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Heroine Netori 75

Heroine Netori 75

Chapter 75 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (7)

When she woke up, Wi Ji-hye was having sex with me in a riding position.
… Dream? Or is it my delusion?
No, it was real. This sensation was definitely the heavenly pussy she had felt yesterday.
She climbed on top of her cock herself and rocked her back…
The fact that her one night of sex had captured her made her feel immensely fulfilled.

I grabbed her soft ass to respond to her
She started her piston vagina with all her might. Naturally, her pussy responded.

“Wait a minute… Haaang! Don’t move… Aang, ah… Be still!”

But something was strange. Wi Ji-hye’s reaction was different from what I expected.
Instead of being happy, she was sad and pushed me away.

“Ouch… Turn it off… What is this… Aww!”

I felt pain at the same time.
Wherever blood flowed, I felt the pain of being cut by a burning knife.
She couldn’t stand the pain and screamed.
Surprisingly, her throat was hoarse, as if she had already screamed several times.

It seemed like he would die any moment. No, it was a pain that would have been better than death.
I tried using heel, but for some reason it didn’t work. Purification was the same.
It didn’t hurt like this during sex with Jihye Wie earlier…
Could it be that Wi Jihye was doing something?

When I raised her head and looked at her Wisdom, she reassured me with her eyes and then started shaking her waist again.
Then the pain weakened to the point where she was pinched by a small child.

“It’s okay… Haang, just me, Aang! Trust me… Surrender yourself… Aang!”

Also, my thoughts were right. She was doing something to me
It was fortunate that she was a righteous heroine.

Wei Ji-hye bounced her back with a body movement that was incomparable to yesterday.
She was a sex genius who learned how to make a man feel good overnight.
When I felt the pressure of her cunt squeeze from all sides, she put her hands on my lower belly.
As her ice-cold hands caressed the area around my stomach, my heated body cooled down pleasantly.
I didn’t feel any pain anymore.

“Ha ha… Ha… The movement of the inner air… Haang… You have to remember… You know?”

Internal… ? What kind of martial arts was this now?
Wi Ji-hye, confirmed by observation, was just an ordinary good citizen?
It was an incomprehensible statement, but she was not one Wisdom would lie to.

However, there was no way that I, who did not even know the ‘ㅁ’ of martial arts, could feel the inner strength.
All I could feel was how delicious her cunt was.

“Huh… Start, heh… I’ll do it!”

Fortunately, however, I had an observation.
When I looked at my body through observation, my energy was flowing just as she said.
To my amazement, this energy was leaking from her womb and flowing into me through my cock.

‘The warm energy that was transmitted during sex is my energy… ‘

It was only then that I realized the existence of Nae Gong. What made the sex even more pleasant was the inner workings.
Although it was internal energy that disappeared from my senses once it entered my body.
Through observation, when I focused on the part where the inner hole flows, I could barely feel the inner hole.

According to Wi Ji-hye’s will, the inner energy circulated through my body, moving intricately here and there.
Then, after spinning a circle, it naturally flowed to Wi Ji-hye through the cock.

“Ha ha… Now it’s one time…”

‘Crazy… ‘

When the inner cavity passes through the glans penis and passes into the cervix
I felt the pleasure of squeezing her roots with a soft, hard woman’s hand.
This was the inner sex…
This was the reason why sex with Wi Ji-hye was incomparably pleasant.

“Ha… Going back now, wow! I will… Hem!”

Her inner energy passed over to her circulated through the same path that flowed in her body.
As she said, she came back to me through the womb.

‘Ugh… It must have been rice…’

Then the pleasure of earlier came again. It was a pleasure she was still unfamiliar with. I thought I knew why Wi Ji-hye fell for sex at once.

Once so,
Inner gong flowed to me and then to Wei Jihye.

As I grabbed her thighs, Wei Jihye fell into my arms.

Third time,
As I caressed her breasts, she caressed my earlobes.

Once again,
Her energy flowed from Wisdom above, and I returned it to her.

Now, without observation, I was able to feel the internal energy and operate it myself.


“Churup, ha… Haap, chu, gulp… “

We kissed naturally, like lovers in love.
She and I had only met yesterday, but now we know each other well enough to caress each other’s weaknesses.

“Ha… This breath… You have to remember… Churup…”

Wei Jihye held my face while kissing and talked about breathing.
Then he put his lips to mine and began to breathe very lewdly.
He took a short breath and naturally let out a dirty sound.
And every time he got stuck in his cock, he let out a rough breath.

“Haaa… Like this… Haap, churup, ha… Gulp, churrup, ha! You know…”

Even if you ask if you know, I honestly don’t know. It looked like nothing different than just gasping. But it was clear that it was a meaningful breath.
In that case, there is only one way, repetition mastery.
I remembered the sound of her breathing and imitated her way of breathing lasciviously.

“Ha… Chuup, chung, ha… Ha, ha, ha… Gulp…”

But at some point, it became nothing different from a kiss.
Enjoying her kiss, I moved her waist as I hugged her tightly.
He swallowed her saliva and stabbed her vagina vigorously.

“Churrup, haaang!”

She was delighted and did not fall away from me.
He tightened his cock to match my movements and demanded ejaculation from me.
She forgot her teachings and was focused only on her sex.

“Poke me all over! Ha… Haaang!”

But thanks to her wonderful teacher, she had already mastered the breath.

Mysteriously, as she circulated her inner energy and breathed as she taught her, a little warm energy began to build up in her belly.
It was clear that the Danjeon, often seen in martial arts novels, had formed.

“Aaaaang! Again, again… Go away!”

As a token of my gratitude, I grabbed her by the waist and pierced her roots.
Then her cock pierced the entrance to the nursery, spraying her cum.
Satisfied, she let out lewd sounds in my ear.

“Ha… Now… It’ll be fine…”

As she said, the sex ended, but it didn’t hurt at all.
Rather, it energized the body of her.

So the sex is over
It’s not over.


The Taegeuk Yin-Yang body is said to be the body that creates internal holes in the womb when you have sex.
In other words, to sum it up in one word, it is an internal shuttle. But now with one hole.
And Wi Ji-hye calls this Taegeuk Yin-Yang delay.
The word onahole means cancellation.

For that reason, the Wiji family said that Wi Ji-hye and the youngest son of the Namgung family were betrothed to protect their daughter.
The youngest son, like the main character, is a very good person and treats the anxious Wi Ji-hye with kindness, and Wi Ji-hye is said to have fallen in love with such a protagonist…
Can you think of it as a common bean pod when you were young? It was clear that the immature girl mistook her feelings for love.

However, someone started to spread rumors that she was a Taegeuk Yin-Yang body.
It is said that the family of Wiji and Namgung, who were in crisis, tried to entrust her to Amipa.

But then the black wind band appeared and kidnapped her.
For reference, Geomno, who fought with the captain that day, is said to be the elder of the Namgung family.

‘That’s how it happened…’

She learned a martial art called Taegeuk Yin-Yang Shin Gong, which can only be used during sex.
And what she taught me to save me was also Taegeuk Yin-Yang Shin Gong, which is said to be the Nae Gong Shim method, which refines the nae gong that was created during sex into a purer one.
If you have sex with her without this simbeop, you can only absorb 60% of your internal energy from her, but it is said that you can absorb 10% of it through this simbeop.
That’s why they say it’s martial arts to tell the protagonist on the first night… I’ve run out. I’m so glad

‘I thought there was an error in my observations again…’

Somehow, I thought it was strange that the children of the Murim family came out as civilians, but there were hidden circumstances.
For reference, she says that she cannot learn any other inner core techniques other than Taegeuk Yin-Yang Shin Gong because she is Taegeuk-Yin-Yang.
Men say that even if they learn other Simbeop, they can learn it together, so it is a very unfair worldview.

Anyway… !
Now, thanks to the Taegeuk Yin-Yang Technique, both she and I are in a state of accumulation.

And… !
Even now, I am working hard to increase my strength.

“Ha ha… Harder, hot, ha… I can’t even think of anyone else… Aang…!”

“There…Now it’s going to come up soon. Going down to the village…”

“Because it’s okay! Ah so on! … Haang… So that I can forget Gaga!”

When I comforted her while she was crying after the treatment, the person changed.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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