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Heroine Netori 77

Heroine Netori 77

Chapter 77 – Preparation (1)

I thought hard while taking a shower.
‘For safety, it can only be used if the caster can afford it.’
This was, in the end, telling me to become stronger.

I became a C-class hunter within a few months of awakening, but I am still a C-class hunter.
Even if I took gold, it wasn’t a level to use the word “Strong” Anywhere.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be really hard to get in if you take a B grade?

“Whoa… “

The hurdles are rising.
It’s true that you have to be strong to succeed as a hunter, but
She was going to grow up slowly, but she couldn’t.

“Good is good… I can’t help it.”

Still, she achieved her goal to return to the Royal Doyong thing.
Becoming a C-class Hunter, earning 50,000 points, all accomplished.
Now, all you have to do is increase your inventory and purchase bomb type sub-weapons.
I decided to take comfort in that.

– Tak Tak Tak

I continued to think while preparing breakfast.
You can return to the completed “Heroine Netori”…
I have already done a lot of ‘Heroine Netori’ and met many heroines.

Among them, there was not a single heroine who failed Netori.
Thanks to the fraudulent skill called erogenous stimulation,
And thanks to the repetition of relatively easy difficulty,
I was able to steal all the heroines from the main character.

Come to think of it, were all the main characters Shiwoo?
Hmm… Well, anyway.

Everyone was satisfied with ‘Heroine Netori’, but there were also parts that were disappointing.
This is because there were many heroines who wanted to have more fun.
This is especially true of Yena and Yuna, who suddenly became S-rankers and never saw each other again.

I was making them into my own women by painting them in my color.
It felt like the drawing paper was taken away before I even finished it.

However, with the right to return, I had a chance to see them again.
It’s a shame that 500,000 points are required, but… Where can I still see it?
It was good that the possibility was not 0%.

“By the way… How many times do you have to repeat ‘Heroine Netori’ to earn 500,000 out of 200?”

It’s hard to earn 20,000 points even with an S rank…
Thinking like that made me feel a bit stumped. I want to see you soon, but it didn’t seem easy.

Do you get extra points for completing challenges?


Scared to speak, the challenge window popped up.
In the translucent window, the challenges that I hadn’t checked yesterday were lined up.

“Five… I’ll see you soon… ?”

[※ Challenge ※]
[Complete the mission with Allandom: 50,000 points]
[Complete mission without tips: 50,000 points.]
[Complete mission with negative affinity: 100,000 points]
[… ] … ]
[Complete the mission without knowing who the heroine is: 1 million points.]
[… ] … ]
[Complete mission without skill: 5 million points]
[… ] … ]

There were also challenges that seemed difficult at first glance, but this level is worth doing? There were many challenges that I wanted to do.
Accomplishing the mission with Allandom. What have you been doing lately?
Accomplishing the mission without tips can be a little tricky, but I thought I could do it.
Then just achieving these two is already 100,000 points.

Somehow, there are a lot of characters, items, and expensive things…
Was there another way to earn points?

In the case of completing a mission without skill, it seems really difficult, but if you can do it, you can earn 5 million at once.
Then you can revisit all the ‘Heroine Netori’ you have cleared up to this point.
Awesome. Really.

Maybe it wasn’t a tutorial until now?
I felt like I was starting a full-fledged “Heroine Netori” From now on.

“The difficulty was too easy… “

If that’s really the case… It could get pretty difficult from now on.
It is said that it can be difficult to achieve a high grade with ignorant sex as it is now.
You may have to roll your head to get a solid build-up and do netori.
By the way… Would it be possible? I’m still lacking in intelligence…

[Intelligence has risen by 1.]

Oh, that’s true.
Are you kidding me saying no? Or are you telling me to do it because I’ll raise my intelligence?


“Hey, let’s have a meal first.”

Kimchi fried rice for breakfast. It is easy to make and the taste is always stable.
After learning the cooking skill, every mealtime is fun.

“Come to think of it, Yena and Yuna were all kids cooking, right?”

Next time we meet, it would be nice to cook together.
I think I can draw a lot of fun pictures thanks to my cooking skills.
It’s like giving Siwoo, who is full of talent, frustrated.

… Ah, but that doesn’t mean I dislike Siu.
Frustration is what makes a man!
Well then. It’s all for Siwoo.


After washing the dishes, I entered the room and turned on my laptop.
It was to check the phonetube video I uploaded before going to bed.

“What kind of reaction will it be… “

I didn’t expect a particularly high number of views. Since I didn’t have any reputation, I uploaded it, so the number of views couldn’t be high.
However, people’s reactions were expected. I took a picture, but it’s a video that anyone can see, so I was curious what kind of comments would be posted here.

“Isn’t it true?”

By the way… I was surprised from the main screen.
It was because I saw a thumbnail of a video of Sofia’s aunt on the popular upload list.

“Crazy… 100,000 views already?”

A quick click showed that there were over 200 comments and a like percentage of 75%.
It is said that about 75,000 out of 100,000 people saw this video. PhoneTube is forced to press like or dislike.
No, wait. Then it is said that 25,000 people did not make it, but does that make sense? Don’t you like this?

[You have to be at that level to get a foster daughter.]
[B blah blah blah blah]
[N I’m not jealous of the fucking black type]

[No, isn’t it just dyed? You speak Korean very well?]
[Is your eye sprained?] The skeleton is different. Look at that butt, is that a sensitive body?]
[N But the pronunciation is fucking accuratehaha]
[ㄴㄴㅇㅋ] I can only see the backside, but the screen shakes so much that I get confused, right?]
[N No, you assholes, the beauty hair is blonde]

[Looking at it, I think I took several videos, but let’s upload them all at once. Don’t make it tantalizing.]
[I admit it.]
[N Did you pull out one shot? It’s wise

[Ah, I’m so sick of it, Emchang]
[B inferiority on]
[B say you’re jealous]

[Looking at this bastard, he ate college students too? That’s even worse ㅅㅅㅅ]
[B damn b]
[No, really?]
[Is that a virgin too?]

Well… I understand. I didn’t click dislike because I didn’t look good
Because the video quality is low, because of envy, to threaten to upload the next episode, etc.
I pressed dislike for various complicated reasons.
75% was a little disappointing, but I was satisfied with that because it was said that I was inferior anyway.


Next, when I checked Heera’s video, the number of views was 65,000, lower than that of Sophia’s aunt, but the like rate was 97%.
Is it because of the combination of a female college student and a virgin? It was an overwhelming proportion.

[Yeah. She looked like a virgin. It’s good that I’m not like kids these days.]
[Yeah, I’m not a virgin anymore~]
[ㄴ But it’s a rare species]

[What is this bastard doing? What is she who spreads her view like that?]
[Look at the size of the dick]
[ㄴ I’m also a dick, but why don’t the kids around me do it]
[N Don’t you know better? Haha]

[I pressed the warden right away. Thank you haha]
[I check if he has any comments lol As expected, he owns it right away]
[N Unicorn haha]

[He also ate Western MILFs. That’s cheating too 😉
[N Life is close. I want to live like this… ]
[It looks like it can come back]
[N I’m more envious of that]

Great… This is the response you want.
I’ve never been envious in my 30s…
It felt like this! What a life to envy!

I smiled and prepared to upload the next videos.
Sophia’s Auntie’s video is a video in which she did not let go of my waist until I ejaculated, forcing me to cum inside.
Hee-ra’s video is a video of herself masturbating while sniffing my scent that Hee-ra filmed and sent to me.

Will the response be good this time?
I thought so and made a reservation upload at 10pm.
Still, it’s a daughter, but it was a bit like uploading it in the morning.


“After… Once I’ve finished one… Shall we go buy some bombs now?”

Now for real! The last to go see Sophia! It’s time to prepare.

I used 50,000 points to increase my inventory to 10 slots
With light steps, I headed to the Hunter-only shop.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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