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Heroine Netori 24

Heroine Netori 24

Chapter 24 – Royal Road Dragon Item (15)

Pretty. A real typical nerd feel.
Judging by the word heroine written above her head, it seems like a sub-heroine who could become a colleague.

It’s a pity that it’s not blonde, but sky-blue hair is nice too. Her long, waist-length hair flutters in the wind, and that alone becomes a painting.
Like Sophia, she has blue eyes, but unlike Sophia, her eyes are sharp rather than round. If Sophia is a rabbit, does that knight feel like a cat?
So should I call it charisma? You can feel the cool beauty, but you can even feel the sexiness thanks to the armor that shows off that breastbone.
Is it truly armor with high defense… It is a costume that is difficult to attack.

“I never thought there would be an adventurer in the countryside who could deal with this guy alone!”

Oh, your voice is surprisingly soft. You may be younger than you think.
The gap between her cute voice and serious tone is attractive, but I remembered the example of her impersonating an adult in the previous episode of ‘Heroine Netori’. It was cute.


Have you seen this too openly?
Sophia called out to me in an anxious voice and took my arm.
No, as a woman, rather than being conscious of that article, it seems that Siwoo was frightened by the skilled man who cut off the head of the goblin in one go.
But there seems to be no need to be afraid. Perhaps it was the subjugation party sent by Martha.

“Excuse me, may I ask who you are?”

“Well? Come to think of it, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Louise Cline! He’s the vice-captain of Martha’s guards! Nice to meet you!”

Whoops, I was about to laugh. It doesn’t match the real voice and way of speaking.
Louise looked at me strangely as I was making a bizarre expression trying to hold back my laughter.
After… Let’s calm down.
So, the Martha Guard? I thought it would just be a simple vigilante vibe, but if someone with that level of skill is the unit commander, I’ll have to think differently.

“Nice to see you. We are apprentice adventurers who are heading to Marta from Minamo Village to become adventurers.”

“Hmm? Apprenticeship? Are you saying that someone as skilled as you is only an apprentice? Under!”

Louise looked at Shiu and made a sound as if she was dumbfounded.
It seemed that he sincerely admired Siwoo’s skills. Did you feel something that only the skilled can recognize? As he gets stronger…

As I was watching between the two, Louise’s men, who appeared to be guards, appeared from behind.

“Oooh! I believed you, Commander! To slash that monster with a single sword!”
“As expected, the blue flash! Goddess of Martha!”
“Blue light! Louise!”

The subordinates praised Louise for finishing the situation by calmly pulling the cart and clearing the scene.
No, but isn’t that just kidding? Or maybe this is the culture of the Martha Guards… ?

“Hmm! Do it in moderation! What I did was just a surprise.”

Look, Louise doesn’t like it either…
Looking closely, she could see that Louise’s ears twitched whenever her subordinates flattered her.
In addition, the corners of her mouth moved little by little, and Louise seemed to be enjoying this situation.
What really… Contrary to your first impression, you are a cute person.
The subordinates continued to praise Louise until the end of the work, and even though Louise said not to do it in words, she did not stop it until the end.


“Is it… You said you were originally going to apply for the guard?”

“Yes. I have changed my mind now, but at one time it was my dream to become a guard.”

“Hmm! Too bad! If you had joined as a subordinate, it would have been quite useful.”

We decided to enter Marta with the guards.
I was going to ask for it in order to make friends and build a network, but Louise asked me to go with her first.
It seems that he is quite interested in Shiu.
Louise is a sub-heroine, so… Is it each?

I sneakily looked at Sophia, and Sophia was looking at the two with a happy expression, probably thinking the same thing.
I approached Sophia and pointed at the two of them, and Sophia nodded her head wildly.
We faced each other and smiled.

After that, until we reached Martha, Sofia and I did everything we could to help so that the conversation would not be interrupted.
Louise was able to continue talking to Siu, so she seemed satisfied, and Siu didn’t seem to hate Ruiz either.
Well, that guy is more interested in Louise as a master than Louise as a woman, but where is that?

The content of the conversation between the two was mostly about the group of goblins they caught earlier, but I heard that the goblins were remodeled by demons.
Each of them had the abilities of different monsters, but the goblin captain who fought Siu was a combined troll.
Somehow, the wound healed right away.

Originally, goblins were level 7 monsters, the lowest level, but they were upgraded to level 5 thanks to their special ability.
For reference, the captain was said to be a monster close to level 4, so Louise was surprised to see Siu.

“Oohhh! Also captain! You defeated him!”
“Jianjang! I have nothing to do because of the unit commander!”
“Hmm! Stop giving compliments and open the door!”

Arriving in the city, the guards made fun of Louise. No, perhaps it wasn’t just the guards’ culture, Martha’s residents and adventurers also joined in.

“As expected, it’s a blue flash! I think you will fall in love!”
“Ah… I can trust this enough…”

As you can see, it doesn’t seem to happen once or twice. When other people do the same, she knows that Louise likes her.

“If she carries this letter of recommendation, she will be able to become an adventurer without much trouble! I guarantee!”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make an appointment for Louise and Shiu to eat separately or train together.
Was it because Louise was also her mother, or because she didn’t see Siu as a man yet, she couldn’t progress as much as she wanted.

Instead, he was able to obtain a letter of recommendation from Louise, who had a certain level of favorability. Having a guarantee or not is important, and thanks to her, she has gained valuable connections.

“Thank you Louise! After all, you are the goddess of Martha!”

“Hmm! There is nothing I can do for an adventurer who is neither flattery nor subordinate! Enough! I’ll see you again when I get a chance.”

Because it’s cute too
Louise twitched her ears and, with a look of satisfaction on her face, rode off with her men on her way.


There are three achievements obtained through this sudden quest.

First of all, it’s a letter of recommendation that I just received.
Since the commander of Martha’s guards guarantees you, you should be able to become an adventurer without any major problems.

Next is the green dagger.
It’s a dagger I had prepared before the guards arrived.
This is a poisoned sword. I should have noticed right away when I first saw it, but no matter who sees it, it’s the color of poison, this…
I wanted to check it out, so I left Sophia on standby and cut her arm, and I felt the pain burning to the bone at that time.
I thought this could be used as a pretty good secondary weapon, so Sophia and I took one and put one in our inventory.
I plan to sell this in real life.

Finally, level up.
In order to strengthen the original stats, you must slash a monster to obtain a mana stone, then absorb the mana stone and embody it.
It’s a complicated process, but the effect is certain, so the magic stone is traded quite expensive.
However, in this case, monsters do not come out of magic stones, but you can gain experience points just by killing them and raise your stats through leveling up. Like a game
I didn’t expect to be able to strengthen my stats even if I acquired skills in ‘Heroine Netori’, but I was lucky.

For reference, I did not receive a reward for catching the goblins.
The cliff collapsed due to the bomb I threw and the passage was blocked.
Still, it’s not bad since I got a letter of recommendation and good impression from the guards.

“Brother! I guess this is the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“That’s how I feel right from the entrance.”

After thinking about this and that, I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild before I knew it. As Louise said, walking along the main street, a large building appeared.
Inside the entrance, there were sounds of drinking, arguing, singing, and so on.

“Sophia, Deokbae hyung! Shall we go in then?”


“Let’s go!”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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