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Heroine Netori 73

Heroine Netori 73

Chapter 73 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (5)

“Haaang! … Ah, ah!”

“Huh… “

In line with her bursting out of her ecstasy, her breath also exhaled wildly.
The stimulation from Wei Jihye’s pussy was too strong.
It was a stronger stimulus than when I took off sympathy in the tutorial.
It was painful because I thought it would be cold right away.

This… Sex?
The sex I’ve had so far is…
I’ve had sex with many women through ‘Heroine Netori’, but it was the first time I had sex that was as pleasant as it is now.

“Ahhh… Ha… Haha!”

Wi Jihye’s pussy was very cold unlike others, but it was still really soft.
When she fucked her cock into her, her cool, soft vaginal walls clung to her, arousing me.
She happily squeezed her cock and induced my ejaculation.

And every time he fucked her cock, warm energy poured out of her womb.
The energy flowed through my cock and gave me unimaginable pleasure.
I felt like I was going to go crazy at the harmony of the cool outside and warm energy inside.

“Haaagh! Ah… ! Why, why, like this! Ha… That’s good!”

And it seemed to be the same for Wi Ji-hye.
She moaned in sync with the movement of her cock each time he was fucked.
It was not what a woman who had just been a virgin would show.
Our bodies seemed to be good enough for her to fall into pleasure so quickly.

“Aang! Why! It’s my first time… Eh!”

Ha… Truly, Wei Jihye’s pussy was a heavenly pussy.
She didn’t want to hand it over to anyone.
I was really happy that I was the first to taste this pussy.

“Ha ha! Ahhh! Gaga! I’m sorry Oh clothes! Don’t stop, oh!”

The more I hit it, the deeper the pleasure I felt.
I was already addicted to Wei Jihye’s pussy.
For the rest of my life, I wanted to mix Wei Wisdom and her body like this.

“Ha… Haaa…”

Feeling the sensation of ejaculation, I pulled out her cock, and her cunt tightened as if to stop it.
As I shook off her clinging vagina, she looked at me with regret.
Her innocent face had changed to that of a female.

“Hayeot, ah, no, heot, churup, ha… Nah! Hmm, ha, churrup, chun, aang!”

The figure of her was so lovable that he rushed at her.
He held her face with both of her hands and pressed her lips together.
She resisted at first, but soon accepted me.
They mingled with me and shared saliva.

“Gaga…! Ah, churu, chung, no… As far as her lips go, Gaga… Whoops, haha! Churup!”

“Ha… Churup, sssss, ah… Gulp, ha… Whew, churlup…”

“Yes… Ah, ah… Chew, gulp. Ha…”

As she was intent on kissing her, he lowered her hand to touch her voluptuous breasts.
I admired the size that did not fit in her hand and enjoyed its softness.
She held my hand to resist but she strongly touched her tongue
She responded immediately and forgot to resist.

“Ha… If this… I don’t like it… Hehe…”

When he had finished kissing her, her face had become even more erotic.
Her hair was tousled with sweat, her eyes were bloodshot with tears, and saliva was dripping from her unclosed mouth.
But that look was also very beautiful Wi Ji-hye.

“Ha… Ah…”

She begged me wordlessly. I felt like I knew without hearing.
Now Jihye Wei wanted my cock.

“Uh… Hurry… I’m sorry.”

In response, she raised her waist, and Wisdom Wei opened her legs on her own.

“Ah, ah, ah! I’m back… It’s a good feeling!”

Thanks to her, this time she stabbed her cock very easily.
Her cunt sucked my cock as if it had been waiting.
It felt so much better than when I first hit it.

“Haaang!Haha… This is joaaaaang!”

As if not letting go, she lifted her leg and wrapped it around my waist.
Then he pulled me by the leg to feel me a little more.

It wasn’t over.
He took my hand that was massaging her breasts and interlaced her palms together.
He felt her soft touch between her fingers.

“Ah… Ah, Aang! Joe… Joah! It’s mixing… Too young…!”

Ah… Crazy… Don’t be fooled, I’m crazy!

I felt tremendous pleasure just by looking at her cunt, but the mental pleasure poured into her act of treating her like a lover.

Wei Ji-hye had a fiancé who promised her marriage, but
All she wanted at this moment was me, not her fiancé.
Now Wi Ji-hye was in love with me instead of him.
No, beyond that, he was demanding love from me.
From her head to her toes, all her nerves were towards me.
That fact was so exciting.

“Black… Ahh, hang… Aang! Joe, so much! Aaaaah!”

I liked everything about her.
From face to body, atmosphere, personality, and body compatibility!
It couldn’t have been better than this.

“Ah! More, more, more!”

Just as she fell for me, I fell for her.
We covet each other like crazy
Coveted again

“Joaah, ah! Under… Ah, haaaaa!”

And finally, when she reached her first climax as a woman,
I poured the semen I had been holding back into her womb.
Wei Jihye went away once more from that stimulation.

“Hey… Hey…”

It was the most satisfying circumstance of her life.
Catharsis burst out at the thought of conquering Wisdom.

“Hey… “

She, too, closed her eyes to see if she was satisfied, and felt the afterglow of her moment.
Untie the pods at her lovely appearance and touch her ear lobe
She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“…… “

After a while
We rushed at each other, no matter who came first.


As the sun rose and the day dawned, Wisdom Wei slowly opened her eyes.
When she opened her eyes, she saw the man’s hard chest.
Embarrassed, she backed away from her and blushed as she realized she had made the mark on his chest.

She lowered her head, revealing her own cunt.
It was a lewd pussy dripping with man’s semen.
Embarrassed, I put my finger in her to scrape it off
Startled at the semen that filled her vagina, he removed her finger.

“Ha… Gaga… What the hell am I doing…”

Fortunately, the man was still asleep.
She slowly refreshed her memory, hoping to see what had happened yesterday before the man woke up.


She is…
I showed my naked body to the man in front of me
Allowed him to be the first
Gasping for the pleasure he gives
I continued to have an affair with him all night long.

Giving her virginity to save him was something she had no regrets about.
Giving in to pleasure and giving in to a man with an affair, even with her fiancé, was something that should never have happened.

Besides, I don’t remember much after the first climax.
That’s how much I was into intercourse with him.
She felt great guilt and pain for her fiancé for that fact.


I only remembered it now.
The reason why I received the protection technique from the elder of Amifah.
Because she is a Taegeuk-yin-yang body, she can easily become addicted to sexual intercourse with men.
You shouldn’t have sex with a man recklessly until you get married.

Back when she was innocent, she was ashamed of her words of sexual intercourse and passed it over.
Now it makes so much sense.
It was that man who took the medicine, but he was the one who became the incarnation of sexual desire.

“… Gaga… I’m sorry… “

As the fire-hot man’s phallus entered her snow-cold cunt
The harmony of yin and yang was established in her womb.
And with him, the inner space was filled, giving her great pleasure.

It is a thrilling and ecstatic pleasure that goes beyond simple sexual pleasure.
She was addicted to the pleasure.

To the point of forgetting everything and staying up all night in an affair with a man…

“Because she is like this… I’m sorry… “

Yesterday’s self was no different from a prostitute.
She could n’t possibly see her fiancé her.

She also didn’t have the confidence to face the man in front of her.
He shed blood for himself until the very end to suppress his sexual desire of her.
He himself had succumbed to lust and shook his loins…

Fortunately, he had lost consciousness due to the drug.
It was fortunate that he was the only person who would remember yesterday’s ugliness.

“Haha… Ha, uh, uh…”

Suddenly, the man in front of me groaned in pain.

Startled, she looked up at him.
A man frowns and breaks out in a cold sweat
He looked like he was about to die.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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