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Heroine Netori 69

Heroine Netori 69

Chapter 69 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (1)

Current points are 14880… There’s still a lot left until 50,000.
‘Developing a taste for netorare’ was a rare achievement, so even though I received a reward close to S grade, I still haven’t reached half of the target points.

Even if I invested more time, did I really think I would have gotten an S grade?
No, that was too uncertain. Siwoo was already broken, but I didn’t know what else to do to get an S grade.
Rather than that, it was correct to earn points steadily while spinning rounds quickly.
That way, I can go see Sophia quickly… I want to see Sophia.

[Sleep Lv. 1 – I can sleep well.]

But what is it? It’s ridiculous.
I thought it was a skill that could be used instead of sleeping pills, but it was just a skill that allowed me to sleep well.
This is a skill that was only needed in the old days… Hehe, but it’s a free skill, so it’s better than nothing.

Swallowing my regret, I connected my smartphone to my laptop and transferred the video of Heera.
There are already many videos on my laptop, but I haven’t uploaded them to the Internet yet.
When I was about to do it, it was too cumbersome to create an ID. Don’t know how
Even if you don’t like it, you have to do it. Because the next thing you need after points is money.

Phonetube, an international adult site that everyone in the know knows and even those who don’t know must have heard of, but I plan to upload it here.
Since the operator here is a person with computer-related skills, complete anonymity is guaranteed, but the country does not even touch whether there is contact with the political world.
However, as a paid site, it required a considerable amount of money, so I, who was unemployed, never used it.

But not now.
I opened a virtual account with the money I earned from going around the dungeon, created an ID, and linked it.
Nickname is ‘Hitoku’. It means immoral in Japanese.
I wanted to write it in English, but there was no word for immorality in English.
Knowledge has increased

“Hmm… What should I upload…”

I will never upload videos of Sophia or Hyuna. Do you want to show others that you are crazy?
But I think Sofia’s aunt will be fine. It seems that there will be quite a demand for blond and Western MILFs.
And Ruina is a bit ambiguous… It’s dangerous because it looks young. I think the Heera video would be better than that.

“Can I upload it like this?”

[Old mother] Adultery sex with a blonde western woman]
This is a video I took while fucking a woman from behind.
Now that I look at it, the filming is so shitty, but I feel a sense of liveliness, so it’s disgusting.
But looking at it now, everything sounds in Korean. I didn’t even pay attention to it, but it’s rather good.

[Old mother] Fucking a drunken newbie virgin
This is the video he wrote while threatening Heera.
Opening her pussy while begging for a fuck is the best thing ever.
Are you a girl over there? You can expect high views.

This is not the end of the video of the two of you, but you can’t solve everything from the beginning.
I’ll try to upload one by one while watching the reaction.

“Okay, let’s do this for now and check later.”

After finishing my work, I closed my laptop and returned to my room.
I looked at the clock and it was already past 10. It must have been 1 o’clock earlier… It’s too weak in this way.
Still can’t help it. I can’t ask anyone else for something like this…

I smiled bitterly and used ‘Heroine Netori’ again.
My eyes went dark.


[Uses the ‘Heroine Netori’ ability.]
[Select the genre you want.]
[You selected random.]
[Select the character you want.]
[You selected random.]
[Select an item to use for this round.]
[1 random box.]

[The genre is ‘Martial Arts’.]
[You are member 6 of the Black Wind Belt.]
[You can use 1 random box.]

[Mission: Netori the heroine.]
[Tip: The main heroine is hiding in the wagon’s luggage compartment. She is on her way to entrust her body to Amipa, avoiding public scrutiny.]

… Is it martial? This is another genre I never thought of.
And she says she’s going to the Army Fah? No shit, we need to stop it right now.
I can never admit that she is a nun heroine!

By the way… I know where he is and stop him… ?


“Hey Deokbae, what are you doing! It is a call. Follow me quickly.”

“Ah, yes!”

What is this bastard doing? He’s hitting me in the back…
Let’s see, my counterpart? Heukpungdae sunbaenim, is this?

As I followed the one ahead and refreshed my memory, I saw a group in front of me.
Seeing that everyone was wearing black clothes and black masks, it seemed that these guys belonged to the black wind squad.

“Tonight! Go to work Get everyone ready.”


As I entered the group late, a guy who seemed to be the leader appeared out of nowhere and brought up the word operation.
From what I heard, it is said that the operation will be carried out after a few hours.
But what the hell is that operation… Oh, I remembered. Synchronization is now complete.

That things go like this?

Today, Black Wind Team is going to kidnap the main heroine.


As a junior, I didn’t know much.
Heukpungdae is trying to kidnap Wei Jihye, the forbidden jade leaf of Wi Ji family,
And that she is heading to Amifah with the help of the Wind Cloud Merchant.
This was the end of what I know.

But that was enough.
Isn’t it natural that Wi Ji-hye, who is heading to Amifah, is the main heroine?
If he took the bus to Heukpungdae like this, he could prevent Wi Ji-hye from going to nun.

By the way… What will Netori do after that?

The captain I saw earlier, he looked like a master at first glance.
In reality, I wonder if it would be an A-class hunter, but it was clear that he was several times stronger than me, seeing as the observation did not work.
And the four captains, they were equal to or better than me.
Observation worked, but it was difficult to guarantee victory in the match.
Is Netori possible in this situation? To be honest, it looks very difficult.

However, there was no hope, but I heard that Wi Ji-hye has a fiancé, and he is the youngest son of the famous Namgung family.
Hearing that, a cliché pictured in her head.
Her kidnapped heroine, the protagonist who rescues her from her crisis, and her deepening relationship…!
According to the cliché, it was clear that the plan of the black wind band would fail by the main character.
I intend to take advantage of that gap. Secretly kidnapping the heroine while the main character and the black wind band are fighting.
And the heroine with the things I got from the random box…

But honestly, I don’t think this plan is very likely.
Can I, the lower end, ostracize the main character and kidnap the heroine?
I do not know. Still, you should try it once.


“Hey, Deokbae! It is operation time.”

“Yep. I’m going, I’m going.”

No, but why does that bastard keep hitting the back of the head?


On a dark night when they had to rely on a single moonlight, the Black Poongdae hid in the middle of the mountain and waited for the top of Poongun.
I doubted whether they were really coming this way, but soon I began to see lights in the distance.
Judging by the flag called Poongwoon, it must have been the Poongwoon Group.

“Everyone get ready. If I send a signal, they will run at once.”

“What do I do outside of the target?”

“I’m asking for something obvious. Kill them all.”


It was a conversation between the captain and the captain of group 1. The manager is also a bit stupid. Will you save me then?
However, this kind of conversation is also one of the clichés, so I thought so and moved on.

…… But wait. Kill?
He had killed countless monsters, but it was the first time he had ever raised a sword to kill a person.
I…… Hey, it’s not even real anyway!
It is ‘Heroine Netori’ for earning points. I decided not to think too deeply.


As the wind-wun troupe approached, the captain sent a signal.
According to the signal, the black winddae ran out.


“It’s a raid! Prepare for a counterattack!”

“Prepare for a counterattack!”

However, the windmill was not at all embarrassed. As if they had expected us to attack, they reacted calmly.




“Keep it! These bastards!”

Things went oddly. The plan to quickly annihilate and kidnap them failed. That’s why the resistance of the top of Poongwoong was fierce.
Blood was everywhere, and the dying and the dead were strewn about.

“Ugh… Whoa, fuck off!”

I aimed for a suitably weak-looking man like a low-end, but surprisingly, he was a tough guy for me, a C-class hunter, to deal with.
These guys are absolutely not top people. It was a trap.

“Keuk, kuk… Damn… “

But I got over it. Anyway, since I have morale skills called Observation and Heal, there was no one who could beat me in the same skill.



But the captain was not. The captain’s arm flew from behind.
A captain who seemed so strong, he quickly became a one-armed man.

“Sword No! How the hell are you guys going to be here!”

“Cluck, the bad manners are still the same.”

It seemed that there was a master at the peak that even the captain could not defeat.
Damn. If I keep going like this, I’ll die before I can netori.
The difficulty is too hard.

“Shit! I can’t help it.”

“What…? Ah should! What the hell is that!”

But things have changed again.
The captain swallowed something and began to push the hard worker.
Seeing veins protruding from all over his body, he seemed to have taken a forbidden drug.


I took advantage of that gap to search the luggage compartment where no one was paying attention.


As Tip said, the main heroine was hiding inside.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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