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Heroine Netori 81

Heroine Netori 81

Chapter 81 – Royal Road Dragon Item (19)

In the chilly dawn, Siu and I came out of the inn with a bottle of beer in each hand.
The inn, which was open day and night, still had customers drinking, so it was not an atmosphere to talk frankly.
We squatted in the clearing behind the inn and toasted while watching the moonlight.

“What did you do to not sleep?”

“That is… Soundproofing is not good.”

Siwoo seemed to be unable to sleep due to the sound of having sex coming from the room next to him.
Sympathy must have been a pretty big stimulus to endure, so I understood as soon as I heard it.

“Oh, stop. I know what you mean. I couldn’t sleep either.”

I also helped make that sound with Sophia, but I can’t talk about it.
He grumbled and said that I was in the same situation.

“Your brother? That… How was Sophia?”

“Don’t say anything, he was embarrassed and wanted to die. We just lay there without saying a word to each other, but we hear a constant whimper. Uh…”

– Beep beep

Siwoo’s expression visibly loosened up as I drank the beer and pretended to have had a terrible time.
Were you worried that we might have gotten in the mood and crossed the line?

“So I couldn’t even sleep because I was uncomfortable, so I sneaked out because Sophie barely slept.”

“Your brother also suffered a lot.”

But it’s already too late to worry, Siwoo.
In fact, it was Sophia, not anyone else, who was babbling.

“After… So, do you want to take a step out?”

“… Yeah? Subtract what?”

“Under… Baby, are you not listening? Or are you pretending not to understand?”

“I really don’t know bro.”

Yes, this is how it works.
Really pure Hogu itself.
The real Siwoo, who is different from other Siwoo.

So I’m going to take care of you.

“Let’s go to the window.”

“…… Yes eh?!”

“Hey, why are you so surprised?”

“No, but… That… “

“They’re going to fuck each other like that every night, but are they going to do that because they can’t sleep like they do now?
We should also moderate our libido a little bit and do that. This is all part of managing your condition.”

And for future adventures, this is right.
I have to make Siwoo have a tolerance for women in advance, otherwise a lot of tiring things will happen.

What should I do if I get an erection after fighting a prostitute in a bikini armor and can’t fight properly?
Or what if you get possessed by a succubus, beat up the hero, and become addicted to sex?
Such a thing would be very rare, but for the sake of my comfortable adventure, it would be right to be wary of even one possibility.

And just in case I wonder if Siwoo, who fell in love with sex because he was afraid of the late wind, could connect with other heroines instead of Sofia for immediate sex.
Unfortunately, that hogu can’t do such a thing, but anyway! It’s good to keep the possibility open.

“Brother though… That is… “


“I… First with Sophia… Because I want to.”

– Pooh!

“Cough, Cough, Cough, Cough, Cough… “

Siwoo… What are you talking about the heroine right before being eaten by the golden sun…
Ha… I’m really going to turn around
Are you really a pure and innocent man? Yes, this is how it works…
But Siwoo, you will never do anything with Sophia.

“Brother, are you okay?!”

“Hey…Do you really like Sophie?”

“Of course!”

“Then man! Even more, I have to take Ada off.”


Still, I think I can take Sophia to the window as bait.
No, why is it so hard to get the main character Ada off?
Laughter comes out, but… I can’t help it, even for future plans.

“Do you know how important first experiences are to a woman? If you ruin your first experience, it could last a lifetime.
There are women who stay in their hearts and never have sex with a man again. That’s why it’s important for a man to properly lead during the first experience.”


“Will my brother lie for nothing? Aren’t you saying this because I’m worried about Sophie too?”


“So, for Sophie’s sake, you should get used to sex before your first experience.”

“Well… Then… After… I know.”

Done. Bastard, seeing you come over so quickly, did you find it hard to have sex too?
Well, people around me fuck me like that, but if you’re a man, there’s nothing you can do about it.

– Beep beep

After emptying each bottle of beer neatly, we hurriedly headed for the Changgwan.
Knows the way I knew it beforehand.
I didn’t know it for Siwoo’s sake, but…
Well, good is good.

“But brother. My brother is…Have you tried a lot?”

“Yes, man.”

It’s all thanks to you, Siwoo.


While he was available as Changgwan, Siwoo expressed his concerns in his in an impatient voice.
I didn’t really care and answered indifferently.
What is there to worry about? If you go anyway, the experts will take care of everything.

Even after saying that, Siwoo kept swallowing dry saliva, as if he was still anxious.
Eventually, when he arrived in front of Changgwan, he gave a weak voice saying to think again.


In this case, just ignore it and go straight ahead.
Leaving Siwoo behind, I opened the door and entered, and Siwoo followed me in a hurry.

“Welcome! Oh! Aren’t they handsome brothers?”

“What? Oh my gosh! Is it real?”

Oh what Is the water pretty good?
As soon as we opened the door and entered, three women greeted us, and the level was quite high, befitting a fantasy world overflowing with beauties.
I wondered if Siwoo would be satisfied with this, so I looked to the side and saw that Siwoo had his eyes tightly closed.
Oh, are you saying that you can see the nipples? I’ll turn, really.

“Whoops, what should I do? If it’s my brother, I can do it myself… What do you think?”

“I’m done, I’m here to take my son off? If you see a good kid, let him do it.”

“Wait, brother!”

The older of the three seduced me with a seductive expression, but I have no intention of having sex here today. I have other things to do.
Instead, when I asked Siwoo to escape from virginity, the women giggled and were delighted.

“Oh, oppa, is this your first time?!”

“Nana na nana! I will do it! Brother, I’ll do it for you! Yes?”

“Hey, you said you were going to rest today!”

He seems excited at the thought of taking handsome Siwoo’s virginity.
When she noticed the older woman that she asked for a woman who could calmly lead rather than those like that, the woman nodded her head and removed the women clinging to Siwoo.

“I think you are really lucky today.”

Then he called her woman her, Mary, and escorted Siu inside.
Seeing her making a fuss like that, do you think Mary has become an ace in her own way?


“Brother… ?”

“It’s okay, so go.”

Why are you still so anxious about being alone?
After you take it off, you’ll show less stuffiness, right?
It was good that I had to force myself to bring it.

“But what about my brother? You want to play with us while we wait?”

“No, I’m here to meet Madam.”

Then… Now that Siu has been sent, it’s my turn to do my job.
Actually, this is Changgwan, but it’s not just about selling bodies.

“Oh… Our madam is a bit expensive, isn’t it?”

“Is it more expensive than the sun and cheaper than the moon?”

“… Oh my, oppa, you know a little bit!?”

I came to see the back world information broker.


Ever since I heard that there was an information broker from the guild branch manager, I had been thinking about meeting him.
He is It’s a named character after all. Wouldn’t it be nice to be friends?
Even if you look at martial arts novels, what you always do when you spread your power is to find Hao Mun and openness to deal with information.
That’s why information is so important.

And there were other reasons too.
Just because it’s fun

Even if you look at other novels, information about the back world often appears.
It seemed like there was a bit of an appearance in which the main character would go and get information as a matter of course.
So, I also wanted to make a scene like that myself.
I mean the scene where you go through a secret passage and meet a tycoon after saying the password.

So I was wondering when to go see you
Taking Siwoo to Changgwan was just the right timing.
Changgwan’s madam is that information broker.


“Come in.”

Now, what will it look like?
I entered the door with my heart pounding with anticipation and half curiosity.
Then a mature-looking woman was waiting for me with her breasts almost exposed.

“You said you were looking for me?”

She was exactly what I was thinking of as a madam from a fantasy world.
Long, wavy hair covers one of her eyes and she is holding a smoking pipe in her mouth.

But the size of her breasts was unexpected.
I met many women, but it was the first time I saw her breasts bigger than her face her.

This… You can’t take your eyes off her
The dress that barely covered the areola was dangerous, as if it would come off at any moment.
The mole on her chest kept drawing attention from me.

Indeed Madame… She is a tremendous woman

“Whoa, what did you come for?”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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