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Heroine Netori 68

Heroine Netori 68

Chapter 68 – I Liked It First (7)

Over the weekend, Deokbae continued to send Heera pictures and videos.
Seeing that, Siu masturbated.
Seeing the girl she liked having sex with her friend and hitting her daughter…
Siu hated himself so much and was pathetic.

I didn’t like Deokbae to use her as a daughter.
He hated Deokbae for not treating Heera with respect.
Heera, who did not resist, was puzzled.
She felt betrayed by Heera, who sounded vulgar like a porn star.

However, no matter what the two of them did, Siwoo had no right to interfere.
All Siwoo could do was shake his cock.

“Haha… You look so sick…”

Siwoo liked Heera because she was different from other women.
Unlike her classmates who like to decorate and always have no choice but to play, Hee-ra is sincere and pure.
I felt that Siwoo was really beautiful.

But now Hee-ra…

[Yeah, ha… Do you want to do this? Wow, haang! Hot, haaang!]

It was a vulgar pervert who climbed on top of Deokbae’s cock and shook her waist.

Siwoo is suffering from that fact
He grabbed the erect cock again.

Siwoo was also an undeniable pervert.


Over the weekend, he ate and ate and ate and ate and ate Heera.
And I took pictures and videos and sent them to Siwoo.
Along with the words, if you have nothing to do, watch this and hit your daughter.
There was no reply, but seeing that the number 1 had disappeared, Siwoo seemed to be busy snapping.

“Heera, suck me for the last time.”

“Fuck… Are you going to take another picture?”

“Then. We should record our precious times.”

“Perverted bastard… “

Hee-ra sucked her dick carefully, grumbling, as he pushed the cock that had just finished creampie and was stained with her love juice and semen.
She was Hee-ra who kept resisting at first, but now she seems to have given up on her and she does everything as she is told.

“Haam, chung, churrup, haa… Ha, yup, chuu, fa…”

Thanks to that, her fella skills have also improved a lot. She is said to be sincere, and if you teach her how to do better, she will tell you that, so she puts it into practice.
Plus, when you stroked her hair as a compliment, she sucked harder on his dick, and seemed to have a strong need for recognition.


And thanks to that, she was able to take a picture like now.
If you compare the before and after photos with the photos you took yesterday, it will look worse.

“Hee-ra thinks she’s the third prettiest when she’s really sucking cock.”

“… Churup, ha… Chun, Jueup…”

“The second time is when you get stuck in my cock.”

“Ha ha… Will you shut up?”

“The first is when you swear like now. So damn ugly I can’t. Heera, let’s do it one more time.”

“Wait a minute! Hate! Oh no, stop it! Wow, haang!”

She also resists with words saying, “Don’t do it,” But she doesn’t resist with her body.
At this rate, Hee-ra has been completely captured… She did, but she didn’t make it A-grade.
She thought it would be over soon, but to her surprise, she keeps taking time.

“Aang! Stop, ha, lot, hehe… Gooooo! Aang!”

Do more here?


“Hi Ra, hello… “

“Ah, Siwoo… Hi… Did you have a good weekend… ?”

Siwoo and Heera, who are in the same class, are taking three of the same classes.
So it was natural for the two to meet in the classroom.

“Yes… He heard about it You said you were dating Deokbae? … Congratulation.”


The problem is that the two always sit right next to each other.
Until last week, the two took classes together with their hearts pounding and fluttering.
From this week, the two of them couldn’t concentrate in class because of the awkwardness.

It was difficult for Heera to see Siwoo’s face as Heera did.
Whenever I see Siwoo, I think of the time I spent with Deokbae over the weekend.
Even though he still likes Siwoo, he was miserable for allowing himself to be with Deokbae, so he couldn’t bring himself to look into his eyes.

It was hard for Siwoo to see Heera’s face.
Whenever she sees Hee-ra, she keeps thinking of her daughter that Deok-bae sent her.
Even though she still likes Heera, she masturbated while watching the two of them having sex.

That’s why the two said goodbye and didn’t say anything.
The hellish class hour passed very slowly, very slowly, tormenting them both.


Suddenly, Heera got up from her seat and she ran out of the classroom.
She wanted to go to the bathroom, but Hee-ra didn’t come back even after 10 or 20 minutes.
Siwoo was worried about Heera, wondering if she was sick.


But that wasn’t the reason.

[Gam Deok-bae: Hee-ra is eating.]
[Gamdeokbae: The video has been sent.]

Hee-ra went out to meet Deok-bae.

Seeing the talk, Siu looked around, lowered his posture, and secretly saved the video.
After that, he silenced his smartphone and played the video.


Then, on the screen, I saw Hee-ra getting hit by Deok-bae.
The two of them were having sex in a small bathroom stall.

“… Ah… “

Shiu naturally got an erection.
I was going to go to the bathroom because I thought my cock would burst at any moment.
There, he tried to satisfy his needs.

But then


Heera returned to the classroom again.

“…… “

Sweaty hair, wrinkled clothes, a flushed face, and an obscene smell…
The woman who had just had sex sat next to him.


She knocked on Deokbae again.

[Gamdeokbae: The picture has arrived.]

It was a picture of Hee-ra’s cunt with Deok-bae’s semen oozing out.


Siwoo couldn’t tell Deokbae to stop.
Siwoo was already addicted to the sweetness that Deokbae gave him.

Hee-ra, who is a big girl in the corner of the second floor of the cafe,
Hee-ra doing fella at an unpopular karaoke room,
Hee-ra doing a ride in her own room…

Deokbae continued to send messages, and when Siwoo received the message, he went to the bathroom.

A week passed like that
Siwoo became a body that could not get an erection without Heera’s picture or video.

[Ah! Joah! Wrap it up! Get me pregnant!]

But as the days went by, Heera’s stimulation weakened.

Hee-ra was no longer the pure woman he knew.
Dye your hair, expose your bare legs, smile and act cute…
There was nothing different from the women he hated.

Heera in the video also changed a lot in a week.
At first, if she was a virgin who had just realized sex, now she was a prostitute who could not live without sex.
Hee-ra, who was moaning shyly, couldn’t see it.

As a result, Siwoo’s feelings for Heera became much lighter.
Maybe that’s why when I see Heera having sex, I’m not as excited as I used to be.
He needed a new stimulus.

So, I had a new encounter.
Yejin had a different charm from Heera.

Unlike Hee-ra, who was introverted, Ye-jin had a very lively personality and had a lot of friends around her.
However, she was as pure as Hee-ra, and was an innocent girl who would blush when obscenity was mentioned.

Siwoo liked it and approached her, and the two quickly became friends.
This time, he confessed without missing the timing, and in the end, they easily succeeded in dating.

However… What should I do? Yejin couldn’t get an erection.
I took her to a motel and took off her all her clothes her, but I couldn’t stand the cock until the end.

Ye-jin comforted Si-woo, but it didn’t improve at all.
What comforted him was the video of Heera he saved on his smartphone his.

[Come on, sleep… Fuck me… Fuck me in my cunt quickly, make me go away!]

Now, even with Heera, Siwoo lacks stimulation, but strangely, this video still excites him.

“… Ah… It was like that.”

Siwoo, who pulled out one foot and became a wise man, thought about the reason and eventually found the answer.
After realizing, Siwoo contacted Deokbae on the spot.

[Deokbae. Could Yejin eat it?]

Siwoo, who was texting, had an erection more than ever.


[Mission cleared!]
[Result: Grade A, Acquired Points: 14800]
[Achievement Achievement: ‘Developing the protagonist’s taste for netorare’]
[Clear privilege: ‘Sleep’ skill]

I thought it was ruined because Siwoo forgot Heera and made a girlfriend, but I got a notification that I had achieved A grade.
I was doing something, and soon after, a message came from Siwoo asking me to fuck my girlfriend.
When I showed Hee-ra getting eaten every day, it seemed like Si-woo was ruined.

So the goal must have been achieved. Instead of fucking Siwoo’s girlfriend, he returned to reality.
Hee-ra, who used to be ticklish, became obedient and was no longer fun. There was no reason to stay any longer.

By the way… What is ‘development of netorare taste’? That’s right, Siu…
Siwoo was also an unusual guy.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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