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Heroine Netori 71

Heroine Netori 71

Chapter 71 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (3)

“If you walk east from here, you will come to a large village. When the sun rises, you’ll have to set off. I… I’ll go to the other side and draw attention.”

Saying that, I moved slowly.
Showing Wi Ji-hye the back of a man with no tomorrow, he walked towards the door.
She didn’t say anything and just watched me leave.

‘Slowly… Is it time to catch it?’

But I really had no intention of leaving Wi Ji-hye behind.
This was a chicken race with her. If you look back here, you lose.

‘Did I think wrong…? I’m going to go out like this?’

The bait has all been sprayed. I also threw a fishing rod.
All that was left was for Wi Ji-hye to ask for rice cakes.


‘This is it.’

It was great.


“Now, are you sure you are going to die?”

“… I said I would draw attention.”

“Lie! You said earlier that you would definitely follow me soon!”

Phew, I guess I heard it.
I was worried about what I would do if I couldn’t hear him because he mumbled that he was acting, but fortunately that didn’t happen.
Wei Jihye glared at me with a hard face and shouted. But I could feel his concern for me in it.

“… It’s a life that will die soon anyway. There is no way I can live without betraying the organization.”

“It is not! Come with me… You are my lifesaver I’m sure we can help!”

Yes, yes, yes.
As expected, she is a very kind and righteous heroine.
Wei Jihye truly believes in my lies and thinks of me with all her heart.
Ha… It’s such an easy-to-peel hogu…!

“It is already a dirty body to struggle to live now. I just have to pay for my sins.”

“It would be cowardly to run away! Live to pay for your sins! To the end! I have to live with reflection!”

“Cowardly? Ha ha… You’re right. He’s a coward. There is no way I can bear the weight of my sins and lift my head.”

“No! It’s possible… Because I, I will help you!”

This is it… That’s it!
One of the characteristics of heroines in martial arts novels is useless fuss!
When I read the book, especially the heroines of the political faction do a lot of things that I really don’t understand.
One of them is to spread sweet potatoes to the readers for helping the supporting characters who don’t have much weight like now.

Saying that you can do it with your fists clenched like that and that you will help is really the worst development from a reader’s point of view.
What a terrible thing it would be if you were hurt by accident, if you were really kidnapped!
But here, in ‘Heroine Netori’, this is the development I’ve really been waiting for. I believed!

“… Why are you being so kind to me…?”

“Oh, you are my lifesaver! And… You’re not a bad person…!”

“Haha… Even if he is the one who kidnapped you?”

“It was to save me!”

“… But that doesn’t make the actions I’ve done go away.”

“You didn’t do it because you wanted to! You suffered while doing that! That’s why you saved me!”

Key… Crazy I just sprinkled rice cakes on it for a while, but it expands to this extent.
Wi Ji-hye, whose head is filled with ‘justice’, is no longer a bad person for me who saved her! ‘ She seemed to have decided.
Thanks to this, the chances of success of the plan increased. Does this work? Really?

“Ha… If I go on like this, I won’t be able to leave until the sun rises. I repeat, I am not going to die. I am going to draw attention.”

“Stop! I’ve said it over and over again, but I can’t let you go like this!”

As I ignored her and tried to leave, her Wei Wisdom came running to her Odo as well and blocked her door.
Ok I came this far then… Shall we start the next step now?

A fraudulent item worth at least tens of thousands of points came out of the 100-point random box.
I was going to save it because it’s such a good item, but now is the perfect time to use it.

“Whoa… “

I let out a big sigh and took out a small bottle from my bosom.
Then, waving in front of Wi Ji-hye, he revealed the identity of the object.

“This is a drug. It is also said to be weak.”

“…… Yes?!”

“If you keep blocking me, I will drink this.”

“Uh, uh… Why?!”

Wei Ji-hye was taken aback by her shocking remark, and then her big eyes widened even more.
It was so lovely that he almost let go of his expression, but he held back and kept his face.

“As you know, when you drink elixir, you are dominated by sexual desire. The desire to violate the woman in front soars.
Do you want to rob me of my virginity? If not, don’t stop me for your sake.”

“Then…Are you threatening me now?”

“Yes, blackmail. Can there be a greater threat to a maiden who is about to be engaged?”

“Ah…However…I can’t send it like this. Don’t give up on life! Please…”

“The world took everything from me. The more I resisted, the more I went into hell. But are you trying to take even death away from me?”

“Yeah, but! That’s why a brighter future will come! Clearly there is a way… Oh!”

Whoops… I can’t do it anymore because I’m cringing.
I couldn’t stand it because if I continued to act, I wouldn’t be me.
It was not for anyone to say such words out of their mouths.
Siwoo was at least possible.

So I was forced to take the next step.
I drank the medicine in front of Wi Ji-hye, who was still trying to convince me.
She ran to me to stop it, but by the time I got there, she had already finished drinking.

Wei Ji-hye didn’t think that I was really going to drink. She looked at me with a devastated face.
I could see my whole body shaking in her big eyes.

The effect of the spring medicine was great. I felt like I was going crazy because I wanted to hit him right away.
However, he endured with a willpower like that of a superhuman and spoke to Wi Jihye one last time.

“Texture… Soup makes me drink this… Ok… Whoops, haha… Please leave immediately… The moonlight is bright, ha ha… You won’t get lost… Kut.”

“Oh no… “

“Kuk-kuk… It’s a miserable end like my life… Ha… “



The man in front of her drank the potion in front of her.
I tried to stop it, but she couldn’t stop it.
In an instant, she felt a strong heat from him.
Involuntarily, she took a step back.

“Ha… Ha…”

He seemed to be holding on so far, but it was only a matter of time before he became a monster of lust.
He had to run away. I had to leave as he said.
If you stay like this, you will be violated by him.
He lost the chastity he had to keep until the day he got married.

“It could be… Sobbing…. Why did you make that choice…”

But she couldn’t leave easily.
Chunyak makes the user an incarnation of sexual desire, but if the sexual desire is not relieved, the user suffers until death and ends his life ugly.
Therefore, if she escaped, he was her life that died soon after.
That fact made her hesitate.

No matter how much you are a life saver, you are always the first person you meet.
In addition, a person who has committed not a few crimes as a murderer of a lowly group,
He couldn’t have offered his virginity to him.

But the look in his eyes when he found himself hiding…
His voice calmly confessed his circumstances…
The back of him who said he would leave to protect himself…
Every one of them made her heart faint and painful.
He never lied when he said that he saw his brother in him.

He was pitiful sympathy has gone I felt sorry.
As a member of the Murim family, she felt a sense of responsibility to him.
It seemed like the faction’s fault for not rooting out Sapa.

But I couldn’t give him the first one.
But I couldn’t let him die.

“Ah… Gaga! What should I do…!”

Had to make a decision by weighing his own chastity and a man’s life
It was such a difficult choice for her daughter who had not even gone to her wedding book.
Besides that, she herself already has a fiancé…
In addition, isn’t it the owner of the Taegeuk Yin-Yang body that comes out once in a thousand years…

“Ha… Aww! Aaaaagh!”


As her troubles deepened, so did his screams.
She had to make a quick decision.


She turned her body away from him in agony.
And she opened the door to get out of this place.
Naturally, choosing chastity was the right thing to do.

… But is her chastity worth it enough to have to let people die in front of his eyes?
Wasn’t Gagawa’s promise to live her whole life righteously for a moment like this?

Letting him die here was totally unjust.


She closed the door she had opened and locked the doorknob.

“I’m sorry huh… Go away, go go… However… Will you understand me?”

“Wait, will you love me like this?”


She took off her clothes

She revealed her naked body in front of the man, which she did not even show to her fiancé.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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