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Heroine Netori 78

Heroine Netori 78

Chapter 78 – (IF Abduction) the Youngest Daughter of a Conglomerate (1)

What might have happened if Deokbae had not been forcibly returned from the youngest daughter of a chaebol family.
This is an IF episode.


#Lunch hour

“Hehe! Today’s lunch box was prepared by myself from the morning!”

Yena spoke proudly as she opened the lid of her lunch box in front of her friends her.
The lunch box was filled with colorful and delicious looking dishes.
She looked so high quality that it was hard to believe that Yena made it herself.

“Oh! After all, it’s Miss Yena!”

“How can you be so cool!”

That’s why they were friends who sincerely praised
Yuna, who sat across from her, opened her own lunch box with a look of insignificance on her face.

“It’s a coincidence… ! Today I also cooked myself! It’s nothing compared to the lunchboxes Yena made, but… “

Yuna was humble in words, but not modest in her lunch box her.
Yuna’s three-layered lunch box was filled with colorful dishes on each layer, and it was composed of side dishes that could only be made with sincerity.

“Oh my! Not at all!”

“It is truly a boxed lunch for a wise mother and wife! I really respect you, Miss Yuna!”

“Whoops… It is true that it was made with the heart of a wise mother and wife…”

Yes. Yuna actually made a lunch box for her persimmon butler.
Today, she is having a pajama party at her house her, and she prepares a packed lunch to show off her cooking skills her to her butler.
The current 3-layer lunch box is a collection of failures! The lunchbox to show to the butler was hidden inside a bag prepared separately.

“Then! Is it love?!”

“I’m sure it’s Miss Yuna! You already gave me this lunchbox as a present!”

Not knowing that, her friends began to fantasize about what kind of person Yuna fell in love with.

“Hehe! You know that! In the end, it’s a poor lunch box compared to my cooking!”

But as if Yuna was funny, Yena laughed at Yuna as she jabbed the salad she made with her fork her.
Then she looked at Yuna as she slowly brought her salad to her mouth her and stuffed it into her little mouth her, chewing it and swallowing it.
As if Yena had eaten her delicious dish her, she touched her cheek her with one hand and put on an ecstatic expression, which made her look really lovely.

“Huh? It’s the first smell. Miss Yena, what kind of dressing is that?”

“It smells like chestnut flowers… It’s a very unique and addictive scent!”

“That… It’s a secret! If I had to give you a hint, it’s a dressing that only a woman in love can get!”

“”Oh my gosh! Even Miss Jena?!”

When Jena also talked about her love her, her friends were amazed and envied the two of them who had reached puberty.
Her friends her called her Jena’s dressing ‘dressing of love’and she asked if she could try it just once, but she refused, saying she could never do it.
Once again she looked at Yuna in her as she slowly took the dressing-smeared salad to her mouth her.
It was like a winner looking down at a loser.

“Huh… Because I’m not particularly envious…”

Yuna avoids Jena’s gaze and expresses her intention to refuse, but
Unknowingly, I showed Jena swallowing her saliva her.

“I can give Yuna a special bite… Here!”

In her triumphant mood, Jena held out her salad dripping with dressing to Yuna as if at her mercy her.


Yuna wanted to eat the salad right in front of her eyes.
Drool flowed from her mouth, and juice flowed from her lower mouth her.
My uterus was already shaking at the smell I was so accustomed to. She is reminded of the master of the dressing and the moments she spent with him.

“All right, all right! That’s what Yena got, so it’s right for Yena to eat it.”

However, Yuna held back and refused. Her pride would n’t let her.
The ‘it’ she ate, she wanted to draw herself.

“Hehe… Then I can’t help it. I have no choice but to eat.”

Yena, she was worried about what to do with Yuna if she ate it.
When she refused, she quickly brought her salad back into her mouth her.
As the translucent dressing slipped into her mouth, she mixed with her saliva and began giving off an obscene odor.
My friends still laughed and said, “It smells unique.”
Yena and Yuna blushed at the smell and started rubbing her thighs.


Siwoo lowered the spoon while eating and closed his eyes.
I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation.
Even if she didn’t want to hear it, she kept listening. The sound of Jena eating that salad.
Siwoo was already aware of the identity of the dressing.
That must be the butler’s…


Vomiting seemed to rise.
Memories of that disgusting day came to mind and brought tears to my eyes.
Siu couldn’t stand it.
Eventually, he stopped eating, kicked his seat, and ran to the bathroom.

# Return home

As usual, Deokbae was going home with Yena in her car, but today she had one more guest. She was Yuna, who came over to her house for a pajama party.
Deokbae, knowing this in advance, opened her back door to pick them up, but Yuna ignored Deokbae’s consideration and sat in the front seat.

“… Miss Yuna?”

“I don’t want to sit next to Miss Yena today.”

“Hehe! I’m a good person, so I’ll understand!”

Why Yuna doesn’t hold Jena by her side, why Yena doesn’t care about Yuna like that,
Deokbae didn’t know, but he thought something else had happened and moved on.
But she was Deokbae who realized something was wrong less than five minutes later.

“Wait a minute! Miss Yuna is dangerous!”

“Whoops… You stay still!”

As her car started, Yuna twisted her body to look at her Deokbae, and as he was concentrating on driving, she naturally lowered her body and she began to take off his pants her.

“Trouble! It’s dangerous now!”

“As long as the butler stays still, there will be no problem!”

After that, she took off Deokbae’s pants and succeeded in pulling out Deokbae’s large cock through the hole in her panties.

“Haam… Churup, ha… This taste, this smell… I wanted to take…”

Then, in her mouth her, he licked every nook and cranny of her cock her with his tongue her, and when the cock hardened, she started to do blowjob in earnest.

“Churrup, ha ha… Haam, Haljjak, Tseung, Chure… Hueup, ha… Hehe.”

Deokbae felt pleasure from the stimulation she gave her, but unfortunately she was driving, so she couldn’t just enjoy it.
But Yuna was just sucking on his cock her to extract the cum her out of her, whether or not her dick her was like that.

“Chu, chu-up, chuu… Gulp, dig… Under… Churrup… “

“Ugh… Lady Yuna, it would be difficult if you were like this… Is… “

“Really! It’s too much for just the two of us to enjoy!”

However, she was in trouble, and even Yena rushed at Deokbae.
She hugged him from Deokbae’s back seat, and she started licking his ear of her while touching Deokbae’s nipple of his.

“A little bit… Ha ha… Grandpa, because I am too…”

It was Yena who decided to give way to some extent in her car because of what happened at lunchtime, but when Yuna started sucking Deokbae’s cock in earnest and Deokbae felt it, it was Yena who felt her loneliness in her.
She demanded his affection her in Deokbae’s ear his with a sticky voice.

“Ha… Men too… Do you like being touched like this? Hehe… I’m doing it because it’s me. That’s why you should always love me… Little bit… “

Her caress her did not satisfy Deokbae as much as she thought, but Deokbae, who was proud of Yena’s effort her for herself, told her what she wanted.

“Of course, lady. I have been in love with you since the moment we first met.”

“Hehe… Side! After all, you are my own butler!”

Every time she makes it, she feels like having tea time with angels in heaven.
As she saved his answer her, she clung to Deokbae even more.

“Chuup, Chuu… I am! Gulp… Ha… I am the only butler!”

Then, this time, Yuna was a mess.
As she sucked Deokbae’s cock more vigorously than before, she looked up at him and yearned for his love her.

“Of course… I love Yuna too. Like this.”

Deokbae, who was able to afford it because it was a red light, stroked Yuna who was looking at him, then touched her ear lobe her and spoke sweet words to her.
Then he forcibly pressed her head down and began to stab Yuna’s throat her with his cock her.

“Ouch… Town! Ugh!”

She was Yuna who resisted the sudden shock, but she had no mercy for Deokbae.
Deokbae, who was forcibly playing Iramachio until the signal changed, when the light turned green, sprayed her mouth full of semen as if he had received a cue sign.

“Oops! Keck, Coke… Ha… “

Yuna frowned at her pain and shed tears.
In the end, when Deokbae ejaculated, she put on a satisfied expression as if she had never done that before.
Inside her mouth her, she slowly rolled her tongue, savoring the cum of her virtuoso her.

“Ha… I wanted this…”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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