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Heroine Netori 83

Heroine Netori 83

Chapter 83 – Royal Road Dragon Item (21)

The keeper of the landfill, know yourself, if you don’t know, you should be right… Etc
Aphorisms about the importance of information abound again and again.
Perhaps there is at least one proverb related to information in each country?

Therefore, observation is a skill worthy of being called fraud.

[Weakness: Right shoulder]

It even shows weaknesses and attack routes, but if this isn’t a scam, what is?
I simply dodged the goblin’s attack, then went back to the other side and cut the goblin from shoulder to torso with a single knife.


The goblin whose body had been cut in two let out a grotesque scream, then fell silent.
Ordinary goblins, not even modified goblins, could never be my opponents.

“Whoa… It’s all cool inside.”

Even if it becomes a group, or even a group.

After wiping off the blood on the knife, he looked back and saw the corpses of dozens of goblins.
I returned to my colleagues satisfied with the sight.


Instead of going to Aselene Forest, we came to the goblin village to the east of Martha.
I was thinking of doing a self-examination before proceeding with the main quest.
Unlike the last time they had an unexpected battle, there was a need to try an organized party hunt.

And, in fact, it had two other purposes.
One is to kill even one more goblin
One is to show my colleagues that I have become stronger.

After being beaten by the remodeled goblin, I couldn’t miss the request to deal with the goblin because I was annoyed at the sight of the goblin.
And before the full-scale quest proceeded, I had to inform them in advance that I had become stronger. So the kids don’t panic. I won’t make any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Ah, but I didn’t bother to tell her that I could use Sophia’s skills, Heal and Purify. For some reason, I thought Sofia would be disappointed if that happened. I didn’t want to deprive Sophia of a situation where she could play an active role.

“Brother! Awesome! You got the power from the real Goddess! Total congratulations!”

The excuse I prepared was a plausible story that the goddess Arya gave me strength when I was in danger of losing her life her.
After a certain amount of agreement, when the goblins were running out, I brought up the story to the two, and the innocent two believed me without any doubt.
And when I truly single-handedly cut down the goblins, they congratulated me heartily.
They are very good children.

“Congratulations bro!”

“… Thank you.”

But that guy… After removing Adda, the person definitely changed.
Even when I see Sophia congratulating me while hugging me to the point where it’s burdensome, I don’t change my complexion.
No, rather, he is trying to move on with a handsome smile and thinking that it could be.

What really! Are you shiu?

If it was the Siwoo I knew, he would say to Sophia with an uneasy expression, “Hey… No matter how close we are, aren’t we too close?’

“Thanks Sophie… Thanks to you She prayed to the goddess for strength to protect you.”


Then, wondering how long it would last, he hugged Sophia in front of Siwoo’s eyes.
Then Sophia was taken aback, and as if she couldn’t lose, she dug deeper into me.

“I will also pray for you every day!”

He could feel her sweet scent from Sophia in her arms. It really is a scent that makes people happy whenever they smell it.
And soft … Sophia’s waist, her shoulders, and her breasts.
Sofia didn’t care whether Siu saw her or not and she hugged me and rubbed her own body her.

Oh, Sophia, you…!

And to my surprise, this requesting child bit my chest lightly from an angle invisible to Siu, then he rolled his tongue and started licking my nipple.
When did you learn this I patted Sofia’s head with a sense of admiration.

Now, will Siwoo be okay?

When I looked up at Siwoo, there was a crack in his warm smile.
Siu was sweating profusely and he didn’t know how to react.

Yes, then it is

“Now, shall we go back?”

I suppressed a laugh at the sight and pulled Sophia out of my arms.
Then, Siwoo let out a sigh of relief and smiled kindly again.

However, Siwoo didn’t notice until the end that my clothes were wet.


After simply completing the quest, we returned to the guild and received a reward.
It was a quest that cost less than 1 gold, but thanks to hunting more than necessary while matching the sum of each other, I was able to earn a total of 1 gold with additional compensation.
I was getting the gold, pleased with the pretty satisfying result, but Siu started talking to me with a serious face.

“Brother. Can we share the public money from now on? I have a personal place to write…”

“Do you want me to cut you into thirds?”


Huh, true. It bothers people

Before I left for the adventure, I had decided to manage the public money.
This is because ignorant kids can get caught spending money.
However, from the second day after I came to Marta, Siwoo asked me to divide it into n equal parts.

You bastard, your purpose is so obvious…
Still, going to Changgwan like that is a good sign, so I fooled myself by pretending not to know even though I knew it.

“Yeah, what. I know because I wasn’t forced. Sophia, what are you going to do?”

“I will only trust my brother! Hehe.”

Sophia didn’t seem to mind.
She’s actually Sophia, who lived without pocket money even when she was in town, but even if she gave it to her, she would n’t even be able to use it properly. It would be right for me to manage it like now.

“Now, I divided it including the money I received today. Check it.”

“Ah, I believe.”

When I handed over the money, Siwoo noticeably liked it.
Crazy bastard… I never thought I would fall like that in one day.
After all, the late wind is scary.

“Hyung, can I go first?”

“It doesn’t matter, but are you back before dinner?”

“Uh… I think it will be a bit late… Don’t wait, go to sleep first. Sophia, you too.”

What is this kid really? What is confidence?
After finishing it so quickly yesterday, he told me not to wait because it will be late today.
Is there really something to see other than going to Changgwan?

Well… No?
Even if you think hard, there is nothing other than Changgwan.
Is it just boredom? If it’s Siwoo, it might be enough.

“Okay, then go. We want to visit the weapon shop.”

“Yes! I’ll be there then! I’ll be back, Sofia!”

Siu quickly said goodbye and walked out of the guild with joyful steps.
It’s the first time I’ve seen him do that. It is a shocking day in many ways.

“Sophie. Then shall we go on a date after a while?”

“Yes! Hehe… Can I cross my arms now?”


Siwoo uses a holy sword that can be changed freely, and I use a sword and shield, but Sophia currently has no weapons to speak of. The green dagger was only a secondary weapon, and it was difficult to see it as a main weapon.
Was it possible to find a staff with magical powers in a small rural village in the first place? So Sofia was using a stick with no power as a weapon.

‘Ugh! What should I do! This… ‘

And today the stick broke.
Sophia, who was bored when she could n’t get a situation to play thanks to her great party play her, hit the dying goblin’s head with a stick.
Perhaps because the stick was weak, it suddenly fell off and broke.

‘Ah… My weapon!’

So I’m going to take this opportunity to buy a good staff member.
A staff member with a barrier or self-protection function would be reassuring.

“Are you going to buy it for your girlfriend? So how about this one? Things like this are going well these days.”

“Aha! My girlfriend…!”

“Yes? That’s right.”

Sophia was really happy when the merchant mentioned that she was her girlfriend her. I’ve been hiding it because of Siwoo, so it must have been a lot of regret.
Feeling apologetic, I held Sophia’s waist with one arm. Then Sophia took my arms, with tears on her face her, moved by her emotions her.


“Ugh! Do you want to stop salting and look at this? This is a popular product among women these days…”

After purchasing a staff with shield magic, we wandered around the shopping district and enjoyed our time together.
Sofia did n’t stop laughing and did n’t think of falling out of my arms her.


“A little bit… Will you do what you did before? Ehehe…”

Returning to the hostel, we had a little deeper and sticky time alone.

“Sophie, where did you learn this?”

“Where! That’s what my brother does to me every day. Perhaps… No? Wasn’t it great?”

How are you so nice and cute?
She wanted to satisfy me as much as she liked, said Sophia.
So I touched Sophia’s ear and responded with affectionate words.

“Anything Sophie does is fine. I love you Sophie.”

“Brother… Jjoook. Hehe… “

That’s how we confirmed our love for each other and spent the night together.


“Five… Are you here?”

“I’m here, Mary… “

The woman, who had even her ears dyed red, made eye contact with the man wearing only underpants and cautiously greeted him.
The man looked at the woman in her underwear her, gulped at her, and slowly approached and sat down beside her.
Their thighs and arms touched each other, and they could feel each other’s body heat.

“Today is… That is… I want to stay longer, is it okay? ?”

The woman must have been surprised by the man’s words of her. She took a deep breath and bowed her head.
But I was relieved when I felt the man’s limbs tremble.
She caught her breath, caught her heart her, and spoke out with difficulty.

“Yes… Actually I… I wanted that…”


The man looked at her, delighted with her woman’s words her, but all he could see was
With her head down, her invisible face
It was only her large breasts that did not match her figure her.

“I’m glad… Haha.”

Confused, the man turned his head away, but his head was already filled with her breasts.
The first woman’s breasts he saw,
The first woman he touched,
The first woman’s breast he licked,
Chest, chest, chest….

“Oh… That… You are ready…”

Still lowering her head, she confirmed that the man’s lower leg had swollen, and then she shrank even more and said in a trembling voice.
Then the man winced at her and put her hand on top of her panties and asked her.

“Yes… But, you know… Other guests… Didn’t you get it?”

“Yes Yes! My guest… For the rest of my life, it’s only Siwoo…”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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