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Heroine Netori 74

Heroine Netori 74

Chapter 74 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (6)

“That look… “

Wei Jihye hurriedly ran and looked at the man.
The man’s whole body was hot, and blood vessels were protruding disgustingly.
He was short of breath, and his body was shaking in agony.
He groaned in pain, but showed no signs of regaining consciousness.

“Don’t breathe… !”

It matched the symptoms of the syphilis that she had only heard about.
The energy passed on from her revolves around his body, unable to find its way.
It was evident that his body was running out of control.

“However… Why…?”

The internal energy created by her, the Taegeuk Yin-Yang body, is pure and innocent.
It can be harmonized with any internal air mind law.
So, as long as he could have sexual intercourse with her, he could increase his internal energy without any burden.

That’s why he aimed for his body in many places, regardless of faction or sect.
That’s why she tried to entrust herself to Amifa to protect herself.
Therefore, it was utterly incomprehensible for her to get caught up in the coin intoxication like a man.

However… There was only one possibility.

“No way…!”

Wei Jihye touched the man’s belly and checked his dantian.
But she couldn’t find anything.
All I could feel was the energy that flowed through my bloodstream and harassed the man.

“There is no power supply… “

There was no dantian in the man’s body.
That is why, when mixing one’s flesh with one’s own body, the calm internal energy, going back and forth between the two bodies,
When the man became alone, he couldn’t build up and ran amok, causing the coin intoxication.


At this rate, the man would soon be dead.
There was no way that he, who did not know his inner skills, could overcome the first coin infancy.
In order for him to survive, he needed someone to stabilize the runaway energy inside his body.

And fortunately, Wi Ji-hye was able to do that.

But because she is Taegeuk Yin-Yang…
The method was to have an affair with a man again.


It was a life she saved by losing her virginity, but I couldn’t let her die like this.
Even though I had to mix with him once more, I had to live that way.
Having made up her mind, she grasped his drooping phallus with her hand.
Then his phallus hardened again like it did last night.


Wi Ji-hye climbed on top of the man, recalling yesterday’s love affair.
Then, he pressed the man’s penis against his penis.

“Ha ha… “

That alone is already starting to make me happy.
Her body just remembered. The exhilarating pleasure of sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.
Wei Jihye looked forward to it and slowly lowered her waist.
In response, little by little, the man’s penis began to enter her cunt.

“Hah, ha ha… Haha…”

There was no resistance whatsoever. Her cunt was already ready to receive his cock.
The man’s cock naturally dug into her vagina, as if it were finding its place.

“Haaang! … Gaga… Because this is therapy… You have to understand…”

I thought of my fiancé, but I felt less resistance than yesterday.
There could have been misunderstandings if there were people watching, but this was a lifesaving act to the last.
Even though she rocked back and forth, trying to feel the cock a little more.

But I couldn’t be indulging in pleasure like yesterday.
As she excused herself, this was her therapy. It was a noble act of saving people.
If she did something wrong, she could lose his life.

“Ha ha… Aang…”

Wisdom slowly turned her waist and felt the man’s cock.
Then, the hot cock warmed her body, creating a harmony of yin and yang.
A hole formed in her womb and began to flow down her cock to him.

At the same time, her pleasure surged.
Her pleasure drove her mad to corrupt her again.

But I had to hold on. If you lose consciousness here, everything will go to waste.
You should never give in to pleasure, either for yourself or for the sake of a man.

“It feels good… You have to be patient…”

Wisdom focused her attention on her man’s cock thrusting into her own vagina.
She and she began to put her own will into her inner circle that flowed to him.

“Haaa…. Ha… “

She climbed over the phallus, grabbed hold of his internal energy, and connected his blood vessels one by one.
She began to pierce the circulation of her body, calming her inner energy that was about to run out.

It was not easy, but strangely, her internal energy, which used to torment men’s bodies, was subdued and obeyed her.
As she told her to, she moved calmly within his body.

“Uh… This… ? Weezy Sojeo What the hell is this…”

But then the man regained consciousness.

He saw her on top of her porcelain and looked at her confused.
Vaughn grabbed her by the ass and started fucking her cock.

“Wait a minute… Haaang! Don’t move… Aang, ah… Be still!”

Wisdom couldn’t stand the stimulation and missed her inner strength.
Thanks to her, the inner energy that had been circumnavigating her body began to rage inside his body again.

“Ouch… Turn it off… What is this… Aww!”

Only then did the man realize his situation.
He suffers from a guy called Nae Gong that wanders through his body.
He looked at her with her anxious eyes as if asking for her help.

“It’s okay… Haang, just me, Aang! Trust me… Surrender yourself… Aang!”

Wi Jihye thought the man begging her was cute.
She placed both hands on the man’s belly for him.
And she caressed his body slowly, moving her waist to match.
Then she again took the initiative of her internal energy and made the man comfortable.

“Ha ha… Ha… The movement of the inner air… Haang… You have to remember… You know?”

“Ugh… Yes… “

“Huh… Start, heh… I’ll do it!”

Top to bottom, top to bottom
According to her will, internal energy circulated through the man’s body.

And when the week and a thousand are over, internal energy naturally
He passed on Wisdom again through his cock.

She circulated her inner energy, just like she did for a man.
It was the Taegeuk Yin-Yang Technique she learned.

The power of turning her body around
She was again transmitted to him through the womb.
In the process, he gave him and her immense pleasure.
The two, engulfed in ecstasy, exchanged energy without resting again and again.

Before they knew it, the two put treatment aside and focused only on mixing their bodies.
Caress, lick, and suck each other’s bodies
Then, their eyes met, and they coveted each other’s tongues again.

“Churup, ha… Haap, chu, gulp… Ha… This breath… You have to remember… Churup…”

“Haaa… Like this… Haap, churup, ha… Gulp, churrup, ha! You know…”

Wi Ji-hye exchanged saliva with the man and taught the method of tonap of the Taiji Yin-Yang Shin Gong.
Having no martial arts knowledge, he did not easily learn
Wei Wisdom did not rest in her teachings until he had mastered them.

“Churrup, haaang! Poke me full! Ha… Haaang!”

“Aaaaang! Again, again… Go away!”

In exchange for her teaching, the man allowed her to fuck her cock.
She was delighted and instinctively squeezed her prick to the fullest.
When the man ejaculated at the stimulation, she also climaxed with her screams.

“Ha… Now… It’ll be fine…”


Wisdom, who had exhausted her strength through repeated sexual intercourse,
She fell over the man’s body and she buried her face in his chest, gasping for her breath.
His still-hot body warmed her cold body.


It felt good. She smiled softly.

Put her hand down and touch the man’s belly again.
I felt a small short circuit that hadn’t been there before.
And within that danjeon, a faint inner energy was accumulated.

Now, there was no need for him to be seduced by sexual intercourse with him.
She was delighted with the fact and her smile bloomed.

‘Ah… What am I thinking… This is therapy… Now that treatment is over… ‘

But now that I think about it, I have never had an affair with a man.
In the first place, it made no sense to mix with him, who was an outsider.
Too good body compatibility, and also because of the side effects of the Taegeuk Yin-Yang body
Having indulged in intercourse with him, he was himself, but now he had to get away from him.


That’s right.
Even for the family who saved you
Even for the fiancé you love
She had to come back to her old self.

But why…
Tears came to my eyes at the thought of having to get away from him.

“Black… Whip, black…”

It’s the right thing. It should be.
My heart was full and I was filled with sadness.


Is it to comfort her?
The man stroked her hair with a large hand.

Wisdom sniffles and raises her head
Her man was looking at her with her affectionate expression.

The moment our eyes meet

She felt loved

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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