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Heroine Netori 21

Heroine Netori 21

Chapter 21 – Royal Road Dragon Item (12)

Siwoo is anxious.

It’s because Sophia’s reaction has changed since she confessed the truth to Sofia after awakening as a hero.

Sophia still smiled whenever she looked at her, but Siwoo instinctively sensed that the affection contained in that smile had disappeared.

Since he was the result of his own creation, Siu, who couldn’t blame anyone, tried to win Sophia’s love again…

Sophia was paying more attention to her Deokbae than herself.

I knew that Sophia and Deokbae were like family, but even so, the two seemed very close.

Sophia was always held in her arms by Deokbae, and her Deokbae caressed her as if it were natural.

Siwoo wanted to point out the relationship between the two, but couldn’t bring it up for fear of becoming a narrow-minded person.

The appearance of the two did not change even after the trip began.


While Deok-bae was driving the carriage, Si-wu, who was in the same room with Deok-bae, intended to win Sophia’s heart again.

He tried to have fun with Sophia, bringing up memories of their childhood together.

But Sophia listened intently and only looked at the back of Deokbae who was driving.

Conversely, when Siwoo drove the carriage, Sophia smiled.

Despite Deokbae’s trivial words, Sophia was happy as if she had the whole world.

Seeing Sophia showing such contradictory reactions, Siwoo became jealous for the first time.

Siwoo’s hand, which was tightly gripping the vellum, trembled.

But at some point, Deokbae’s disappeared words, and Sophia’s laughter also disappeared.

Siwoo, who seemed to have finally run out of things to say, was enjoying himself, but suddenly heard the sound of two people breathing hard behind his back.

I tried to pass it off, saying I must have heard it wrong, but I heard Sophia’s small moan.

It sounded like a sound that flowed out when I was trying to hold it back.

It felt like his heart would stop.

‘Now… What are you two… Are you doing it?’

‘A misunderstanding, an illusion? It can’t be. The two of them aren’t even like that in the first place.’

‘It won’t be. Probably not no. It shouldn’t be.’

‘… Must be kidding then.’

He denied it in his head, but he couldn’t deny it in his heart.

When Siwoo’s hands are shaking

“Eww… “

Sophia’s moan broke out.

Surprised, Siu pulled the hand holding the horse’s stick and tried to look behind him, but his carriage crashed into a tree and overturned.

The two of them came out of the carriage in pain and were very calm, unlike what they had imagined.

‘… What? … Is it really my mistake?’

“What’s up! I was sleeping well… How… “

“Chiu are you okay? Ah… All the horses have run away.”

Sophia rubbed her eyes and yawned, as if she was sleeping, and Deokbae packed her things and regretted that her horse had run away.

‘I’m so anxious… Did you hear anything…?’

Siwoo felt a sense of shame at his anxiety.

He was ashamed of himself because he was jealous of Deokbae, who had always been a trustworthy older brother, for something that did not happen to him.

He hated himself for having such delusions with Sophia, whom he had always loved.

However, Siwoo’s anxiety continued.

Sophia grumbled when the carriage broke and she was forced to walk, and Deokbae carried her on her back.

Deokbae, who naturally slowed down, followed Siwoo from behind, and the sound came from behind him again.

Two voices.
A gooey, goofy sound.
A harsh, obscene sound.


‘It’s not a real sound! It’s fake!’

‘Are you thinking of fooling around again?’

Siu was suffering.

The feeling of bewilderment struck again.

At that time

‘Then it’s a confirmation screen. Ruler! Look back right now!’

A different thought came to a corner of my mind.

‘Yes, that will work. It’s nothing, right?’

‘Is it okay to just look behind you? One word is all it takes.’

‘Right. So look back.’

‘Do you want to look back?’

But Siu couldn’t look back until the end.

The more they walked, the louder the voices of the two people came from behind, but Siu never looked back.

If at all, two people really love each other…

If the relationship is deep enough to covet each other even in front of oneself…

Because he felt like he couldn’t stand it.


That night Siwoo had a nightmare.

It was a terrible dream in which Sophia and Deokbae were having an affair with him next to him.

“Haaang! Oppa, more, more! Ha ha!”

“Pack it up like this! Mandible… Next to Siwoo, mark me as her brother’s woman, huh!!”

“Huh! Ha… Whoa, ah, ah, ah! There! Joaah!”

“Go away… Next to Siwoo, Haang! With your brother’s cock, oh!”

It was too vivid to be a dream.

The hot heat of the two, the lewd smell, the lewd sound, everything was realistic.

As if it happened right next to you…

The love affair between the two did not end at once.

Sophia in the dream was very naughty, unlike the Sophia she knew.

She coveted her cock endlessly and repeatedly demanded to cum on her.

One time, when Sofia climbed on top of her sleeping self and was in a position to fuck her behind her, Siu really seemed to feel Sophia’s weight on her.

Sofia’s sexual intercourse erupted right above her, and as her saliva dripped down her face, Siu could no longer distinguish between her dreams and reality.

“Hehe… See you well, ah. Become your brother’s woman… Huh, haah, the clothes with your brother’s cock, heuh… You look like you’re leaving!”

“Ah! Joah! My brother is so young… Alas! Ah, hot, haaaaang! Go away!”

In the end, Sophia, who could not stand it and reached a climax, spurted out a pushy juice, which made Siwoo’s crotch wet and caused Siwoo to have an erection.

Siwoo, who was dreaming of her, seemed to have an erection too.

When he couldn’t stand it and shook his waist, he himself in the dream also shook his waist.

Seeing this, Sophia jumped behind her, startedled, and then she laughed at her own erect cock.

Siwoo was in great pain, but the more he did, the harder his cock became.

Shiwoo also wanted to do it with Sophia.
He was also a man with a lust for sex.
He wanted to shove his cock into Sofia’s cunt like he had dreamed of it.

But Sophia wouldn’t let him.

“No! This pussy… Because I only watch my brother… Aha! You can’t shake it like that!”

“Siwoo’s first love pussy can’t do without her brother’s cock!”

Sophia said that and laid her Deokbae next to Siu and got on top of him.

Deokbae had a cock that was incomparably bigger than him, but Sophia swallowed his cock as if it were natural.

“Haaaaang! Joaaaaa!”

“Brother Jajii kissing the womb! More, more kisses! Caress me so much!”

“Aha… Joa, Joaa, do more! Hard enough to break!”

Sophia moved her hips like crazy on her dick’s cock, and the intense movement seemed to hurt her, but she seemed to take pleasure in the pain as well.

Sophia, who reached her climax again, collapsed into Deokbae’s arms and kissed her holding Deokbae’s face.

“Ha… Chew, Chu, Ha… Aha… Oppa says he’s taller than usual…”

“Sophie, you’re tighter than usual, too. Are you excited?”

“Yes… Very. I’m going crazy. I want to be with you for the rest of my life like this…”

Sophia didn’t stop kissing her and started moving her waist again.

The top and bottom of the two were all connected.

There seemed to be no gap for Siwoo to fit in between them.

After another climax, the two switched positions.

Sofia lay down with Siwoo’s body as a pillow, and Deokbae rode on top of him.

Deokbae put Sophia’s leg on his shoulder and then lifted Sophia’s waist.

It was the so-called mating press position.

“Aha… This posture… So young brother…”

“Sss, ha, uh, ah… Oh so deep! Ha, oh, oh! Haaa…”

“Haaang, ang! Hak, Hak, Heukgeuk, Uuggeuk, Hajak!”

“Ah, black, too tight, black, flimsy, weird, black, throw it away… “

“Ugh, uh! Hot, ah, haaaaang! Oh brother! Heuuuuu!”

Sophia’s body jumped around at Deokbae’s unstoppable back movement, and the movement was transmitted to Siwoo’s body as a pillow.

It was such a great pleasure that Sophia would go away every time he was impaled, and he would go again as soon as she came to her senses.

After that, Deokbae ejaculated after Sophia had gone away more than ten times, and the semen that had already filled her vagina overflowed and dripped to the floor.

Siwoo also ejaculated with Deokbae.

The lewd behavior of the two was too much stimulation for Siwoo, a virgin, to endure.

However, the two of them were not interested in Siwoo.

“I love you… Brother… “

“I love you too, Sophie… “

I was already immersed in a world of only two people.


“Ugh… Whoops, whoops…”

Surprised, Siwoo woke up and looked around.

Unlike in the dream, the tent was clean.

There were no stains on the duvet and no other odors.

Sophia and Deokbae were the same.

His hair was dry, as if he had not lost a drop of sweat, and his clothes were not wrinkled.

Only then did Siu sigh and feel relieved.

It was a nightmare created by his anxiety.


However, ‘that’ act in the dream was real.

Siu quietly headed to the riverside to hide his wet dream.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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