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Heroine Netori 20

Heroine Netori 20

Chapter 20 – Royal Road Dragon Item (11)

Siu became a warrior.

The goddess Arya appeared in her dream and gave him her holy sword and asked him to defeat the demon king and save her humanity.

Siu was devastated by the request, which was no different from the blackmail of taking humanity hostage, but he accepted the request because he could be with Sophia.

The holy sword that Siwoo received from the goddess, the ‘Goddess Arya’s Sword’, is an EX-class artifact that helps the warrior grow and can freely change its appearance and hide its appearance at any time.

In addition, the power inherent in the holy sword became the teacher of the sword Siwoo needed.

When Siwoo took out the holy sword and practiced as usual, the feeling of cutting through the air was different. He naturally corrected his posture, and he instinctively knew how and when to exert force.

‘This… It’s a holy sword.’

While Siwoo was getting used to the power of the holy sword, Sophia and Deokbae came to Siwoo.

“Are you a warrior after all? Oh, is that a holy sword?”
“Hehe… Siwoo! I am a saint!”

Siu felt the same power in them as himself. And he realized that it was the divine power bestowed by the goddess Arya.


“Sorry. Sophia”

After talking, before leaving for the bar to meet Sofia’s parents, Siu hesitated for a moment before bowing her head to Sofia and apologizing.

“… Martha’s guards?”

A few months later, Siwoo confessed that he was recruiting guards in Marta and that he was training to apply there.

Having no support in a rural village, he said that he needed overwhelming skills to pass the city guard and asked for forgiveness, saying he was sorry for not paying attention to Sophia.

“Hey, could you at least say something like that? If that was the case, I wouldn’t have cheered you on or not bothered you.”

Siwoo had nothing to say at Deokbae’s dumbfounded words.

Siwoo tried to make an excuse that he couldn’t bring himself to say anything because he wasn’t confident to see Sophia’s disappointment, but Siwoo just silently lowered his head.

It was because he was ashamed of himself because he looked weak even when he thought about it.

“It was like that… It’s okay though!”

Sophia still said it was okay with a bright face, but Siwoo felt stuffy in his chest.

It was because Siu knew how hard Sophia had been through while he was immersed in training.

“So there you are… Sophia, the two of you have something to say…”

Siwoo tried to tell the truth that he was hiding because he thought it wouldn’t work if it stayed like this.

The fact that he was going to propose to Sofia after passing the exam.

However, Deokbae, who noticed this, sent Sofia to the bar first and advised Siwoo.

“Hey man! Are you going to confess right now? Uh? Are you going to make a difference right away?”

“So, Sophia and I love each other!”

“Hey! Who in this town doesn’t know that? But not now. Who is Sophia mad at right now? But you don’t intend to let go of your anger and confess first?”

“…… “

“I’m going to run out of what I had, man.”

Siu couldn’t deny it.

Deok-bae comforted Si-wu by saying that he would help during the trip, so for now, think about appeasing Sophia.

“Thank you, brother.”

“If you’re thankful, you’ll do well in the future, man.”

When the two finished talking and walked to the bar, Sophia’s parents, the village chief, and other villagers were waiting for them.


The goddess did not only appear in the dreams of the three.

It is said that she appeared in the dreams of all the villagers and told them that the three of them should work hard for humanity, so they should help them travel without worry.

As the goddess said, they prepared money to help the three, prepared various medicines and emergency food, and were waiting for the three.

The village chief gave Siwoo a slap on the back and cheered him on, saying that if it was you, you could do it. Sophia’s parents hugged her while crying, saying that she would not get hurt and be healthy.

Deokbae, who was embarrassed, watched them, sighed, and opened his mouth.

“Are we not leaving yet?”


It’s already been a month since Siu woke up as a hero, Sophia as a saint, and I as a crusader.

Siu wanted to leave right away, but I refused. He said he needed to prepare at least for Sofia, so he said he would understand right away.

Minimal preparation… I really needed a lot of things.

First of all, it was important to know the limit of the power we received from the goddess.

How many times Sophia can use ‘Heal’, how effective my shield is, how far Siu’s holy sword can change… I checked each of these things beforehand.

And I had to get used to cutting flesh and seeing blood.

We had to kill monsters in the future, and there was no guarantee that we wouldn’t do it with people either, so we calmed down by helping out at the slaughterhouse.

They also had to memorize ingredients and herbs that could be obtained from the wild.

‘Heel’ is not invincible and Sophia is not a goddess. Since you never know when or how the situation will change, this kind of information was almost essential.

In addition to this, he made various preparations, such as listening to the vigilante’s stories about other towns and cities, learning the route to Marta while looking at a map, and training with Siwoo.

Of course, in the middle, I spent happy times with Sofia, fell for her aunt’s temptation, and had sex with her apology after getting caught in it.

Anyway, after all the preparations were completed, a month had passed and the day of the adventure finally arrived.


“Thank you! Take good care of Sophie!”

“Don’t worry, mister! I’ll take good care of Sophie, so Mr. Worry more about the bar after I’m gone than Sophie.”


It’s a bar, but in fact, most of the customers came to eat my food, so I wonder if I’ll be hurt if I leave.

Well, it wasn’t to the point of ruin even before I came, so you should take care of yourself.

“Thank you… I’m sorry to leave like this, so what if…”

The lady hugged me with a bewitching expression and massaged my butt.

As she tried to free her aunt’s hand before being caught by Sofia, her aunt whispered in her ear.

“Your child… I’ll be raising them in good health, so I have to come back alive?”

“…… Yes?”

“Whoops… Is it a girl? Is it a boy?”

“…… “

I think I heard something, but I can’t remember.

When I came to my senses, I had already said goodbye and the three of us had left the village together.


Our destination is Martha, whom Siu tried to become a guard.

We plan to go to a bigger city after registering as adventurers here.

Since the genre is ‘royal warrior’, I think I would catch a goblin or an orc near the city as a rule, and then take an ogre or a troll as the mid-boss and leave.

It takes about a week to walk from Minamo to Marta, but it will take about two more days because I plan to stop by the apprentice village in the middle.

The chief of the apprentice village is the one who told Siu about Marta’s guards, and since he said he knows Marta well, he intends to get some information before entering the city.

“Brother… How long do I have to walk?”

“Today, you should consider walking all day.”


“I’ll see if I can walk all day tomorrow.”

“Uuuuu… It’s hard!”

“… I’m sorry Sophie, I’m sorry Deokbae-hyung.”

Just an hour ago we were riding in a carriage.

The village headman gave me a small wagon as a gift, telling me to go to Marta comfortably, so Siu and I took turns driving.

However, when it was Siwoo’s turn, an accident occurred due to Siwoo’s inexperienced driving, and the wagon was destroyed.

I was in the middle of kissing Sophia when I heard a thud and the carriage toppled over.

After hastily removing her hand from touching her cunt, she lifted Sophia up and left the carriage, but the horses had already run away.

After that, I’ve been walking like I am now.

“I can’t help it. Get up.”

“Hehe… ! Is it real Hehe.”

When I gave my back to Sofia, who kept whining, Sophia smiled happily and climbed onto my back.

He felt Sophia’s soft breasts behind him. Sophia deliberately rubbed her breasts closer to me.

“… Since I had an accident, I will carry it instead.”

“No. What if a monster comes out? I’m fine, so take the lead.”

“Right! No matter how hard you try, you can’t fight while carrying me.”

“… Okay.”

Siu, who was rejected by Sofia, started walking again with a slight loss of strength. I followed Sophia’s butt while I was carrying him.

Sofia licked my ear without Siu’s knowledge and then kissed my neck.

Very slowly
Quietly so as not to make a sound
Soft and sticky

I almost got an erection from the feeling of being caressed with my tongue.

“Ha…Little bit…”

Sofia gasped a little, probably because she was excited, but luckily Siu didn’t catch her.

After walking for another two hours, the sun had set and it was getting dark.

After preparing for camping, we ate simple dry rice.

When Sofia wanted to eat the lunchbox in her inventory, she swarmed, but she said it was a waste to take it out now.

Instead of a packed lunch, I took out a tent and set it up.

When the tent was made with one button, Sophia and Siuga also admired the goddess, saying, “The goddess is amazing.”

The tent was for 3-4 people, so it was not too difficult for the three of us to enter.

As soon as Siwoo entered the tent, he fell asleep, as if he was tired from constantly paying attention with the wagon gun.

… No, actually, I took sleeping pills with Siwoo rice.

No matter how brave they were, they couldn’t win against modern chemicals.

When Shiu didn’t wake up no matter how many times he called, Sofia began to take off her clothes.

After that, he got naked and lay down next to Siwoo, spreading his legs.

Sophia was boldly putting one leg on top of Siu.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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