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Heroine Netori 79

Heroine Netori 79

Chapter 79 – (IF Abduction) the Youngest Daughter of a Conglomerate (2)

# Massage

“Today we will give you a massage!”

“Hehe! Take it as an honor, butler!”

Yena and Yuna, who arrived home, said that they would give a special massage today.
I made the butler wear panties and lay him down on the massage bed.
However, seeing that they also took off their clothes, it seemed that it was not a simple massage.

Yena was wearing underwear in the shape of her favorite cat, and the cute underwear that went well with her cute appearance her was revealing her breast bone, which was just beginning to develop.

Yuna was wearing quite aggressive underwear that did not match her innocent appearance of her, but the area was too small, so she showed off her great body of her without covering it.

The butler was looking forward to what kind of massage the two half-naked women would give.
It was clear that it was a sexual massage, as he usually does for them.

“This…Is it an eyepatch?”

“Actually! This is a massage showdown!”

But out of the blue, Yena handed her an eyepatch, and she brought up her words of a massage showdown.
I was sure it wasn’t really a simple massage.

“If the superintendent puts on an eyepatch, we will take turns giving the massage. After you finish, the butler can tell you which massage you liked more. Simple, right?”

“Because it is absolutely certain that I will win!”

“Indeed… Well sir.”

The girls, who have usually competed with each other over large and small tasks, seemed to be betting on the massage they gave to the butler.
The butler smiled bitterly, saying that he was the victim of a bet again.
However, there was nothing to lose, so I decided to obey them obediently.

“Then, from now on, you will be lying down with an eyepatch on, so you can start in order.”

And when you think about it, it was actually a good thing.
In the end, isn’t it that the two ladies are serving him?
It was a service that was hard to get even with money.


As the butler put on an eyepatch and knelt down, someone approached the butler.
Then, with her slender fingers her, she began to knead the butler’s shoulders.

“Hmm… “

‘Not at all… I have no feeling…?’

However, her massage was not enough to loosen the man’s tight muscles.
Far from feeling good, she only tasted tantalizing and tickled her.

“Hoo… “

But she didn’t stop her massage.
As if she knew it, she naturally changed her ways of her.
Instead of rubbing her shoulders, she began to gently touch them.
Little by little, she lowered her hand down to caress the butler’s broad back of her.
And bent over her…

“Huh… ! Town… “

She put her lips to Butler Perm and started kissing him and her.

“Ah! Uh, stop! This is against the rules! You were supposed to do only massage for the first round!”

“Ha… Churup, chump, haa… Oh? Miss Yena, don’t you know this? It’s a tongue massage.”

‘Was it Yuna after all… ‘

Butler Gam knew Yuna’s true identity from the moment she started giving her massage.
It wasn’t the persimmon butler who had already mixed with them once or twice, so I could tell who was doing her massage her just by the size of her hands her.

“Oooh! It’s not what I promised, though! Miss Yuna is a foul loser!”

“Whoops… Is it a massage? Ha… Churrup, chuu… Gulp. This is how you massage the other person’s tongue with your tongue.”

“Eight! If you do that to the end, the bet will be for nothing!”

At first, the two promised to do only sound massage, but when Yuna kissed her, Yena stomped her feet and got angry, saying how could that be?
Nevertheless, when Yuna shamelessly continued to kiss her, she couldn’t stand it, and she rushed at the butler.

“Go, breast massage!”

She climbed onto her stomach butler and took off her bra, revealing her tiny, coquettish breasts.
She then dabbed her oil on her breasts her and then she laid her body her on top of her persimmon butler just as it was.

“Oh oh…?”

Then her Jena’s breasts her touched her butler’s waist her.
The butler felt a soft yet somehow hard touch.
In that state, Jena moved her body her and started rubbing her breasts her.

“Hehe! Are you feeling good? That’s bound to make you feel good. It’s me! Because I’ll do it for you!”

“Oh oh…!”

In fact, her massage of Jena’s breasts did not feel as good as she boasted.
But the fresh sensation of going back and forth
She was surprised by the fact that the handsome lady was giving her breasts a massage for her.
The butler was even more excited than usual.

His huge prick his got an unbearable erection and got so big he could n’t even lie on his stomach his.
Eventually, he pushed off her jena, who was on top of him, and changed her position to her.

“Hehe… After all, you are the butler!”

Lying on the massage bed, there was a huge tent in his panties.

“Huh… With just that…”

Embarrassed by the fact that her butler had an erection, Yuna followed Jena and took off her bra her.
And she thrust her own nipple into her mouth of her butler, who was still wearing her blindfold her.

“This is a real breast massage! Haang!”

Butler Gam, as if waiting for her to give up her breasts, began sucking on her like a newborn baby when Yuna’s nipple was in her mouth her.
Yuna was satisfied to see such a butler and stroked his hair her.
This was Sue’s daughter’s play from the porn she used to watch for her self-study her.

“And sleep like this… Oh!”

In that state, even her goddaughter had to do it, so it was the completion of the Jewish daughter play.
Yenna was already gripping the butler’s cock.

“Really! Not even breastfeeding yet!”

“No, this… Haang…”

“You have big breasts, right? Joy! Because this is my car!”

Even so, Yena was angry at Yuna for not keeping her promise.
But she’s making a difficult play herself! And what does the butler like to suck nipples so hard!
Angry with her envy and jealousy her, Jena intended to hog Yuna’s cock her before he could touch her.

“Ha… Yena! We were supposed to have sex together before bed!”

“Huh! It was Yuna who broke the promise first!”

Yena took off her panties in front of Yuna.
Jena’s lustful pussy her, which had already fallen for the man’s taste her, was dripping with her love juice her.

Yena got on top of the butler once more.
Then, the juice dripping from her cunt her dripped onto Butler Gam’s cock her.

Jena slowly lowered her waist.
The familiar man’s big cock, as always, was about to enter the woman’s cunt.

“Now, wait a minute! Whoever won the bet decided to go first!”

Yuna, who hated seeing her, tried to run to stop her at once, but
She could n’t resist her persimmon butler who was sucking on her breasts as if coveting her breast milk that did n’t even come out.

“So I’m going first! Miss Yuna is a foul loser!”

“No baby!”


After all, it was Yena who got the cock first today.
This time, Yuna’s plan to take her first order her has failed.

“Hehe! It’s a pussy massage!”


After that, it was a series of sex.
Fuck and shake and fuck, fuck and shake and fuck,
The massage had disappeared from everyone’s memory.

“Ha… Chuup, Chuup… Chug, gulp, ha… Miss Yena, I’m sorry… Haang!”

“Me too Aaang! I’m sorry… Whoa, ha… Churrup, haha… Ah, Miss Yuna!”

The two reconciled as they cleaned the butler’s cock.
It happened every time, and it was the same ending every time.

#Lunch box

Early in the morning, the butler woke up from a feeling of discomfort in his lower body.
When I lifted her wriggling blanket, Yuna was sucking her own cock.

“… Miss Yuna?”

“Ha… Chug, Chuu… Hehe…”

She greeted him with her eye smile as her eyes met her butler’s her.
The butler felt a sense of deja vu at her appearance.

‘This situation is oddly familiar…’

But she decided not to think too long.
The important thing was that now Yuna was sucking her own cock of her.

He remembered the memories of yesterday and asked for Iramachio.
Hearing her request her, Yuna put her head down on her own and began to squeeze her cock up her throat.

“Ouch… Ugh! Ha… “

Shortly thereafter, the butler apologized.
After all, Yuna had a talent for extracting semen.

But at that time, Yena, who was sleeping next to her, came to her senses her and saw Yuna holding her semen in her mouth her, and she screamed.

“I hate it! My dressing… ! Miss Yuna! It’s been really mean since yesterday!”

“Whoops… “

Yuna put on her victor’s expression as she looked at Yena’s face in despair.
And only then did the butler realize the identity of the deja vu he felt.

“Lady Yena, Miss Yuna. Today is the school’s anniversary, so we don’t need a packed lunch.”

“Yes eh eh?!”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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