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Heroine Netori 70

Heroine Netori 70

Chapter 70 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (2)

Wi Ji-hye, like a heroine in the martial arts genre, had all her long hair pulled back and wore a long dress that covered her body, but it was not at all unfashionable.
Rather, it was far more attractive than Hee-ra, whom I had been with a while ago.

‘Isn’t this a scam? That you can be that pretty with that figure?’

Even though it was a face without decoration, it was a beauty that I couldn’t take my eyes off.
Neither the tangled hair nor the straw on her face could hide her beauty.
On the contrary, it only accentuated her pure charm.

‘As expected, the main heroine… It’s crazy, really.’

The clavicle visible through the slightly disheveled clothes drove people crazy.
I wanted to hit her right now. She was the epitome of a femme fatale.
To be able to netori a woman like this… Today, I will praise the heroine Netori.

“… Me… What do you mean…”

As I approached her, Wei Jihye glared at me with tears in her eyes.
Unlike earlier, when he was started, his expression was determined.
Isn’t this just a passive heroine? I could feel her strong will.


But he didn’t answer.
Instead, he stunned her and lifted her up.
Anyway, we had to kidnap her as planned.


But then, suddenly, a sharp sound was heard and two knives fell in front of my eyes.

Now… Could it be that I almost died… ?
Startled, I looked around and saw an old man who clicked his tongue and a one-armed captain.

“Shit… Hey! Get your hands off the kid!”

“Good job. No. 6. Let me take you as is. Those who can afford it, cover number 6!”

“Stop! You mean to stop that guy, huh, you kid?”


I don’t know what it was, but it seemed like the captain saved the old master from trying to kill me.
The world view here is so scary… I had goosebumps all over my body.


As I was looking for a way to get out of here immediately, a leader appeared in front of me.
It looked like he had been cut several times, seeing as he was bleeding profusely.
It’s brutal, it’s brutal, really.

“No. 6! Follow me!”


Still, the leader started to break through the road even after being injured, as if he was not a leader for nothing.
Fortunately, it seemed that there were no more talented people in the upper ranks of Nogosu.
Even the other captains came forward to provide cover, and it seemed that there was no one to stop us.

-Chow ah


“Stop! Even if you die, you must stop it!”

The Poongwoon Merchants desperately tried to stop us, but it was not enough.
It was a natural result since even the hard workers could not help in a situation where there were more black wind bands in the first place.

But what kind of a woman is Wi Ji-hye, who is trying to kidnap her with all her might and defends her at the cost of her life like that?
Is there some secret I don’t know about?


“Keuk! Deokbae you son of a bitch! Don’t look away and run!”

Ugh, I almost died again.
I ran only looking ahead and missed the sword that came running from the side.
It was the first time I had ever had a fight like this, so I couldn’t get used to it.
Fortunately, before I was hit by the sword, the senior officer appeared and rescued me.

“Thank you!”

“It’s okay, so run!”

However, this guy was fine, but since he didn’t have a single wound, I wondered if he was just pretending to fight.
Was it saved thanks to you? That’s true…

-Tata Tak

“No! Protect the lady!”

“Keep it off!”

Even after that, the Poongwoon Sangdan tried to catch us, but they couldn’t stop it.
After a desperate struggle, me, the leader, and Daeseon-im were able to get out of the battlefield.
I heard the voice of the old master howling behind my back, but judging from the screams of the captain who heard one after another, it seemed that they would not be able to chase it right away.

“Whoa… “

Contrary to the plan, it was a really difficult battle, but I succeeded in the end even if I was in a mess.
Seeing that fact, I let out a sigh of relief.

Haha!Haha… You did this.”

“I will, brother. It really wasn’t easy.”

My whole body trembled at the thought of it being over. As the tense muscles loosened up and lost strength, my body didn’t feel like mine.
It wasn’t just me, so after crossing the mountainside, we decided to take a short break.

I laid down the fainting Wei Ji-hye and took a short break to review today’s battle.
In the meantime, Daeseon-im took out the golden spear medicine from his pocket, applied it to the captain’s wound, and bandaged it.

“Thanks to you, Number 6. You managed to find where the target was hiding.”

“I was lucky.”

“Luck is also a skill. In the end, the operation will fail… Ugh, you, this bastard…!”

While receiving treatment, the manager praised me. So, as a token of gratitude, I took out a green dagger from my inventory and stabbed it.
It was an unstoppable surprise attack by the careless leader.
The wounds that had been barely covered burst open and the poison mixed with them, turning the captain’s face black.

When I looked behind me, the senior officer was staring at me with a puzzled expression.

Hey, hit the back of the head like this.


Kidnapping is just a means, and my real goal is to netize Wi Ji-hye.
Therefore, it was a plan that could be changed at any time for Netori’s sake, and betrayal was possible at any time.

The reason why he followed the order of the Black Winds was that it was most likely to be netori.
But now it’s different.
A leader with a serious injury, a match that was not even an opponent in the first place, a fainted heroine,
If you exclude the two here, you can do netori at any time, but why?
In this perfect situation, there was no reason to follow the words of the black wind.

Besides, if there are two that should be excluded anyway…
Could we make the situation a little more interesting?
So, I came up with a new plan.

First, wake up the fainting Wisdom with her healing and purification, and around the time when she wakes up
Kill the careless captain.

“You, this bastard… !”

“You didn’t say anything like this!”

“Cool! Kuh, you bastard… What are you talking about all of a sudden…”

“I’ll see you in the underworld!”

“Ugh! Kuk, keuaaagh!”

And mixes words that seem meaningful with him.
From the point of view of the leader, I would like to know what he is talking about, but Wi Ji-hye, who is listening, will have a lot of thoughts.

“Deokbae, are you crazy! What are you doing!”

“Older brother… I’ll follow you soon…”

“Hey, hey, don’t do this! This baby, alternative radish, big! Hee, blood, blood! Kihehe!”

After that, along with the words that he will follow, he also kills Daeseonim.
I was grateful that he saved my life once, but I didn’t like it from the moment he slapped me in the back of the head.

“Whoa… Brother, I will send you back and follow you right away…”

Lastly, he subtly tells her that he is trying to save Wijihe.
Then your guard against me will decrease.

“You… What are you doing…?”

Now, the rice cakes are all laid out, shall we cheat properly now?


“Oh… Are you awake?”

“What is this… Kidnapped me and my colleagues like this…”

Truly a righteous heroine. When I killed the leader and confronted him, he glared at me with a disgusted expression.
Is it the enemy who kidnapped you, but you can’t forgive the despicable act of killing a colleague?
That is great. Being nice to that level increases the chances of success of the plan.

“A colleague, a colleague… Ha ha… ! Are you saying those guys are my allies?”

“… Is not it? Then you can’t force it?”

“No, colleague, that’s right. A colleague was a colleague. Ha ha… “

“… ?”

“It is cold. There’s an abandoned house nearby, but it’s better than staying here. Please follow me.”

“Hey, hey!”

I escorted her to her lungs, pretending to be something on her.
It was one of the places that only I knew in my memory.
Wei Ji-hye watched the situation with me vigilantly, but when she got away from me, she must have been frightened, so she immediately followed.

“What are you going to do if I run away like this?”

“I will have to find it. Mountains at night are dangerous.”

“Is it really because of that… ?”

“Is there any other reason?”

When I said that, her expression her turned weird.
It was a complex expression mixed with doubt and wonder, relief and worry.

“Come in. Just keeping out of the wind will make it last until the sun rises.”

“… Will you let me go?”

“That’s right. Otherwise, there would be no reason to kill them.”

“…… I can’t understand. How… Why?”

Okay, now you’ve taken the bait.
Honestly, it’s a gamble from now on. That’s a high-risk, high-return gamble!
It’s a gamble I would never take if it were real, but it’s not real now.
So let’s try it.

“Whoa… It’s a long story to tell.”


“I had a younger sister who grew up without parents. She was such a good kid. She could do anything for that child. She was the only light and hope in my life.”

“Her younger brother her, who worked as a clerk at an inn, dreamed of running an inn. I’ve decided on a name. It’s her brother and sister’s inn. She said she would serve the customers, and she would cook for me. Her brother dreamed of the future every night.”

“But if you are poor, you can’t even dream? One day, she was a younger sister who had become a cold corpse that greeted me after work…”

“My younger brother, who was cute and innocent, was always loved by everyone. The guests at the inn also cared about her brother. However, one Murim seems to have found that her younger brother did not like her.”

“It is said that because she was poor, she kicked her younger sister of her, who could not dress up and wash often, saying that she was dirty and smelly… Then she said that she would wash her down, poured her alcohol and trampled her. It was such a harsh bullying for the poor kid…”

“Eventually, that child passed away. A Moorim man’s drunkenness led him to leave at the age of a flower…”

“When I heard the news, I was furious. He uttered hateful words at the innkeepers and guests who did not help. But they couldn’t help it either. The real enemies were the Murim people.”

“So from that day on, I dedicated my life to revenge. Dirty, cowardly, whatever, I did everything I could to be strong. Then I found out about Black Winddae. A killing group targeting the Murim people…”

“When I found out about it, I gave everything I had to Black Winddae. And I commissioned it. Get revenge on that guy. But, ironically, he was already dead… It was very futile.”

“The point of the sword of revenge is gone, and the goal of my former life is gone. I wandered around every day. But after seeing me like that, Heukpungdae gave me a new goal. The ridiculous goal of killing all Murim people.”

“But it was a very attractive goal for me. After all, they are all the same Moorim people. They were all killers to me. So I entered the black wind tower to kill at least one more person.”

“But Heukpungdae was not the kind of place I thought it would be. At some point, I could find myself killing civilians. I had become the Murim people I hated so much.”

“I wanted to die. But I couldn’t die. At least one more had to be killed. But then one day I saw you.”

“Looking into your eyes reminded me of my brother. My younger brother, who always persevered and never lost his smile his…”

“It was embarrassing. I couldn’t help but see my younger brother. So now I’m about to quit…”

“I don’t know why you are being targeted, but please… Please live.”

I spit out all the words I made up on my own.
I didn’t even know what I was talking about
Somehow, he continued talking while recalling the martial arts novels he had read up to this point.

Even after I finished talking, I couldn’t remember what I said.
Seeing the quiet Wi Ji-hye, it seemed to have some effect.

“If you walk east from here, you will come to a large village. When the sun rises, you’ll have to set off. I… I’ll go to the other side and draw attention.”

So she reassured her and threw her last fishing rod.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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