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Heroine Netori 76

Heroine Netori 76

Chapter 76 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (8)

After several climaxes, Wei Jihui calmed down to some extent.
I posted her thanks to her.

“Weezy Sozer… Thank you. You never thought you would sacrifice your body to save me…”

“You are my lifesaver… I gave back as much as I received…”

Wijimamang hugged me with a benevolent smile that embraced everything.
My heart warmed up and warmed up. Could anyone else be this kind!
It was a really good decision to change the strategy and take the elixir.

“… I will give my life to you. I will live only for you for the rest of my life.”

“No… Please bring your own happiness… To find…”

“Dedicating my life for Sojeo is my happiness!”


Really. I was really moved by Wei Jihye.
A heroine who heals that hellish pain with sex…
You can’t help but be impressed!

So this time, ‘Heroine Netori’ decided to live only for Wi Ji-hye.
She rescued her from the clutches of her youngest son her, her male palace son her.
I intend to help you live a happy life exchanging inner strength with me for the rest of your life.
I’m sure Wi Ji-hye will be happy too.

“Then fuck me again! I hate touching the entrance… Aang!”

Yes, she’s still asking for sex like this, and of course she’ll be happy.
There’s no way Wi Ji-hye, who fell for sex with me, could be satisfied with sex with another man.
So it’s right that I’m responsible for her for the rest of her life.

“Ah! Yes clothes! So… Ha ha, ah! Joaah!”

And if Namgung Se is the youngest son, she probably won’t be a woman.
There must be plenty of sub-heroes around you who like the main character.
Can good Wi Ji-hye survive in the chaos?
Wouldn’t it be like dedicating one’s body for inner strength only when necessary?

“Ha… Haaang! Too young… Joa yo oh!”

Well, no


Thanks to Taegeuk-Yin-Yangjiche and Taegeuk-Yin-Yang Shin-Gong, I didn’t get tired at all even if I continued to have sex, and on the contrary, the more I did it, the more energy I got.
Thanks to that, we didn’t stop mingling even though the sun was shining.
I knew I had to stop, but I couldn’t stop.

Whether the Heukpungdae won or the Sega people disguised as the Poongwoon Corps won, the decision would have already been made and the bodies of the dead leader and the head of the confrontation team would have been found.
So I really had to leave now

“Hehe… I feel so relieved to be held in this arms… All worries disappear and my head is full of you… Are you too… ?”

Yu Zhihe does n’t want to let me go like this, so how can she take her word out of her?
Already her fiancé her was forgotten from her memory of her, and I wondered if I had taken his place of her.
Wei wisdom kept whispering her words of love in my ear.

“Of course, Sozer!”

“Ah… I’m so happy! Aang!”

Still, thanks to that, I was able to build up quite a bit of inner strength.
I still don’t know how many years this has been.
A fist-sized inner cavity was piled up in the danjeon.

Wouldn’t it be possible to learn swordsmanship or swordsmanship with this much skill?
Oh, yes, you can actually learn the three-talented sword method that you have been training only in imagery.

“Whoops, ahaha… ! But it’s funny to ask now… What’s your name?”

Oh, come to think of it, I haven’t even gotten a full name yet.
She asked me for her name as she gave me her affectionate gaze.
Wi Jihye was such a famous person that I knew her name.
There was no way she would know my name her, member of the Black Wind Team 6.

Of course, it was correct to tell the name…
Indulging in pleasure and coveting each other’s bodies, they missed the timing to inform them.

“And instead of saying weezy sozer… Please call me Hyemae…”

Wei Ji-hye looked away from me as if she was ashamed to say her words her like that.
I liked the way she looked, so instead of answering her, I gave her a kiss.
Of course I did n’t stop shaking her waist her.

“Ha ha… Churup, Pa… Answer… Please do it…”

“Hye-mae… My name is… “


What is this…
The moment I try to tell Wi Ji-hye my name
Suddenly, countless translucent windows with the word ERROR appeared in front of her eyes.

My eyes went dark.


“What the fuck is this!!”

Probably not… Probably not… I prayed
It was right to return to reality.

When she opened her eyes, Wii Wisdom was not visible and I was in my room.

“Are you fucking a dog? No, what the hell is an error!”

Anger rose to the top of her head. I never thought that this would happen.
It was ‘Heroine Netori’ who never disappoints…
Error!? Forced return!? Cursing came out of nowhere.

“Aaaaagh! Send it back right now! Give it back!!!”

I was so angry that I couldn’t stay still.
Screaming, throwing chairs,
I expressed my anger with every action I could.

However, even after trembling like this, I couldn’t go back there.

“Because I don’t have to give points! Because you don’t have to give me skills! Send it back right away!”

Even if I shouted that I didn’t need points or skills, nothing changed.
I was still in the room.

It hasn’t been long since I swore to cherish Wei Jihye for the rest of my life.
I will never see Wei Wisdom again in my life.

I felt like crying.

“Fuck… Really… What…”

Everything has become futile It felt like there was a hole in my heart.
Just a moment ago, I was full of enthusiasm.
I didn’t want to do anything now.


At that moment, a translucent window floated in front of my eyes with a cheerful alarm sound that inflamed me.

[※ Error Occurred ※]
[Energy injection that the caster cannot handle.]
[Forced return for the safety of the caster.]
[Compensation for unexpected errors: 100,000 points.]

[‘Heroine Netori’ patch due to the growth of the caster.]
[※ New items will be added to the shop.]
[※ Challenges will be added.]

“What is this again… It’s fucking 100,000 points and it’s nabal and it’s done, so give me Wisdom…”

She got 100,000 points as compensation for her error of her, but she didn’t feel good at all.
Forced return for my safety? I couldn’t figure out what kind of dog it was.

It is true that he gained strength while having sex with Wi Ji-hye, but it was not to the extent that he could not handle it.
Besides, it’s something in ‘Heroine Netori’ anyway, so I can understand talking about safety…

For a moment,
What is this.
I have an inner… Yeah?

I was dumbfounded and touched my lower stomach.
It was the size of a fist.

“This… Why real… ?”

What you can get from ‘Heroine Netori’
There were only stats that could catch monsters or items that could be put in the inventory and brought.

But now there is an internal energy included.

“Ha…Is that why…?”

Only now did I understand
In reality, there is no wisdom. It means that there is no one to treat you if you fall ill again.
So, in order to rule out the possibility of infancy, ‘Heroine Netori’ forcibly blocked the injection of more than a certain amount of internal organs.

“Fuck… But then I’ll give you a word in advance…”

If I had said something in advance, I would have controlled it myself… The regret grew.
I know you thought of me, but there must have been a better way.


But then another beep sounded and a new window popped up.

[※ Information on new products!]
[Forced return ticket: 500,000 points. You can return to the completed ‘Heroine Netori’.]
[Right of Forced Return (ver. Wi Ji-hye): 200,000 points. You can return to the “Heroine Netori” Who was forcibly returned. (However, for safety, it can only be used if the caster can afford it.)]

“I believe you!”

Then it is.
After all, “Heroine Netori”!
There was no way to disappoint me.


I was relieved and fell asleep.
When I woke up, it was morning.

[Good morning! Have a nice day todayhaha]
[(Cat grinning emoji)]

Instinctively, when I opened my smartphone, there was a message from Hyuna.
There was no answer to the manager’s case, but they are still contacting me every day.
Are you being pushed? I don’t think it will pull…

I simply replied and threw my phone away and closed my eyes.
Yesterday I slept as it was, but looking at it now, I had a lot to think about.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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