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Heroine Netori 23

Heroine Netori 23

Chapter 23 – Royal Road Dragon Item (14)

Instinctively, I opened my inventory and put the bomb in.

It was really fortunate that one slot was empty.

“Now… What?”

“Beware of your surroundings!”

“There, the cliff on the other side!”

Hearing Siwoo’s cry, I looked at the cliff on the other side, and there was a goblin wearing weird glasses looking at us with bombs in both hands.

-Crew look? Creat?

The goblin moved its head from side to side and made a grotesque noise, but I guess why didn’t it explode? Seemed to do

What kind of goblin is wearing glasses?

No, that’s not it. Why is the goblin carrying a bomb?

If you’re a goblin, shouldn’t you just quietly hold a dagger and swing it a few times before dying?

– Crook! Crook!

When I said something to the goblin wearing glasses, a slob that looked like Goblin A walked out from behind holding a burning branch.

Shit! Are you thinking of setting it on fire again and then throwing it?

“Everyone back away!”

If you throw it again, you put it in again.

You’ll need to empty your inventory to do that.

I got into a throwing stance, took out a bomb from my inventory, and threw it over the cliff.

Originally, it was a reasonable distance, but since the ‘Aryan Goddess’ Power’ buff was activated, the bomb fell over the cliff without difficulty.

The goblins did not know what to do when they saw the flying bombs, as if they hadn’t even thought of throwing the bombs that had disappeared.

In the end, the bomb ignited while otoke otoke

– Quaang!
– Kwokwaang! Quaang!
– Kwaaang! Kwaaang!
-Bang! Bang!
– Kwaaaaang! Quaang!

[Your level has risen!]

No fucking how many bombs were there?

When the noise that was so loud that it hurt my ears disappeared and the black dust settled, the cliff was half collapsed.

And what about the level? Out of the blue?

I was dumbfounded at the word unexpected level.

“Cough Cough… Are you okay?”

“Brother! It’s okay?”

Siwoo took out the Holy Sword and was wary of the surroundings, and Sophia used Purification to clean my face, which was dirty from the aftermath of the bomb.

“I’m okay. I guess… It looks like all the bombs he had exploded in a chain…”

“Really? So, did you finish it all?”

Oh no Sofia That means…!

– Crow, rock, rock, rock! Keruk!
– Keruk! Keruk!

Damn, new goblins appeared on top of the collapsed cliff.

The guys that came out this time also looked different from the goblins I knew.
A goblin as tall as a man gladed at us with a greatsword as tall as himself.
Not to that extent, but still large for a goblin, three goblins screamed while holding green daggers.

“Shit! Ready for battle! Sophia, step back! Siwoo, forward!”

– Crulook! Kurwa!

As Siwoo ran forward while holding the holy sword, a large goblin rushed at Siwoo.

And taking advantage of that opportunity, the other goblins moved to target Sophia.

“Where! Dare!”

I stood in front of Sophia and burst into tears with the ‘Aryan Goddess Shield’ skill.

The effect caused one of the goblins to fall, and I swung my shield at the other two.

One was swept away by the shield and fell, but the other quickly dodged and stabbed Sophia with a dagger.

“This bastard!”

As soon as he quickly turned around and tried to strike the goblin, the goblin stopped in place, grabbed the dagger I had stabbed in reverse, and stabbed my side.


The pain I felt for the first time made me swear.

The burning pain made her feel dizzy, and her vision of her blurred.

“Brother! Wake!”

Thanks to Sophia’s heel that came in just in time, I didn’t lose consciousness.

After grabbing the arm of the goblin twisting it with a dagger lodged in his side
He raised his knife and cut a hole in his throat.

– Kreek! Kiruk, Kiruk

The guy collapsed with a short scream and laughed at me with a chuckle.

Does this fuck smile laugh?

When the dagger stuck in her side was pulled out, Fu Shu Shuk blood poured out.

As the blood decreased in an instant, I felt dizzy and my body stumbled on its own, but I couldn’t collapse.

Following Sofia’s words to look behind her, turn her body around and swing the shield again.


One of them must have thrown a dagger, and one of the daggers bounced off the shield.

While I was distracted by that, the guy who threw the dagger threw himself and tried to grab my leg.
I shot him from above with my shield intact.

Then, as he tried to raise his shield to deal with the other one that came running, his body staggered again.

For some reason, my body didn’t move as I wanted, and the side I had been stabbed earlier felt like it was burning from the bone.

“No dear! Oppa!!”

Fuck… I have no strength in my body…

The goblin that came running saw me like that, cut it open with rotten teeth, and stabbed a dagger straight into my face.

– Push shu shuuk!

Blood poured out like a fountain.



I heard Sophia’s scream behind me.

Hearing that sound, he regained his faint consciousness.

Can’t die like this

When you die… You’ll never see Sophia again.

Sophia is crying.

I did a bad thing.

“Swallowing the dog…”

It’s because of you


I raised the knife with trembling hands.

Panicked, the goblin tried to escape, but he wouldn’t let go of the dagger he was biting into.

I should have left the dagger and ran away, you stupid bastard…

The wound on my mouth got worse as he twisted the dagger around to get away, but
I didn’t feel any pain anymore.

Just like that, I thrust the knife into the guy’s stomach.

The deeper the knife went, the more his face was stained with fear of death.

Eventually, as I poked him by the handle, the staggering creature stopped moving.


When he spat out the dagger he was holding, the blood and the cut tongue poured out of his mouth.

Grabbing his staggering leg, he raised himself up and approached the goblin, who was stamped with a shield.

As I thrust the knife into the back of his head, he let out a crooked scream and flinched, then went quiet.


I was finally able to fall down safely.


When I came to my senses, I was in Sofia’s arms.

Sophia was crying and hugging me.

“Sophie… “

“Brother… Sobbing… I’m sorry brother! I’m sorry dear! Sobbing… ”

Sophia apologized endlessly to me and couldn’t stop crying.

Funny enough, I thought that the crying Sophia was also pretty.

– Chlororororororok! Crow!

“Hot! Ha ha!”

Come to think of it, it wasn’t over.

In the distance, Siu and the big goblin were still fighting.

The two of them were engrossed in their own fight as if they didn’t care about us.

“Sophie… Ugh, I’m fine now.”

“No dear! I’m still in treatment… Black… You can’t move!”

“But it’s still Siwoo.”

“Because Siwoo cares too… So it’s okay!”

Come to think of it, whenever Siwoo was wounded by the goblin’s greatsword, Sophia was healing him.

He looked unfair, but he didn’t give him a chance to target Sophia.

But you can’t be sad

That monstrous goblin, as if it were a troll, healed itself whenever he was injured.

“I’m sorry brother… I don’t know if I was poisoned… Sobbing… “

Also… Wasn’t it an ordinary dagger?

I thought it was strange to see the guy who laughed at me even while dying, but it wasn’t just a dagger, it was a poisoned sword.

Did you know that we would be friends on the road to the underworld? Excuse me, but there’s a saint in our party?

“It’s okay Sophie, it’s really okay. You lived like this yes?”

The wounds on both sides of her mouth were sore as she forced a smile.

This is how I want… Are you a total joker?

I was about to say Y So Sirius, but I barely held it in.

It wasn’t a joke at all.

“Still… Black… If I had known in advance, my brother wouldn’t have been hurt like this… Aaaaa!”

Sophia, who had been dark, finally burst into tears and was held in my arms.

He patted Sophia’s back and looked at Siwoo, who was still fighting.

But they are fighting like that, can I dye my hair like this?

… Since I almost died, Siwoo will understand, right?

Yes, if Siwoo had a conscience, he would.

The two of them were in the Middle Ages, and even though Siwoo seemed to be pushed back by the offensive of the goblin wielding a great sword, Siwoo did not back down and received it.

The more the goblin screamed in anger, the more Siwoo remained calm until the end.

But suddenly the situation changed.

Siwoo stepped back and changed the holy sword to the size of a greatsword.

Then he wielded the greatsword like mad.

What? This… ?

Not to be outdone by Siwoo’s sudden attack, the goblins counterattacked.

However, the appearance of the two was the same.

Siwoo swung the holy sword in the direction the goblin was swinging the greatsword.

As the goblin slashed it with the protruding greatsword, Siwoo also slashed it with the holy sword.

As if the two were one body, they were fighting with the same swordsmanship.

No, it wasn’t the same swordsmanship.

As the fight continued, Siu’s swordsmanship improved.

A little sharper, a little quicker, a little more powerful…

In the end, it was Siwoo who got the upper hand.

Siwoo, who flicked away the greatsword, swung the holy sword as it was and cut down the goblin.

But it was shallow.

The goblin’s poison suddenly drained Siu’s strength of his.

“Shit! Sophie!”

Ignoring my aching body, I ran to Siwoo.

Sofia also ran and purged Siwoo.

However, it was after the goblin had already blown away Siu’s holy sword.

“No dear!”

Then a blue flash passed the goblin’s neck.

At the same time, the goblin’s head dropped in vain.

“… What?”


The goblin, having lost her head her, thumped her to her knees, her blood pouring like a fountain over her severed neck her.


Behind the kneeling goblin, a knight with blue hair was making an amused expression.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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