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Heroine Netori 22

Heroine Netori 22

Chapter 22 – Royal Road Dragon Item (13)

After that day, Sophia and I decided to take care of ourselves until we reached Martha.

There was no need to venture out for fleeting pleasure just because a long tail would get stepped on.

Siwoo seemed to have doubts between the two of us for several days, but in the end he didn’t say much, as if he thought it was his own misunderstanding.

But no matter who looked at it, they still cared about us.

“Siwoo, can we talk for a second?”

I can’t help it. I need to clear up some misunderstandings.

Not really a misunderstanding, but anyway.

During the break, I called Siwoo aside and brought him up.

“Why are you like this? Why do you keep looking at us?”

“Brother, that… Oh, nothing…”

“It’s nothing, you care about the relationship between Sophia and me.”

“…… “

“Under… This ignorant bastard is real. Were you always this timid?”

“But my brother and Sophia!”

“Can’t you see that Sophie is causing jealousy?”

“… Yes?”

A strategy to dispel Siwoo’s doubts and make him not care about us anymore.

The so-called Jealousy Operation.

It’s not true, but it’s a strategy that will work well for this naive hogu.

“Ever since you awakened as a hero that day, you keep keeping your distance from Sophia. Sophia has been waiting for you all along.”

It’s a lie.

In fact, Sofia kept her distance. However, if I say this, Siwoo will say, ‘Ah, did I do that… ? Yes it was… ‘ This is a guy.

“I want to get along with you like before, but from that day on, I felt a sense of distance.
Sophie isn’t doing this because she wants you to be more active.”


“No matter how close Sophie and I are, like her family, she wasn’t as close as she is now, right?
If you know that, you should step forward and think about getting closer to Sophie. Why are you getting discouraged by yourself because of needlessly doubting? “

“I’m sorry! I didn’t even know that…”

“And if I were with Sophie, would I put Sophie in the middle of my sleep? Next to another man?
Part of me sleeps outside because you care.”

Actually, that’s what Sophia wanted.

Sophia wanted her to sleep in the middle, saying that being next to Siu would drive her sense of immorality and make her more aroused than usual.

When I was dissatisfied, he gently touched my cock under the covers.

“… Bro, I’m really sorry. I am anxious.”

“What the hell are you so anxious about?”

“Unlike before, Sophia seems to be avoiding me… I’m afraid that you don’t like me anymore…”

“Under… Sophie is just like you. Because you keep being timid, Sophie gets nervous and acts like she is now. You should try to be more active.”

“Yes, got it. I’m sorry, and thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, man. Affectionate.”

Siwoo must have believed my words, and his behavior changed after the counseling.

Whether walking on the street or eating, he always stayed next to Sofia and talked to her.

Sophia was annoyed by Siwoo’s changed appearance, but when I promised her that she would fuck me until morning when I went to Marta, she responded happily to Siwoo’s words.

Thanks to this, Siwoo’s mentality was restored and he was able to arrive at the apprentice village in a good mood.


“Eh? Aren’t you guys from Minamo Village? What are you doing here?”

Fortunately, we met a villager who remembered our faces, and when we entered the village chief’s house without any problems, the village chief greeted us with a bright face.

The village chief, who often came to our village every quarter, was close to us.

After exchanging our regards, we mentioned that we were going to Martha to become adventurers.

I didn’t talk about the Aryan goddess or the hero.

That’s what we promised to develop and reveal to some extent.

After hearing the story, the village chief was worried about Sophia, saying that Sophia’s parents had allowed it, but when she saw Siu, she hardened her expression and became angry.

“What kind of adventurer is this guy? It’s guard recruitment day next month, so why are you going to be an adventurer?”

When Siwoo made an apologetic expression without saying anything else, he shook his head at the village chief, clicking his tongue.

“Anyway, young bastards don’t know the world. Tsk, I’m going to live safely as a guard, but I’d rather be an adventurer and wander around dangerously?

You have to know how to dissuade someone from saying that you will become an adventurer. Why are you changing your words to say that you will follow suit? Eh?”

“I’m sorry, chief… But I’m the one who brought up the adventurers. I have a dream that I will never be satisfied with as a guard. Sophia and Deokbae hyung help me like that.”

“Yep disease! It sounds like a dream.”

He still had a dissatisfied expression, but the village chief didn’t say anything more, but he seemed to respect Siwoo.

Being angry like that must actually be because you’re worried about Siwoo… Kkondae but good kkondae

“Tsk! Let’s eat rice first! Talk later… But can I have some Deokbae dishes today?”

“If you want, you should do it haha.”

What else do you ask your guests to cook for you?

Correct your words. Kkondae is also kkondae.

Still, the village chief told her everything he knew about Martha after the meal.

From lord Martha’s information and information about the guards to various merchants and mercenaries, the village chief distinguished between reliable people and dangerous people.

As I was recording each one in my notebook, the village chief lowered his voice and brought up another story.

“But tell me… You’d better not go to Martha for the time being.”

“Yes? What’s going on with Marta?”

Sophia was surprised and asked, and the village chief raised his voice even more.

“That is… It seems that something has appeared on the way to Martha.”


According to the village chief, merchants should have come from Marta’s Jie store, but she hasn’t come for several weeks.

A villager named Fred, who was frustrated, went out on the road to argue with the Jie store, but he also said that the news had been cut off.

Concerned, his family members went looking for him and found bloodstains and crumpled shoes on the road.

Based on these three factors, the village chief argued that a monster had appeared on the road to Martha, and that the monster was hostile to humans and would attack humans who approached.

Listening to it, I wasn’t wrong.

The village chief told me to wait until then, as Martha, who noticed the situation, would either send guards or adventurers to resolve the situation, but… We decided to hit the road.

“Brother…Will it be okay?”

“I don’t mean to solve it right away, I just want to check it out.
Let’s see if we can solve it, if it doesn’t work, let’s calmly wait in the village.”

“We are people who have been given strength by the Goddess. Those who have power have responsibilities that go with that power.
We can’t pretend we don’t know Mr. Fred and wait like this. We have to save them.”

No crazy bastard, what are you talking about just checking?

It looks like a quest has popped up, but no matter how much I think about it, I don’t think it’s a quest that we can overcome by ourselves.

But even so, it seems like it’s not a quest to give up, so I’m just noticing that if Martha’s subjugation comes, I’ll be able to take the bus naturally.

If you complete the quest without much effort and fight with the subjugation party, you will gain a good impression, so it will help you live in Marta, killing two birds with one stone.

Besides, it’s the beginning of the quest, so can’t we be in danger after receiving the blessing of the goddess?

I came here with such a rational thought… Siwoo: That bastard really seems to be thinking of solving it himself.

Did you really become a hero because you had that kind of mindset?

That’s annoying.

After he said once again that he would only check for now, he walked over to where Fred’s shoes were found and, as he had been told, saw bloodstains on the floor.

Looking at the scars that are bigger than I thought, it looks like she lost quite a bit of blood, but I wonder if it’s already too late to save her.

“From here on, we are going to walk cautiously and vigilantly. Get ready to run away if you notice anything strange.”

“Yes… Okay!”


Unlike Siu, who was confident, Sophia seemed nervous and trembled as she answered.

Seeing that, I was also nervous.

I took a deep breath in, then exhaled as I took a slow step.

– Shuuk!

Then something small and round fell in front of my eyes.

Are you familiar with this?

A black, round body with a burning wick stuck in it…


Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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