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Heroine Netori 72

Heroine Netori 72

Chapter 72 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (4)

The cold air of dawn teased her as she undressed her layer by layer.
The unfamiliar cold sensation tormented her heart.
But she couldn’t quit here.

– Flutter

She has already made up her mind.
It was her noble sacrifice to do her own justice.
It was her gratitude to her benefactor for saving her own life.

“Black… “

Tears started flowing, but I couldn’t stop.
Her face flushed with embarrassment and cold sweat broke out, but she had to do it.

“Sniff… “

After a moment of hesitation, she
She eventually stripped off even her own tummy, revealing her complete nakedness.

And slowly…
She turned around and faced him.

He was still restraining himself, his eyes red and bloodshot.
He flinched, wanting to come running right away, but he was biting his lip while shedding tears.

“Ah…You are…”

Blood dripped from his lips.
His suffering expression was very sad.

“It’s okay… This is the path I chose… So…”

Conversely, Wi Ji-hye’s expression brightened.
She smiled faintly as she cried.
Still resisting the drug, he was right in his thoughts.
I couldn’t let someone like that die.

“I will rescue you… “

So she accepted him.
She opened her arms, exposing her nakedness, and greeted him.
Then he pounced on her like a beast.

“I’m sorry, Gaga. However… You won’t regret it…”


Closing her eyes for a moment at the shock that hit her body, she saw him licking herself voraciously.
At the end of her words, he seemed completely unconscious.
She was saddened, but glad that she could not show him the future ugliness.


He laid himself down and took off his clothes roughly, as if tore them apart.
Then his phallus, as thick and large as her forearm, was exposed.
She shuddered at the unimaginable ferocious appearance of her.

“Lie… Word… Happ!”

I was scared. I couldn’t believe that this thing was entering my body.
I got goosebumps at the thought that my body would be torn apart.

“Wait a minute! Oh, stop!”

Tried to resist She needed time to prepare her mind.
But there was no mercy for him who had already lost his mind.


Very rough, he fucked her own phallus into her.
There was no affectionate atmosphere before copulation or foreplay for work.
It was just an act of coveting color like a beast in heat.

“Ah! Ah… !”

Her pussy, which did not allow anyone to enter, was brutally captured.
From the narrow entrance, it started to wide open.
For a moment, I thought of Gaga and her parents. I was afraid to see them in the future.
He was losing his virginity.


“… Uh?”

But at some point, his cock stopped trying to squeeze into her vagina.
Every time he tried to shove his cock in, he was stopped again and again by an invisible barrier.


He screamed, but nothing changed.

“No way…”

This is the magic of protection applied to her genitals.
The day she promised to marry Gaga,
It was a technique to keep the chastity received from the elders of Amipah.

As peaceful days continued, what had disappeared from my memory
It was activated by now.


As long as this technique was in place, no one could take her first place until she gave her permission.
This technique was an impenetrable wall no matter how hard he tried to scream.

In other words, it was a wall she could break through whenever she put her mind to it.

“… Are you in pain?”

She reached out and touched his face.
He wiped the corners of his eyes that were weeping in pain.

“Do not worry… Because I have already decided.”

She seemed to pity him for not being able to satisfy her needs.
She stroked his hair, pulled him to her chest, and hugged him.
Then she took a deep breath and released her spell.


Then her phallus penetrated her.

Her soft vaginal walls were pressed against his rough phallus.
Her madness, her agony of her breakthrough, and her pleasure no less than that of her, aroused her.


It was the first special sensation she experienced in her life.
And at the same time, it was a feeling that only she could give her that she would remember for the rest of her life.


As soon as I drank her elixir, it took effect immediately.
Her cock felt like it was going to burst with blood, and she wanted to attack the Wisdom right in front of her eyes.
She used the cleanse and her mind was restored, but her cock was intact.

But I couldn’t hit her like this.
If she came and attacked her now, she would have been very talkative.
I had to wait for her to offer her body first.
That was the crux of this plan.


Eh, wait. Hey wait!
Why are you suddenly opening the door?!

After hesitating for a while, Wei Ji-hye turned around and opened the door.
She then took her steps to leave.

Oh no?
Are you really leaving now?

The odds were low.
There was no guarantee that even a heroine of a political faction would sacrifice her virginity.
In fact, it didn’t even make sense. Even so, she was just, so I hoped for it…
Shit. Is it a failure…

Let’s bow our heads in regret

I heard the door closing.

She lifted her head, delighted with the sound.
She walked up to her doorknob and locked it.
Shit… I believed! Wi Ji-hye was also a righteous heroine.

“I’m sorry huh… Go away, go go… However… Will you understand me?”

“Wait, will you love me like this?”

There, he even brought out such extraordinary words.
She really is a woman who is as beautiful in heart as she is in appearance.


No… !? Surprisingly, that wasn’t the end.
She started undressing her before I could.

Her naked body that is revealed every time she takes off her clothes
It drove me and my cock crazy.
In the end, her naked back was a perfect backside.
My cock trembled, wanting to fuck that pussy right away.

When she finally turned around to reveal her nakedness, she seemed to lose her mind.
This… This… It was the state of a goddess. It was not human.

She was ashamed, covering her cunt with one hand and her breasts with the other, which made her look very curvy.
Her thin arms couldn’t cover her large breasts at all.
Her little hands, as if she were masturbating to her, stimulated me even more.
Excited, her cock was dripping with copper fluid.

Now… I have to eat now…
However, one step was disappointing.
I needed a little more reassurance that she would entrust her body to me.
For instance, he wanted to get rid of her cunning hand covering that pussy right away.

However, the stimulation given by her nakedness was too strong to wait until there.
In the end, I bit my lip to maintain my reasoning and endured the pain.
Blood flowed, but I couldn’t stop it.

One last step… Really last… !

“I will rescue you… “

Ah… !
Wi Jihye, perhaps reading my mind, said that she would save me.
She spread her arms wide, exposing all of her own nakedness.

This look is like…

I rushed at her in her tears.

“I’m sorry, Gaga. However… You won’t regret it…”

Then she murmured as if promising.

Yes, I have to work hard so that I don’t regret it.


But a problem arose.
… The cock does not get stuck.
What… Did I misunderstand the hole?
Not really…

Apparently, I shoved her cock into the pussy of the Wisdom Maiden
As soon as I passed the entrance, I was blocked by an invisible wall.
It was the same no matter how many times it was repeated.


She screamed, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t ram her cock into Wii Wisdom’s vagina.
I felt like my cock was going to burst at any moment, but it was so painful not being able to drive it.

Why… What is it really…
Is there something about Wi Jihye? Is there something keeping her virginity?
Since she was a member of a prestigious family, I thought that she might have done something to protect her daughter.
But if that’s true, it’s a really big deal.

There was a panic in my head.
I shook her waist with ignorance, but the more I did it, the more it hurt.

“… Are you in pain?”

At that time, Wei Ji-hye reached out her arm and caressed her on my cheek.
And wiped the tears from my eyes.

What is this warmth…?
Her nervousness dissipated as her small hand touched my cheek.
Are you sick? I nodded my head slightly in affirmation.

“Do not worry… Because I have already decided.”

Then she smiled faintly and reassured me.
That figure is truly a goddess… No it was magic Don’t be upset… !
Touched by her, I trusted her and shook her waist vigorously again.


Then her cock dug deep into her.
Something invisible had already disappeared.


There was a momentary resistance, but it was only a moment.
The cock her devastated her vagina without hesitation.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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