopsticks again.
I handed over new chopsticks again.
Siwoo’s hand was shaking.

“But you… Why with Heera…”

“Yes? Yes, Heera, you are so damn pretty. It’s just my taste But I felt sorry for her because I thought she was your girlfriend, so I quickly confessed to her because she wasn’t.”

“…… I see… But Hee-ra said she would date her right away…?”

“Did you lose a bit the first time? So I said don’t do that, let’s meet once and if it’s okay, let’s keep dating. Then he said okay.”

“… Ah… “

“But I was Hee-ra’s first boyfriend? Hee-ra said she was from a girls’ middle school and high school and had never even kissed.”

“… Uh?”

“Isn’t that why you ate it right away yesterday?”

– Pooh!

“Cough, Cough… What, what?!”

Siwoo spits out the coke he was drinking, then jumps up from his seat and glares at me.
No, what should I do if I stare, Siwoo? Are you Hee-ra’s boyfriend?
Siwoo also sat down awkwardly, probably realizing that right away.
I laughed inwardly and replied.

“No, Heera secretly seduced her. You said you longed for making a boyfriend after you came to college, but if you cling to it and stay still, is that your boyfriend?”

“…… What… “

“I heard that I had never kissed before, so she kissed me on the spot, so I loved it, but what? She thought it was cute, so I did it a few more times, so there was an atmosphere where I could do it more and more. You know that.”

“… Yes… “

Of course it’s a lie. In fact, I raped her by giving her sleeping pills.
But a lie that goes undetected is the truth, no matter who has not told it.
It was a lie that Hee-ra would immediately lash out at if she heard it, but to Si-woo, it was an unquestionable truth.

“So look at this.”

I showed Siwoo the picture I took right before he ate Heera.
Siwoo immediately turned his head away in embarrassment, but his eyes continued to stare at the smartphone.
You this child Are you honest with your desires?

“Hey, hey! It’s a crime! You are hidden now…”

“Are you crazy? It was taken under agreement. Heera said she could film it.”


Siwoo, who is honest in his desires but has a sweet personality, criticized me for forcibly taking pictures.
It seemed that he still wanted to save Heera.
But can I say that even if I show you this?

“Or will Heera say this while watching this?”

[Come on, sleep… Fuck me… Fuck me in my cunt quickly, make me go away!]

Seeing Hee-ra open her pussy and declare that she is a female, Si-wu blushed and turned her head again.
Then I closed my eyes and was very distressed. Are you thinking about yesterday?

[Ha, haaaaang! Sleep!]

“Because I know! Stop turning it off!”

As the video became more and more hardcore, Siwoo finally admitted it.
Siwoo will never deny that Heera became my woman.

“Still, thanks. If it’s your girlfriend… Shouldn’t it be treated with respect… ? Taking a video is only the two of us, but showing it to me without permission…”

No, what is pure love? Or is it the ogre of the good protagonist?
But anyway, that’s how it gets cold.

But in case of that, did you prepare again in advance?

“You’re not a kid to talk to or show off to other kids, so it doesn’t matter. And you must not have known, but Hee-ra is actually a very naughty girl.”

“……… What?”

“You’d rather be seen by others, right? Even so, when I asked for a picture of me masturbating to be used for my daughter and send it to her, she said yes without saying anything?”


Oh, nice timing. Send it just right Heera is also

“Hey, Siu! Look at this, I really sent it. After all, Heera is fucking erotic.”

I showed Siwoo a video of Heera masturbating while sniffing my clothes.
Then, Siu’s face twisted.
It was a bizarre expression that couldn’t be angry, ashamed, or even cry.

Siwoo suffered for a long time, then went into the room saying he was feeling sick because of a hangover.
When I put my ear to the door, I saw Siu crying profusely.

By the way… I thought this would be enough to get an A grade, but it’s not.
I needed to increase the intensity a bit more.

Siouya Uzzano… I came so far…

Renewing my resolve, I shouted at Siwoo through the door.

“Siwoo, I’ll be at Heera’s house for the weekend, so call me if you have any business.”

No, let’s try it together.


Siwoo regretted it all day.
At that time, he should have been honest with Deokbae…
At that time, the three of us shouldn’t have been drinking…
At least I shouldn’t have been drunk at the time…

It was already too late to regret it.
However, Deokbae’s words continued to come to mind and torment Siwoo.
According to her friend, he could have been her boyfriend too.


It was sad. It hurt. I was lonely and miserable.
I wanted to kill my past self.
Why were you so stupid!

If given the opportunity to go back to the past, he would never have made the same choice!


If only given a chance.
But there was no miracle that would ever happen.
Siu suffered again.

– Knock!

Deok-bae contacted me, as if he knew Si-woo.

“This… “

It was pictures and videos.

Siwoo, as if possessed by his ghost, immediately opened KakaoTalk to confirm.
Then he saw a picture of Heera licking Deokbae’s huge cock.


Deokbae was receiving something that only happened in his imagination.
I was jealous, but excited more than that.
Blood rushed to the lower leg.

It wasn’t just one or two pictures, but they were pictures of Hee-ra constantly taking pictures of her.
Heera was lovingly sucking on her cock as if it were delicious candy.

Siwoo felt like his cock was about to explode.

He hated Deokbae for sending these things, but Siwoo couldn’t stop talking.
Siwoo felt as if he was receiving fella.
It’s too bad, but Siu saved the picture.
He felt guilty, but at the same time he felt a great sense of immorality.

After saving all the photos, Siwoo hurriedly played the video.
Then he saw Heera’s smooth back.
It was clear that the two were having sex, as the screen shook.
As she turned up the volume, Heera’s moans were heard.

[Ah!Haha,haha! Joaa this! It’s getting hit from behind!]

Siwoo, unable to take his eyes off the video, took off his panties and grabbed his cock.
And he wiggled his cock and hips as if he was fucking himself.

[Uhhhhh! Joe! More, harder! Aaaaa!]

[Go, go away!]

In the video, Heera is at her peak
Siwoo outside the video also peaked.

In the video, Deokbae’s semen flowed out of Heera’s pussy.
Outside of the video, Siwoo’s semen landed on his bed.

However, Siu was not disappointed.
Instead, I played the next video.

Siu got an erection again.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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