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Heroine Netori 80

Heroine Netori 80

Chapter 80 – Royal Road Dragon Item (18)

“Thank you, sir!”

“Good job.”

I was lucky.
I never thought they would start a discount event for inventory processing from today!
If I had come a day earlier, I would have paid for it, but the timing was good.

2 bomb boxes of 6 pieces,
1 frost bomb box,
1 fire bomb box;
1 flash grenade box,

These are the items I flexed today.
I didn’t intend to buy this much, but the price was too good, so I gave up.
If I put it in my inventory, wouldn’t it be useful somehow?

The latest smartphone that you always carry with you
The green dagger obtained from the royal road warrior,
An eyepatch for teaching assistants obtained from the romance world,

If you add up to the existing 3 items like this, you have a total of 8 slots.
I’m trying to leave one empty and put a single bomb in the other.
… Will this be enough?
Now, all preparations to return to the real Royal Road have been completed.

It’s a skill that I’ve gained, but I’ll have to test it out and go in.
Instead of going home, I entered the hunter-only training room in the next building.

– Belt ring



[Class B training room]

I made a big decision and chose the B grade training room.
It was a bit pricey, but thanks to saving money today, I could afford it.
Going to the C-class training room was both grade-wise and rational, but…
Still, it’s an inside job! It sounds like something is going to turn out better than expected.


When I opened the door and entered, a training robot was waiting for me.
Even if it looks like that, it’s at the level of a B-class hunter…

I didn’t choose Dalian. It’s obvious you’ll lose.
Instead, I’m going to check the armor and durability of the B-class hunter.
Will I be able to pierce it with my inner strength?

“Whoa… “

He inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.
Then, the memory was revived and the internal air was circulated along the blood vessels.
Then, the inner energy began to circulate through the body and energize the muscles.

“Oh oh…”

It felt like energy was bubbling in my body.
The more you circulate it, the more the energy in your body grows.
I focused the energy into my fist and stabbed the robot at the junta.


– Kwaaaaang!
-Giying… Giing…

Something huge, even I felt, burst through my fist.

I heard the sound of the wind cutting
The robot, whose shape was broken, crashed into the wall.
Unable to withstand the impact, the entire training room shook.


At the same time, my arm exploded.

One side of his arm, from his right shoulder to the tip of his fist, was completely tattered.
I rolled on the floor feeling the pain of tearing every muscle.

“Huh… Heo-eok…”

It was a wound that would have ruined him if he hadn’t healed.
The power of internal energy was also not something to look at simply.

“Because of this… Heo-eok… I was forced to return… Seeba…”

My body couldn’t stand my energy.
Even though I have the stats of a C-class hunter,
He couldn’t overcome the strength he hadn’t taken out in a mere fist-sized danteon.

“Ha… I can write, but I have to be prepared to write.”

Still, if it’s enough to destroy a Class B robot like that…
Could it really be called a killer?
It is a technology with side effects, but it is not impossible to cure.
It’s like getting a great joker card.

“Oh! Wait a minute?!”

But this… Is it an internal supplement?
If you don’t have a Wijimamang, isn’t it possible to refill the internal energy?
What a stupid bastard! I should have checked that first…

Embarrassed, I sat cross-legged and used the Taegeuk Yin-Yang Technique that Wijimamang had taught me.
Whether this was possible or not was uncertain.
I tried to suppress my trembling heart and calmly let go of my energy.

“Write… Whoa…”

Then, fortunately, it was very little, but I could feel my energy building up.
Really… It was a great opportunity to meet Wijimamang.

“Under… I need to get stronger soon. To repay you.”


Upon returning home, I thoroughly checked each one from the beginning.
Reorganize your inventory slots, buy pause tickets, check your current stats and skill levels… Have you forgotten anything?

“Under… It took a really long time.”

My eyes went dark.


I had a terrible nightmare.
Dream of a loved one dying,
The dream of a loved one leaving
A dream of being abandoned by a loved one.

Even if I try hard to wake up
When I woke up, I was in another dream.

Nightmares are like testing my love
Separated me from him
He continued to make me a heroine of misfortune.

It was lonely and miserable. Sad and anxious
Even though I knew it was a dream, there was a hole in my heart.
The more I wanted him, the more I moved away from him.

Is it because I almost lost him today?
The nightmares continued to haunt me.

No… Do not do that…
Brother, please…
Don’t walk away from me…

Even if I pray and pray to him who can’t hear
Nothing changed.

In the pit of despair…


Ah… ! Did he hear my cry?
He saved me from being trapped in despair.

“I love you…”

Ah… ! Also my love!
With just one word from him, all the anxiety was gone.
The hellish nightmare is leaving
Happiness as warm as heaven came.


When I open my eyes, the person I love so much
As always, he was looking at me with eyes full of affection.

“I miss you…”

“Me too… I missed you too, oppa!”

Did my brother have a nightmare too?
My brother said he missed me forever and hugged me full.
I couldn’t beat him, so I hugged my brother and hugged him.

After all, I feel safe when I’m in my brother’s arms…
As her brother stroked his hair, he fell asleep again.

But this time… It wasn’t scary.
Unlike before, I think I will be able to have pleasant dreams.

“Hehe… I love you brother…”


I’m back… I’m back!
After a really long time, I finally returned to the royal sword.
Not a single moment has passed in the royal road.
Realistically, it’s only been a few months.
Even in romance fantasy, it’s been almost 5 years
I feel like I’m back after a really long time.

Under… It was really hard because I really missed Sophia!
A cute named Cecilia… Anyway, cute… Daughter and
Although I had Wi Ji-hye, my ideal type itself.
Even so, there was not a day that she forgot Sophia.

She held back the fact that she wanted to go see her right away.
Finally! I met you!

By the way…
But waking up a child who is sleeping soundly isn’t so… ?

Sophia is now sleeping next to me in her naked body.
She had a bunch of sex before she came back to reality.
But having sex again after forcibly waking up in this situation…
I don’t think so.

Instead, in order to enjoy at least Sofia’s face for the first time in a while, I reached out and straightened her disheveled hair.

Anyway really… You’re pretty. Really.
If Wi Ji-hye has a mature charm, Sophia has a fresh charm.
Shall we say the beauty of a flower that has just begun to bloom?
I am very lucky to be able to receive the love of such a child.

“Sophia, I love you… “

So this time, I have to make Sofia happy.
I will never make Sophia feel sad about being beaten by goblins like that time.


Oh, was the voice loud?
Sophia woke up and looked at me.
Was she still uneasy?
Sofia’s eyes filled with the sea waved like waves.

“I miss you…”

To Sophia who thinks of me this far
Coming back so late…
Unknowingly, I said that I missed you and took Sophia in my arms.
A sweet scent emanated from Sophia in her arms.

“Me too… I missed you too, oppa!”

Had I had a nightmare of disappearing?
Sophia also says she missed me, and she clung to me.
That look is so lovely
I stroked Sofia’s hair as before.

“Hehe… I love you brother…”

Then Sophia muttered her words that she loved her and she fell asleep again.
I must have been very tired too.

I keep petting Sophia
As she fell into her deep sleep, she left a message for her
Sophia quietly slipped out of bed, careful not to wake up.

I just got back, so I couldn’t sleep.
I was thinking of going downstairs and drinking beer until morning.

– Clap

But when I locked the door and turned around, I saw a familiar face in the hallway.

“Brother… Did you not sleep?”

“What is it, did you really not sleep?”

That is great. Even so, I was going to take you if you woke up.
Now that this has happened, the beer is over and I have to go to Changgwan.

Siwoo, you should also take off Adah.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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