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Heroine Netori 82

Heroine Netori 82

Chapter 82 – Royal Road Dragon Item (20)

The madam’s alluring voice caressed my ears.
It was a sticky and bewitching feeling, as if being caressed with the tongue.
No, is it a siren? Captivate people with your voice.
I tried to check it by observation, just in case, but the observation did not work.

“Is there any other reason for coming to the information dealer?”

“Hoho, that’s right too.”

Let me resist temptation and answer confidently
The madam was slightly surprised and proud,
For example, like looking at a pet dog that succeeded in urinating,
He looked at me and gave me a nice smile.

“Then, won’t you tell me what information he came to buy?”

“I’m not here to buy, I’m here to sell one.”

“Oh my? Ho-ho, ho-ho-ho… Are you here to sell me information?”

You don’t even know how much information is worth, but you can’t buy it for free.
Even if you get caught, you wouldn’t even know you were caught.
Therefore, I plan to sell information that can be sold.
I just have one piece of good information.

“Yes, this is information about the remodeled goblin subjugation incident.”

“I know that too well. Didn’t you say that thanks to your party, we were able to subdue it easily?”

“… That’s right.”

You know who I am too. It is not an information brokerage for nothing.
In terms of time here, less than a day has passed yet, and I already know the news.

“Certainly, you didn’t bring the goblins that were modified by the demons and their characteristics as information, right? Then a little… It’s disappointing.”


Well, the atmosphere suddenly changed.
When the smile disappeared from the madam’s smiling face
A force so intimidating that it was difficult to breathe emanated from the madam.
Is this the name’s charisma?
Thanks to the madam’s unexpected attitude her, cold sweat broke out on my back.

Are you angry? Why? I couldn’t understand it even when I shook my head.
Did he even think I was presumptuous? Acting like I know information that even the madam doesn’t know? Does that look cheeky?
If your personality is twisted, that might be the case.

Or are you just trying to test me? Want to see how I’m coping here?
This one seems more likely.

“No, this is it.”


If so, it’s safe.
In fact, whatever the reason, this one solves everything.
I took out the green dagger I had put in my inventory in front of Madame’s eyes.
Then, holding the blade towards me, I held it out to Madame.

“It’s an artifact they had. It’s also mass-produced. Doesn’t something smell?”


As the madam carefully held the dagger, the force that had overpowered me disappeared like a lie.
Is this a pass?
The madam took her mind off of me and frantically looked around at the dagger.
And in the meantime, I looked at the mole on Madame’s chest her as if possessed.
They say having a mole on your chest makes you rich…
You must have enough money to run a window like this, right? Also, the view is correct.

“It’s pretty amazing. Really.”

“Is that so?”

I guess so. Since it was an artifact that we did not show to anyone and only took care of ourselves, the information was also monopolized.
So, this was information that even the madam didn’t know about, and thanks to that, I was able to be confident until the end.
Now, will you admit this?

“Yes, the art of taking things out of thin air… Shouldn’t it be an ability? Amazing. It’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

“…… “

Oh, fuck you.


Kiyerna, proud of her own eyes, was convinced that the dagger in front of her was an artifact.
This isn’t an artifact that’s high enough for a man to proudly say, but it’s annoying.
If this is mass-produced, and if monsters use it… It was clear that something pretty annoying was going to happen to her.
And that said, it was highly likely that this dagger was made by ‘the group’.

‘Then this is by no means an item of low value. Did this kid know about it and bring it out?’

The man staring at her breasts was a mediocre figure that her eyes would tell her was unimportant.
He was handsome only in appearance, but in essence, he was a rotten, low-quality human being.
However, the boldness of simply resisting her fascination her as if nothing had happened and easily handing over the dagger was completely different from her eyes her.

‘And… What was it just like? Trickery? No. There can be no tricks that fool my eyes.’

‘Space magic? Transparency? That’s why no mana has moved? I don’t know. I can’t feel it at all.’

Clearly in empty space, the man pulled out this dagger.
Kiyer I used all my knowledge to find her way, but she could n’t find the answer.
Even though she is Martha’s information broker who is rumored to know everything.

So she has no choice but to ask.

“Yes, the art of taking things out of thin air… Shouldn’t it be an ability? Amazing. It’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

She once again used seduction and demanded the correct answer from the man.
But she, this time as well, she did not work for men.

Instead, he hardened her expression so coldly that he wondered if she was the same person who had been staring at her breasts her blankly just before, and looked at her with her calm face.

‘Smile? Ho Ho! Conversely, are you going to test it there?’

She smiled faintly, twisting one of her lips.
Seeing that, Kiyerna had no choice but to admit that her eyes were wrong.
The man was someone worth talking to.

“What good. A man with something to hide is sexy. I won’t cling to you like a virgin.”

“… That’s too bad. You missed your chance to be dashed by Madam.”

“Ho-ho-ho! What a fun kid! Yes, how much are you willing to buy it for? If possible, I would like to buy this dagger as well.”

This was her favor her.
Kiyer I thought she would take this opportunity to let him know the value of her information.
After cutting the price more than necessary, she planned to buy his trust her by giving him a lesson that he should not trust people carelessly.
By the way…

“It’s free.”


“Think of it as a greeting to close a deal. All I want is that.”

This man was hoping for more.
It’s a deeper feeling than goodwill.


How well… Did you pass it?
I thought I was going to die from a trembling heart…

Wanting to escape the intimidation her madam gave her, she thoughtlessly used her inventory her in front of her.
Inventory is an ability that can be used thanks to ‘Heroine Netori’.
Here, in the Royal Road, there are no sub-space pockets or sub-space warehouses that are common in fantasy worlds, so it is an ability that is difficult to find out.
It’s a waste if you get caught and draw attention you don’t want.
He’s still hiding things related to Goddess Arya until he gets stronger, but if he becomes famous for something like this, all of his plans his will fall apart.

So, I thought I was completely ruined and laughed, but fortunately, the madam kept her line instead of prying.
Apparently, I believe that I showed my ability on purpose, but it seems that I am greatly mistaken.
Still, it’s an illusion that benefits me, so there’s no need to reveal the truth, right?

“Think of it as a greeting to close a deal. All I want is that.”

Information value and dagger value were not received. Information that I can’t do anything with knowing anyway, if I can establish a network with the madam with this information, that alone is a benefit.
And there are two more daggers in the dorm anyway, but only one.
It’s a bit wasteful, but the dagger isn’t my main weapon anyway, so I don’t think spending this much is within the limit.

“Ho-ho-ho. What is that Do you want my body instead of money?”

“It is truly pure courtesy.”

“Hmm~ Am I okay?”

Good bitch. While this is also testing me.
If you ask for sex instead of money, it is obvious that he will suddenly change his attitude like before.
To put such pressure on people as if they would kill them and now pretend to seduce them.
I’m not fooled anymore

“I’m really fine too.”

“Ho Ho. Graham. Alright, I’ll tell you something good out of pure kindness.
Pay attention to Aselen Forest at the west gate. They say the guards are looking out for you.”

“You mean Aselen Forest?”

“Yes. Maybe Louise will like it if you guys help?”

This is it! That’s why I was trying to become friends with the information broker.
If you make a good impression, they just give you a quest like this?

And Louise? She who was She was She… Ah! That Louise!
Klein Ruiz, commander of the Martha Guards,
A female knight whose nickname is Blue Flash, who is weak in praise,
And the sub-heroine who almost had a date with Siu… !

A plan is drawn in your head.
A great plan to fill the spot next to Siwoo,
A plan to safely enjoy this world view even after connecting with Sophia!

“Madam, really… Thank you so much!”

“Hmm~? Do you really want my body?”

Oops, I was so excited that I grabbed Madame’s hand without realizing it.
But Madame, instead of removing his hand her, rather touched my hand her with the opposite hand.
It’s softer than I thought… Did you manage it? There is not a single wrinkle on her face her…

Oh, it shouldn’t be like this. I was about to pass again.

I hurriedly withdrew my hand her, and it was a madam who felt sorry for her
I still can’t tell if it’s real or a test.
First of all, I need to get close enough to figure it out.

“Sorry! I’m so thankful that I don’t even know…”

“Ho Ho. It’s cute.”

And it’s been a long time since I’ve returned to the royal road.
I’ll have to do it with Sofia first.
Well, that’s right.


After finishing my business with madam, I headed to the drawing room to wait for Siwoo.
By the way… What is this kid why are you waiting for me there
Siwoo, who was sitting in the chair, saw me and waved his hand to come.

What… ? It wasn’t even a long story… ?
I wondered if I was scared and couldn’t even stand it up
Siwoo had the face of a man who had just abandoned his virginity.

So, is it premature ejaculation? Well, it might be the first time. I did too.
But still, this is too short. Do it once and you’re done?
Apparently the woman says she’ll keep going until her customers are satisfied……
No can’t it? Did you wrap this bastard once and get rid of it?

Under… I’m full of spirits. Really.

“Brother! Is your brother over now?”

“Are you kidding me? My brother came to work. I’ve been looking for some good information.”

“Uh… I’m sorry, I came all the way here and that’s…”

“It’s okay, ma’am. It’s not just today. So how was it? Did you like it?”

“… Yes, very…”

I’m bored, really. At first, he said he wanted to do it with Sofia, and he was very sick, but now his voice his is completely refreshed. I knew I would
And why is this asshole blushing in front of me? Seeing the man do that made his fists hard, but he put up with it because he is a warrior.
If I fight, I think I’ll lose…

“Okay? Great. Then let’s go.”

“Uh…? That’s it, yes…”

It seems like he’s been impatient to tell his heroic story of him.
What would you like to hear? I have no intention of listening to you at all.
I just wanted to confirm that he wasn’t a goon. If you make it taste good for a woman like that, you can connect the impatient Shiu with Louise.

The reasons were different, but each of us was satisfied and returned to the dorm.

And the next morning,

“Chuuuuu, gulp, haa… Oh brother! Good morning? Hehe….”

I started my day with Sophia’s Morning Fella for the first time in a long time.

But Siwoo… You leave such a charming kid alone
Do you really like having sex with a prostitute?

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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