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Heroine Netori 19

Heroine Netori 19

Chapter 19 – Royal Road Dragon Item (10)

When I woke up in the morning, I felt a familiar sensation.

“Chuup, ham, chung, haa… Lick… Oh, brother, are you awake?”

“Sophie, good morning.”

As usual, Sophia was doing morning fella.

Sophia liked it with a smile when I stroked her hair.

“Hehe… Okay, Churup, ha… Chu.”

“Do you like my cock that much?”

“Hehe… I love it. Chueup, Chug.”

Even though I pulled it out like that yesterday, there was more to come out.

As I ejaculated into Sofia’s mouth, Sophia savored my semen with an ecstatic expression on her face.

“Hmm… Whoops, ha…Tasty… “

“When are you saying it’s not delicious?”

“I don’t know, suddenly something delicious! Hehe… “

As the erogenous stimulation reached level 10, it seemed that another function was added.

Sophia, who was amused and rolling her semen in her mouth, gulped and swallowed.

She declared it all.

“Now this cock is mine! Do not use it carelessly! Got it?”

“When did you write carelessly?”

“Oooooh… You’re telling me not to do anything with Mom anymore!”

Oops… It was.

While making up my mind to capture Sophia, I tried to keep her relationship with her auntie as much as possible, but after she kept making her uncle sleep, she couldn’t stand the temptation of her auntie who called me and fell over several times .

I thought she had sneaked in, but Sophia must have known everything.

“Okay. It wasn’t something I wanted to do in the first place.”

“Huh! Just do it again!”

Sophia huffed and got angry at me.

She says she’s not afraid to scream next to her cock…

She was so cute that when I stroked her hair again, Sofia smiled and was delighted.

“By the way, has her feelings for Siwoo been clearly sorted out?”

She asked, in fact she knew.

On her first night with Sophia last night, she had achieved a C grade. That means that the heroine has completely passed over.

But she still wanted to hear it from her own mouth.

“Yes… Siwoo is just… We are friends now.”

“I don’t feel any emotion anymore when I see Siwoo.”

Ah… The best.

Yeah, I wanted to hear about this.

With delight, I touched Sophia’s ear lobe, and Sophia bit my cock again.

“Wait Sophie! I did too much yesterday…”


Suddenly, tiny greenish particles came out of Sofia’s hands and slid into my cock.

My cock, which had been mushy in Sofia’s mouth, hardened again with a stiff erection.


“Hehe… ! Brother. I became a saint The goddess saw me and told me to help the hero and defeat the demon king. Aha… Can you believe it?”

How an ordinary village girl and village boy became a saint and a warrior and went on a journey to defeat the demon king, but the goddess intervened.

It is said that she appeared in Sofia’s dream and shared her miraculous powers, instead raising her powers and telling her to gather her allies and defeat the Demon King.

It was probably ‘Hill’ that set my cock back up. Sophia really has become a saint.

“Yes, Sophie. I also met the goddess.”


“I want to become a crusader who protects the saintess and protect you from the demon king.”

I’m not kidding. Indeed, a goddess appeared to me too and shared her power.

I don’t know why this happened. Obviously, the character I chose was Neighborhood Brother A.

Either because of Sophia’s love or because of sharing her love with Sophia, I also received the blessing of the goddess and became a crusader.

When she thought of protecting Sophia in her heart, her whole body became stronger and both her hands turned white.

It was a skill called ‘The Power of Goddess Arya’ that I developed after becoming a Crusader.

Seeing her changed hands, Sophia widened her eyes in surprise, then immediately blushed and grabbed her hands.

“We… It must be fate, oppa…”

Then he started to weep. I think he was afraid that he would have to leave me.

Even if there was no blessing from the goddess, I was going to follow… I picked her up without a word from her and gave her a hug.

Sophia cried in my arms until she calmed down.


Sophia received two skills from the goddess Arya.

One is ‘Goddess Arya’s love’ and the other is ‘Goddess Arya’s kindness’, which means ‘heal’ and ‘purification’.

The Aryan goddess said that ‘heal’ could not only heal her wounds, but also replenish her energy.

So it was possible to rebuild my cock.

‘Purification’ is a skill that makes dirty things clean, but when I tried using it on semen as a test, the semen turned into water.

Sophia cried when she said my semen wasn’t dirty.

Because of this, she made fun of me for not being a saint and not a saint, so she told me a wonderful thing that it didn’t matter which one stood in front of me.

I also received two skills, one is ‘Aryan Goddess’ Power’ and the other is ‘Aryan Goddess’ Shield’.

‘Goddess Arya’s Power’ can be seen as a self-buff skill, but basically, you receive a buff according to the trust of the saintess, and if you use her skill, you can receive a buff twice that amount for a while.

The ‘Shield of Goddess Arya’ cannot be used right now, but it is said that when used, the shield will shine dazzlingly for a while and blind the enemy in front of her eyes.

I lied that I had received 3 skills this time and released the inventory roughly under the name of ‘Arya Goddess Space’.

And the smartphone and tent in the inventory are a gift from the goddess.

‘Goddess’ was an all-around cheat key.

She had her sleeping pills set aside, so she told Sofia that one slot was empty so she could pack one.

I laughed at her cute request.

After confirming the power she received from the goddess, we washed up together, ate breakfast, and talked about our future plans.

There were a lot of ideas that came to mind, but as we talked, we had to meet the warrior first.

“But brother… I think I know who the hero is.”

“Me too. As soon as I heard the word hero, he immediately came to mind. Are you talking about Siu?”


Sophia was aware that Siu was a hero. Perhaps the goddess hinted.

Then, from now on, it’s important…

“By the way, Sophie. Let’s keep the fact that we’re dating a secret in front of Siwoo for the time being.”

“What? Why!”

“Siwoo girl… I like you.”

“I’m not interested in Siwoo anymore!”

“No no, not that sound. Hearing that we are dating, what if Siwoo quits his job as a warrior and shuts himself in the corner of the room?”

This is so sincere.

Since the goal of ‘Heroine Netori’ this time is to adventure in a fantasy world, the settlement grade is not very important. The important thing is the mental state of the main character, Siwoo.

The main character must have an upright mentality until the ending so that he can safely ride the bus from the back. So, if you say ‘I’m sorry ㅋ Let’s date ㅋ’ to Siwoo and then kiss in front of him or have sex while camping, the bus might overturn.

“That… Would you like to do that?”

“Because I don’t know what people do.”

“Hmm. Then when are you going to reveal it?”

“During my travels, I will definitely meet a girl who likes Siwoo. Siwoo isn’t an ugly guy either, so it can’t be.

When we meet her, let’s help them connect. After that, even if we were dating, there wouldn’t be much to say.”

In any case, this genre is a royal road warrior and a harem at the same time, so there is no choice but to have a sub-heroine who likes Siwoo.

The original plan was to take over the main heroine and then take on the sub-heroine, but… It won’t matter if you change the order.

“Huh… “

“And no matter how much you travel, the three of you won’t always stick together, right? Every time huh? I will do it for you.”

Even after I said this, Sophia was still fat with a disgruntled expression on her face her, so I moved Sophia’s hand her to touch my cock her.

Sophia thought about it while kneading her cock, but when it got erect, she said she couldn’t help it and decided to obey my words.

“Did you tell me? Brother’s cock is mine now… If I want it, I have to drive it right away!”

“Sophia is really a saint.”

“Huh! You are the one who made this, so you must take responsibility!”

“Then, since Sophia caused this erection, will Sophia take care of it now?”

“… It’s really perverted.”

Saying that, Sophia knelt down on the table and pulled down her panties. Sophia touched my erect cock and her pussy her was wet, probably already in heat.

“Here, come♡… “

I could n’t stand Sophia’s temptation of her to gently open her pussy with both hands and shake her hips to ask for insertion.

In the end, it was past lunch when I visited Siwoo.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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